Decided I might as well fill this blank spot on my page with some data I find marginally interesting. My current problem, I have nothing interesting to say. If I do say anything on here about Naruto, please take it as theory or speculation unless confirmed on other pages of this wiki or in the manga or anime.

Enchanted Arms Wiki 02/10/13

I've come across a wiki in need of some serious help, anyone willing to help I'd much appreciate it.

Gaara's Magnetic Personality 21/6/13

Alright, been meaning to do this one for a while and it will be fairly short. I believe Gaara is capable of using Magnet Release (Jinton). The Evidence for this exists primarily in his back story and a lot of the things revealed by his Father.

  • Gaara was the first of the Fourth's children that was "Compatible" to be the host for Shukaku. Given that Kekkei Genkai are passed on genetically, but as proven by the Senju clan, not universally, this could imply that Gaara's compatibility is through gaining his Father's ability.
  • While using Jinton the Fourth's eyes became just like Gaara's, this could imply that because, while he was Shukaku's host the Sand Shield was always active, that Gaara was always using his bloodline and this is not the dark rings of insomnia as most of us were led to believe.
  • Despite losing Shukaku, Gaara's ability to manipulate sand did not diminish.
  • While fighting Kimimaro, it was noted that Gaara could create more durable sand by crushing minerals in the earth and manipulating them, this could extend to the idea that he actually made his shield from iron, gold and other magnetically compatible material in the ground.
  • It was noted that the Second Kazekage was the first to research Jinchuriki to increase his village's power, what if Sunagakure simply found that Jinton users with their natural ability to control magnetic fields were the best choice?
  • Further more, since it is noted that the Jinchuriki are normally connected to the Kage in some manner, the Third Kazekage's study of the current host and his own ability to use Jinton could not only imply that he was related to the Fourth, but a blood relative of the Second host of Shukaku.

I will admit that the last two are not evidence for Gaara's ability, but if the Third Had Jinton and the Jinchuriki is related to him, then it's possible the Jinchuriki had Jinton, which is what I'm getting at with Gaara, you get the point.

The Rookie Nine Then and Now 19/11/12

Well I'm not allowed to add it to individual trivia pages, so I'll throw it up now. Here are some quick facts about the Rookie Nine's growth between the First and Third Data Books.

  • Sasuke, Shikamaru and Kiba have the highest stat total of their respective teams, this has been true of all but Kiba since the First Data Book.
  • Sasuke not only has the highest stat total by the Third Data Book, but also the greatest growth, coming in at an ominous 13 points of difference.
  • By comparison, Shino holds the lowest stat growth, climbing only 4 points between the first and third books.
  • Choji has the lowest over all stat total, being 0.5 behind Shino and Ino.
  • Ino's stat total has been consistently a whole number through all three data books.
  • As of the Third Data Book, the characters with the highest in each respective stat are-:
    • Ninjutsu: 5 Sasuke
    • Taijutsu: 3.5 Sasuke, Naruto & Hinata
    • Genjutsu: 4 Sasuke
    • Intelligence: 5 Shikamaru (Always Shikamaru)
    • Strength: 4.5 Choji
    • Speed: 4.5 Sasuke & Kiba
    • Stamina: 5 Naruto
    • Handseals: 4 Sasuke & Sakura

Klepto-Puppet Technique 2/11/12

It has recently come to my attention, that every single Canon user and the majority of the Filler users of the Puppet Technique are compulsive thieves. The list that follows are examples of this behaviour in every Canon User and the Filler user of this technique.

  • Kankurou starts by using puppets that belonged to Sasori for most of the series. After his defeat, he out and out steals Sasori's puppet body.
  • Chiyo started with Sasori's first two puppets she appropriated, then using Chikamatsu's 10 Puppets.
  • Sasori himself took this one step further, he found a way to steal other people's abilities by turning them into puppets.

