Hello, I've been a Naruto fan for quite a while. I especially like the psychological side of the series, though there are times when I get annoyed by the author's choices. My favourite characters are numerous, though I think I would choose Obito Uchiha or Naruto Uzumaki for the first place. My favourite jutsu is Susanoo, though Kamui sounds extremely cool as well. If you wish to contact me, go to my talk page. Thank you for your time ^_^

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Kamui. The power to pass through everything.

Susanoo. An armoured warrior which is the definition of "invincibility".

Kotoamatsukami. A genjutsu that cannot be detected.

Rinnegan. The Eye Power of the Six Paths. Ultimate power.

The Eight-Tailed Giant Ox, Gyūki. A bull with an octopus' tentacles. Its current jinchūriki is Killer B. Though it doesn't like his rap, the two are very close. The only tailed beast (except the Ten-Tails) which has shown to be able to take on Kurama's attacks.

A cross-like shape. That is what happens when one succesfully merges Tailed Beast chakra with natural energy. A power beyond human, the only way to take on the Rinnegan without having the Rinnegan yourself.

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