The truth exists in the darkness. As an Uchiha and a shinobi of the Hidden Leaf I told lie upon lie, destroying even the past… believing that would pave the way to the future. All alone… I… walked among the shadows. Self-sacrifice… The mark of a true shinobi is that they do not revel in glory. They always protect from the shadows.

Itachi Uchiha

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Ten Tailed Fox (十尾の狐, Jūbi no Kitsune) is the username I choose to use while on Narutopedia and other wiki sites. I am an admin of the Naruto Fanon Wiki, the head-admin of the Bleach Fan Fiction Wiki, the founder of the Cystic Fibrosis Wiki, and also an administrator here on Narutopedia.

My Pages

  • Images - Images I have uploaded.
  • Projects - Projects I am currently working on around the wiki.
  • Sandbox - My personal sandbox for trying out things before either adding them to an article or presenting them to the userbase.

Pages I created

Article Name Article Type Date created
Magnet Release: Gold Dust Imperial Funeral
(Was originally called Gold Dust Wave)
Jutsu July 6, 2012
Wood Release: Cutting Technique Jutsu October 9, 2012
Hell Chapter October 10, 2012
Wood Release: Wood Dragon Technique Jutsu October 24, 2012
I Don't Care Any More Chapter October 24, 2012
End Chapter November 13, 2012
Dead Demon Consuming Seal: Release Jutsu January 31, 2013
Wood Release: Wood Human Technique Jutsu February 13, 2013
Six Paths Ten-Tails Coffin Seal Jutsu July 9, 2013
Six Red Yang Formation
(Was originally called Six Red Yang Encampment)
Jutsu August 18, 2013
Wood Release: Flowering Tree Jutsu August 18, 2013
Return of Madara Arc Arc December 18, 2013
Night Guy
(Was originally called Night Moth)
Jutsu April 2, 2014
We Will…!! Chapter April 12, 2014
Sage Art: Magnet Release Rasengan Jutsu April 20, 2014
The Infinite Dream Chapter May 14, 2014
Event Recording Jutsu June 26, 2014
Body Coating Jutsu June 26, 2014
Kanzeon Lotus King
(Was originally called Wood Release: Several Hundred Hands)
Jutsu June 29, 2014
Reincarnation Term July 13, 2014
Six Paths — Chibaku Tensei Jutsu September 2, 2014
Missile Jutsu September 12, 2014
Unite Jutsu September 12, 2014
Spiral Song August 17, 2015

Other articles

  • Bukijutsu: While I didn't create this article, I am especially proud of it because I turned it into the page it is today from an article of one paragraph, no references, that was marked for deletion.
  • Sora: Another one I'm proud of. Totally revamped his article and made it look spiffy with some new image additions.
  • Mecha-Naruto: Totally overhauled this one for the anime-only appearance.


Whenever I can, I will try to help with the translation issues on this site. For reference, I use the following sites whenever I do my translations, as they have proven to be quite accurate;

Administrative Duties

I am placing the following templates here, for my easy access, as I tend to forget them at times;

Favorite Characters

Below are my Top 10 favorite characters from the Naruto series, in order, and split evenly between protagonists and antagonists.

Protagonists Antagonists
English Japanese Rōmaji English Japanese Rōmaji
Itachi Uchiha うちはイタチ Uchiha Itachi Madara Uchiha うちはマダラ Uchiha Madara
Naruto Uzumaki うずまきナルト Uzumaki Naruto Obito Uchiha うちはオビト Uchiha Obito
Kakashi Hatake はたけカカシ Hatake Kakashi Orochimaru 大蛇丸 Orochimaru
Might Guy マイト・ガイ Maito Gai Nagato 長門 Nagato
Jiraiya 自来也 Jiraiya Konan 小南 Konan
Gaara 我愛羅 Gaara Sasuke Uchiha うちはサスケ Uchiha Sasuke
Temari テマリ Temari Hanzō 半蔵 Hanzō
Shikamaru Nara 奈良シカマル Nara Shikamaru Zabuza Momochi 桃地再不斬 Momochi Zabuza
Rock Lee ロック・リー Rokku Rī Haku Haku
Tobirama Senju 千手扉間 Senju Tobirama Kisame Hoshigaki 干柿鬼鮫 Hoshigaki Kisame

Favorite Techniques

Below are my Top 10 favorite techniques from the Naruto series, in order.