That takes care of the Canon examples. The anime does more :-

Needless to say, unlike my other theories, this one is purely for laughs and not to be taken seriously. There are filler puppet users I have omitted, not for lack of them being criminals and generally scummy people, but it's a stretch to call them 'thieves' as such.

Kabuto is Dumb 22/06/12

Alright everybody, hear me out on this one, Kabuto is either really dumb, or really brilliant. He had summoned all of his intended Edo Tensei before ever making an offer to Tobi. So either he knew Tobi would only want 6 hosts to be a new set of paths of pain, or he is just phenomenally stupid. It has been noted before that even without their tailed beasts, the hosts tend to be ninja of exceptional ability and regard, often connected to the leader of their hidden village. This makes them notable trump cards even without the use of their beasts on both a physical and psychological level. Even assuming he only summoned hosts coinciding with the ones the Akatsuki have sealed, he still did not summon either of the previous hosts of Shukaku. Despite Gaara being alive, there is at least two more guys who preceded him who I am pretty sure are dead. Similarly so, while Kushina is unavailable, Mito Uzumaki, the first host of Kurama and considered a very powerful kunoichi, died more recently than the second Tsuchi and Mizukage in Konoha no less and yet in all his time as a spy and infiltrator Kabuto never managed to get his hands on her DNA? The same can be said of Gyuki's former hosts which he seemed to run through quite regularly before being sealed into Bee, where he has had three previous hosts at least. Now I understand that a Shinobi's body is like national secrets and it would be easier to gain access to those who left their villages or died in battle somewhere else, but if he managed to get the DNA of Yagura, a host Akatsuki never had to kidnap and seemingly was not removed from his village, Dan and Hizashi, whose bodies are both accounted for by different nations and Asuma who died after Kabuto's defection was made known and whose body was returned to Konoha, how in the name of all that is Kishimoto's grand design did he miss out on three other hosts!

Yin Yang Chakra 07/04/12

Time for a theory on Yin and Yang Chakra.

The Second Mizukage described himself as a user of Yin Chakra, and proved to be a powerful genjutsu user. Naruto possesses only Kurama's Yang chakra, which caused life to spring up around him randomly. My theory is as follows.

Yin chakra is representative of imagination, spiritualism and generally things of no substance, it also covers the spiritual side of chakra's basic makeup. Any technique that specialises in the intangible is likely more heavily influenced by Yin Chakra, like mind transfer, Genjutsu and so on.

Yang chakra is representative of creation, life force and things of the physical world. It covers the physical side of chakra's basic makeup. Techniques heavy in physical movement like the Akimichi clan, taijutsu and the like are dependant on this.

The combination of these two is Ninjutsu. The ability to imagine the effect you wish to create on the world around you and to bring it into existence. To give a few examples of my thinking.

Rock Lee, being a ninja, he must possess chakra, and yet is incapable of performing ninjutsu. So my theory presents that he only has Yang Chakra, thus why he is so physically capable and full of life, but without Yin chakra to combine it with he cannot create Ninjutsu or Genjutsu.

The Second Mizukage was a capable genjutsu user, a very powerful one in fact it seemed, but any actual ninjutsu he used seemed to tire him greatly, pointing to a lack of physical, Yang Chakra.

In this way we can determine one's strength with one type of chakra by the type of jutsu they use (Obviously) Jiraiya for example had Yin chakra, but sucked with it, Sakura on the other hand was remarked as being a Genjutsu type ninja unlike Tsunade, perhaps implying Sakura has an affinity for Yin Chakra whereas Tsunade, a descendant of the Senju would naturally have powerful life force and thus be alligned with Yang Chakra.

