Hi. I'm basically a lore keeper of my own when it comes to the Naruto world. Even down to the minor and background characters. If they have a name, I'm the first to find it. I've also been trying to accurately place every nation in Naruto on a map given distance, borders, size, etc. With a lot of the "filler" lands, this is quite a challenge trying to form-fit everything into the maps we've seen appear onscreen.

I also have been known to predict things years in advance with very little evidence supporting it. How I do this, I don't know. So let's test it for Boruto: Orochimaru and Kabuto will come to aid of our heroes in a time of great need; such as when Kawaki destroys Konoha. Whether they succeed in defending the village (or whatever they are protecting) is irrelevant, just so that they prove their worth by being pardoned of their crimes and free (to some extent) reign.

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