Name Japanese Rōmaji
Night Guy 夜ガイ Yagai
Susanoo* 須佐能乎 Susanoo
Kamui 神威 Kamui
Truth-Seeking Ball 求道玉 Gudōdama
Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation 火遁・豪火滅却 Katon: Gōka Mekkyaku
Tailed Beast Ball 尾獣玉 Bijūdama
Genjutsu: Sharingan 幻術・写輪眼 Genjutsu: Sharingan
Wind Release: Rasenshuriken 風遁・螺旋手裏剣 Fūton: Rasenshuriken
Dynamic Entry ダイナミック・エントリー Dainamikku Entorī
Six Paths Sage Mode 六道仙人モード Rikudō Sennin Mōdo

* Among the variations of Susanoo, Sasuke Uchiha's is my favorite thus far.

Favorite Transformations

The following are my Top 5 favorite transformations in the Naruto series, in order from left to right.

Favorite Quotations

A few of my favorite quotes from the series:

  • Konan: "He is the light. That is why everyone he encounters can carry the flowers called hope. [...] Do you know why we betrayed you, Madara? Because you are darkness! A world without light in which flowers can only wither and die!"
  • Jiraiya: "There, that ending… was a little better. The frog at the bottom of the well drifts off into the great ocean. Heh heh… yep… pretty damn honourable… pretty damn honourable… I guess it's time to put down my pen. Right… I need a title for the next book… let's see… Ah, got it… "The Tale of Naruto Uzumaki"… perfect."
  • Kakashi: "Obito. This is as far as I go being able to look into the future as your eyes. I couldn't protect Rin... and I kept breaking my promises to you. Please forgive me. Obito... Rin... Sensei... I'll be with you soon."
  • Obito: "A person who leads long as he's able to climb over his own corpse...would never climb over the corpses of his comrades. You can't climb on me anymore. Leaving everything up to someone by giving them your name and having them pretend to be you is not the same as trusting something to a comrade. Now I understand. I am not you. Who I am now is the man who wanted to be called Hokage... Uchiha Obito!"
    • "You are mistaken on two points. Since this is the end, I shall indulge you. I was the one who encouraged Yahiko to form the Akatsuki. Furthermore... I am the one who gave Nagato the Rinnegan! Its only natural for me to ask for it back. You are just a foolish brat who knows nothing. Only now, you know where the Rinnegan resides. Once I capture you, I can do as I please. Do not underestimate the visual powers of the Uchiha, girl!"
    • "All shinobi in this world turn into trash. That's why I shall remake this world! Now, rot away like garbage, Kakashi!!"
    • "I am Kakashi's friend, a subordinate of your father, an Uchiha like Sasuke, and… I'm someone who had the same dream as you a long time ago. Now there's no time to go on with sophisms, but at least let me walk in front of you… and die!"
  • Hashirama: "Please, please, please, please! Our dear children! Now, bring together your pain, sufferings, discouragement! Bring them all together to show me... our real dream!"
  • Guy: "Our youth isn't finished yet! Don't throw away hope! Indeed, it's not always possible to do what we wish to do… However, it's important to believe in something before you actually do it. That was my spirit when I challenged you. This is by no means just some show of bravery or courage... The Green Beast of Konoha has come to an end. The time has come to become the red beast!"
  • Madara: "Wake up to reality! In this world, nothing ever goes as planned. The longer you live, the more you realize that… in this reality, only pain, suffering, and futility exist. In this world, wherever there is light there are also shadows. As long as there is a concept of victors, the vanquished will always exist. The selfish desire for peace gives rise to war… and hatred is born in order to protect love. If it is necessary, people hurt in order to save someone. These are things you just cannot change."
    • "I see… This is truly worthy of shinobi who bear the name Kage. Then I, Madara Uchiha, shall respond with full power! The five Kage are nothing compared to me! This is… my perfect Susanoo!"
    • "This Susanoo is destruction incarnate. A single stroke of the blade contains enough power to smash all things in this universe. It rivals even the tailed beasts! Take your philosophies, be crushed, and be gone, Five Kage!"
  • Itachi: "I failed. I won't put myself above you and tell you this and that, it's too late. So this time for once, let me tell you one small truth. It's all right if you never forgive me, but no matter what you become, I will always love you."


  • Though it may seem that I based my username after the Ten-Tails, I actually came up with the name years before Masashi Kishimoto came up with the beast. Furthermore, I had even created my own Ten-Tailed Beast the same year I joined Wikia, therefore, before Kishimoto conceived his own.
  • I create mostly technique pages, but I don't mind creating others if I get to them before others.
    • I have created more Wood Release articles than any other. This is not by intention.
  • I was a Featured Wikian on February 12, 2013: The blog I was featured on
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