It is in this rather basic theory that I touch on the limits of the idea here. The Sage of Six Paths had the ability to create infinitely from his imagination and life force and descended from him are the Senju and the Uchiha, I propose he gave all his power of imagination (Yin Chakra) to the Uchiha, leading to people like Madara, men of great vision, imagination and deviousness whos abilities revolve around the intangible, grand illusions, spectral fires and giant ghostly warriors, nothing of solid physical form. On the other hand the Senju were gifted his vitality (Yang Chakra), leading down to Hashirama, a straight forward up front guy with incredible life force and the ability to create solid, non-diminishing trees from his own body. From there we get the middle ground, abilities which touch on the power of the Sage, but require both his powers in some degree. Izanagi, the illusionary ability of the Sharingan combined with the ability of creation of the Wood Release and Fate is controlled, thus achieving the very strange nature of the Sage. The Rinnegan, has six powers, Ashura, Animal and Deva all focus on controlling the physical, Preta, Human and Hell all focus on very Ethereal things like souls and energy. As shown this power can be achieved through either the Senju (Uzumaki were descended again through them) or the Uchiha (The Real Madara achieved this slightly before his death) Which leads me to believe a person from either bloodline can be the Sage's true successor one way or another, but I digress.

In Summary Yin = Genjutsu Yang = Taijutsu Yin & Yang = Ninjutsu and Yin & Yang + Element = Elemental Jutsu. It gets much more complicated when I try elemental bloodlines so I won't even bother. XD

Bijuu Power Levels 07/04/12

While not too bothered by which Bijuu is stronger myself, I did compile a list of ideas and facts we can draw from observing the many battles the hosts have engaged in to try and judge some differentials.

1. Naruto has an adverse reaction on his enviroment when Kurama's chakra is loose. That is to say, Kurama's chakra became visible, could act independantly and destroyed anything it touched. Shukaku when fully manifested in a body of sand seemed to have no direct chakra effect and didn't cause nearly as much Damage as Naruto at higher tail levels. This would at least imply that Shukaku doesn't have the same vast destructive chakra of the others, instead possessing sand control without the chakra shroud.

2. Naruto gets stronger the more tails are present. This is at least an indicator of tails = power in Naruto's case as the more he has, the stronger he gets, though this could also be said to be purely more of Kurama's full power manifesting and the lower levels are in fact weaker than other Bijuu. Given previous statement of Shukaku, this seems unlikely, but Shukaku could just be insecure about sucking for all we know and Naruto in 2-6 tails mode is weaker than the other bijuu (Seems true compared to full power Gyuki at any rate)

3. Naruto's Chakra cloak starts to do damage to him at four tails. Killer Bee's chakra cloak didn't damage him until all eight had been manifested. As a pure subject of math this would mean Kurama's chakra is twice as potent. In that same train of thought Naruto only has Kurama's Yang chakra, only half of his over all being, which would in theory mean that Kurama's chakra is four times as potent. However, Killer Bee has shown the ability to readily swap between Version 1 Chakra Cloak, Version Two, bone manifestation and Full Tailed Beast mode easily, so it is more likely that it was simply Bee chosing to adopt the Version two at Eight tails and he may in fact be capable of doing it with less.

4. Bee's fight with Kisame. This is the first indisputible proof that the number of tails is linked to chakra value. When Kisame attacked Bee in Version Two chakra cloak mode, Bee not only lost his cloak, but several tails of his shroud. Being a fully in control host with Gyuki actually helping Bee willingly, it was not a lapse in control that caused the change but the draining in chakra which directly resulted in the reduction of tail number. Thus proving that number of tails is directly linked to chakra capacity. Further more highlighting that Bee does need to reach a certain number of tails in value before he can enter Version two, much like Naruto, though Bee seemed to change back after losing only one chakra tail. This is not coclusive however as when he first enters Version two he has Seven tails, he is then depicted with eight, then in Version One with Eight and then with seven, so it is vague at best, but at the very least implies he cannot achieve it with less than seven tails. This cannont be used as a value for all Tailed beast transformations however as later points will illustrate and only speaks to Gyuki's capacity as the value of each tail may change between beasts and further more Chakra amount is purely an indication of capacity, not strength or potency, as Shikamaru proves regularly.

5. Bijuu battle. In the fight between all the Bijuu and their hosts we got to see several more distinct manifestations, unfortunately given the lacking mental capacity of the opponents, we can't really call anything here as definite indicators of power so much as skill or lack there of. So going purely by what can be said as indisputible facts. Each of the hosts Version Two shrouds destroyed Bee's ink clones. Their Chakra release at that time, all of them, were more powerful than Bee's ink clones, this is a fact. Each of the hosts only showed the ability to manifest Version Two with all the tails of their respective Bijuu. At no point did any of the hosts show fewer tails while in Version Two. This is also a fact, but this can easily be related to fine control, not power as Tobi was manipulating them all by his will, not the Bijuus and Naruto only gained this version at Four Tails against his will, both Yugito and Yagura managed with fewer tails total, adding another point to it being a control and not a potency thing, or if it is, lending a point to there being no difference in over all power between the beasts themselves. Then there is the clash of Bijuu Bombs. Five against one in a stalemate is fairly damning evidence for the power of Kurama, however this is where my own theory kicks in. As previously stated the number of tails for each individual beast is indicative of the chakra they're using at the time, but as we know Kisame did not in fact consume 6/8 of Gyuki's total chakra in one swing, just what he had manifested at the time, it could be said that the tails on display are "Readily Accessible Chakra". Allow me to explain, as we saw when Naruto first used the Bijuu Bomb, the chakra for it was expelled from his body, condensed, consumed and fired. In this case I propose that this is not a clear indicator of Kurama being stronger than Five total of his bretheren, but being more power efficient. With more tails, he can readily access more chakra at a given time, thus can produce a stronger Bijuu Bomb in a shorter time than the others which allowed him and Naruto to match their attack despite starting later and only having one Bijuu to draw from.

Through all this observation, some of which perhaps being true, other parts perhaps not, there are but a handful of facts we can actually derive and these are as follows.

1. Shukaku apparently lacks the chakra abilities of his bretheren, instead replacing them with fine sand and wind control. 2. The amount of tails a Bijuu is displaying is a direct indicator of the amount of chakra they are using. 3. A sudden release of any Bijuu's chakra can easily overwhelm a decent sealing technique. 4. Naruto is the only host who has displayed the ability to enter Version Two with any more than one fewer than his maximum number of tails. 5. From the very start of the Series Kurama has been running on half of his total chakra, only possessing his Yang Chakra, not his Yin.

Ten Tails Identity 07/04/12

Okay, here goes. I believe the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path is the Ten Tails. If you look at the silhouette of the Ten taills, we see that its frame could be that of a mammalian quadraped like Kurama, as many have noted, but it could also be that of a humanoid in the Lotus position with its hands on its knees. Much like how the Statue sits without its hands bound. Also from the shadow we see three protrusions from the top of its head, now these could be carapace type structures like on Chomei's head, but looking at it they fairly match up with the spikes and such which protrude from the statue's shoulders and back. Furthermore the Statue has a notably protruding band across its head with multiple eyes which open as it consumes the essense of Tailed Beasts. THe Ten Tails' singular eye possesses nine pupil like tomoe. It is my belief that once it has consumed them all that band will fall away or all the eyes will merge into that of the Ten Tails with each tomoe representing one of the tailed beasts.

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Obito's Sharingan!

Woohoo! My first interesting note to add here. Anyway, while I was reading Obito's page, I came across this bit of trivia. "In a brief flashback that occurs during Kakashi's near-death experience at the time of Pain's invasion of Konoha, Obito's left Sharingan eye is erroneously depicted as having three tomoe instead of two." The key phrase here is erroneously, implying that this was in error. But it occurs to me that why was it only the left eye?

Well my theory is that this tiny bit of animation may be a nod to the fact that Kakashi is the current wielder of said eye and he promised to see the future for Obito (If I'm remembering correctly) Essentially this tiny note may in fact be in reference to Kakashi and Obito's connection through that eye and the idea that Kakashi is still carrying his friend with him, seeing things through his eye.

Kumo Ninja

Okay, my latest note here is on the Kumo ninja. It seems to me that every guy in Kumo has something tattooed on their shoulders, usually a kanji of some sort. The only exceptions to this being C who doesn't seem to have any tattoos and A who has shuriken on his shoulders. This being said every tattoo seems to harbour some meaning as apparently Darui's left tattoo reading "lightning" denotes him as inheritor of the Third Raikage's techniques. That being said, Atsui's tattoo read "Heat" Hot being his favourite word and his techniques being fire based points to its connotations with his personality.

Now that the premise has been established, my theory is basically this, those Kumo ninja with tattoos bear them as a form of proof of heritage. Thus we have characters generally bearing their elements or personalities on their shoulders, but of particular note is that A, despite being the Third's son only has Shuriken, a symbol of shinobi, as opposed to lightning, which Darui inherited. Similarly Killer Bee having the tattoo for 'Iron' possibly being Kumo's means of denoting its Jinchūriki as it is the Iron Armour seal that contains the Eight-Tailed Giant Ox inside him. While I am sure this very simple idea hasn't really escaped notice, I figured I would take note of it for two important reasons. For one, we have yet to see if a single female Kumo ninja has any of these defining tattoos, which may note it as particularly a guy thing or it may point to women in Kumo being ineligible to be the primary inheritor of techniques/position/etc. Course given the exceedingly short list of Kumo ninja thus far, a gender based criteria is unlikely. Secondly, it may point to the idea that there is no two people in Kumo at the same time with the same tattoos based on this odd form of branding as proof of inheritence.


Having recently watched the fourth Shippuden movie, questions began to arise in my mind about the nature of this previously unheard of country (As it would) and of the driving motivation of the primary antagonist of the film, a puppet user named Mukade.

First of all, Rōran was around 20 years prior to the current time, which means it existed roughly four years before Naruto's birth, but no longer exists as a nation. It was mentioned to have fallen in the war, from this one can rationally assume this was the Third Great Shinobi War from which Minato gained his fame and that with Rōran's destruction it's territories would have likely been integrated into its conquering nation. As a result I would assume that Rōran was a buffer nation like the Land of Rain in which battles were fought by larger nations. From here we look at what we know of Rōran and it's ruins in the modern era of Naruto. It's surrounded by deserts and while approaching it Minato's team exited a green leafy area. While this is no solid indication, with the vast expanse of desert one would be lead to believe it is somewhere near the Land of Wind and given the inclusion of the Leaf Ninja and the green area from which the exited, the Land of Fire may be Rōran's other bordering nation. Thus placing Rōran as a small country between the Lands of Wind and Fire.

Now that a probable geographic location has been established, let's try to conclude what happened to Rōran's territories after its destruction. The Land of Wind is a relatively weak nation, at least among the five great nations. The Land of Fire on the other hand is considered one of the "Winning" sides we can assume it came off well from these conflicts. This leads me to my next point which requires something of an exploration into the characters.

Mukade is a puppet master and a very strong one at that, even managing to control one puppet over extreme distance when Naruto and Sakura were tracking him down. This skill in particular being coveted by Suna might lead one to believe that Mukade was a missing-nin from Suna. This begs the question as to why Konoha ninja were tracking him down. My theory on this one is that while tracking him originally, Suna lost him when he crossed into Konoha, leaving their allies in Konoha to hunt him down. Of course this is just a theory, but it would explain why Konoha ninja would be hunting a missing-nin and would, by deductive reasoning leave Rōran at the edge of the Land of Fire.

Timeline of Naruto

I don't know if someone has already done this, but I'm gonna try and create a timeline starting with the earliest events in Naruto and work toward the current time.

Ancient Times

???? - Sage of Six Paths defeats Ten-Tails.

???? - Sage names his second son his successor.

???? - Sage creates Tailed Beasts and seals himself into the moon.

???? - Brothers wage war over inheritance.

Warring Clans Era

August 15th 88 years prior to series - Kakuzu is born.

???? - Senju and Uchiha clans continue to battle like their ancestors.

???? - Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha make peace and found Konoha.

???? - Hashirama becomes First Hokage. Madara leaves Konoha.

???? - Valley of the End, Mito becomes first Jinchūriki to Kurama, the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox.

Febuary 8th 69 years prior to series - Hiruzen Sarutobi is born.

???? - Other Hidden Villages are founded. Hashirama divides up collected Tailed Beasts to keep the peace.

First Shinobi World War

???? - First Shinobi World War Begins.

???? - Hashirama ceases to be Hokage. Tobirama Senju becomes Second Hokage.

???? - Second Tsuchikage Mū and Second Mizukage kill each other in battle. Ōnoki becomes Third Tsuchikage.

???? - Tobirama makes peace with Second Raikage.

54/52 years prior to series - Tobirama dies fighting Kinkaku Force. Hiruzen Sarutobi becomes Third Hokage.

August 2nd 51 years prior to series - Tsunade, granddaughter of Hashirama Senju is born.

October 27th same year - Orochimaru is born.

November 11th same year - Jiraiya is born.

47/45 years prior to series - Hashirama likely dies in this time period

???? - First Shinobi World War Ends.

Peace Period

45 years prior to series - Tsunade, Jiraiya and Orochimaru become students under Hiruzen Sarutobi.

January 25th 40/31 years prior to series - Minato Namikaze is Born

Second Shinobi World War

November 8th 35 years prior to series - Sasori of the Red Sand is born.

Same year - Second Shinobi World War begins.

???? - Nagato, Yahiko and Konan are orphaned because of the war.

???? - Hiruzen's team fight Hanzo the Salamander and earn themselves renown as the Legendary Sannin.

???? - Second Shinobi World War Ends.

Peace Times

30 years prior to the series - Ichiraku Ramen opens in Konoha.

May 26th 22 years prior to series - Iruka Umino is born.

20 years prior to series - Sasori kills the Third Kazekage in secret. Search attempts fuel tension between Hidden Villages.

June 9th 18 years prior to series - Itachi Uchiha is born.

17 years prior to series - Zabuza Momochi slaughters entire Academy class. Practice of the "Bloody Mist" is discontinued.

Third Shinboi World War

???? - Third Shinobi World War begins.

???? - Minato Namikaze clashes with the A-B Duo of Kumo.

???? - Iwa issues flee on sight order concerning Minato Namikaze.

14 years prior to series - Kakashi Hatake, age 13, becomes Jonin. Kannabi Bridge destroyed. War turns in Konoha's favour.

???? - Hanzo tricks the Ame Orphans into an ambush, Yahiko dies.

???? - Third Shinobi World War Ends.

Nine-Tails attack to Uchiha Massacre

July 23rd 11 years prior to series - Sasuke Uchiha is born.

October 10th 11 years prior to series - Obito Uchiha infiltrates Konoha and takes control of Kurama, the nine-tailed demon fox. Kurama causes massive damage to the village. Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki die in battle. Naruto Uzumaki is born.

11 years prior to series - Itachi graduates from the Academy.

10 years prior to series - Itachi masters his Sharingan.

9 years prior to series - Hinata Hyūga turns 3 years old, Neji Hyūga is branded with his family's seal.

8 years prior to series - Itachi becomes a Chunin.

5 years prior to series - Itachi becomes an ANBU Captain. He becomes a double agent for Konoha, spying on the Uchiha clan's attempted Coup. Ordered to destroy the clan, Shisui Uchiha commits suicide, granting Itachi the Mangekyou Sharingan. Prior to the event, Itachi meets Obito Uchiha posing as Madara. With his help, the two kill every Uchiha in the village with the exception of Sasuke.

Well, if anyone can think of anything else to fix this up with, let me know. Please, only events that will help frame the time or are important.

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