Kai Maciel

  • I live in Portugal
  • I was born on March 11
  • My occupation is Medical Student
  • I am Female


There's really not much to say here.

I'm a college student.

I love anime, mangas and video games.

I wrote 5 Naruto Fanfics:

  1. Phoenix Rising
  2. Raven's Fall
  3. The Mirror of Chance
  4. After the End
  5. Before the Phoenix

So far I got great reviews!


  • Phoenix Rising: During Naruto's final battle against Sasuke, Itachi uses the power he gave him to clean Sasuke's soul and body from darkness by turning him into a newborn baby with no memories of his past. For how long can Naruto keep this a secret?
  • Raven's Fall: After receiving Itachi's eyes, Sasuke awakes alone in an unknown cabin with no signs of Madara. On his way to Konoha, he's captured only to find out that the war ended years ago. What is happening to Sasuke? Why didn't he aged? And who is this blond man?
  • The Mirror of Chance: Losing the war, Madara somehow gets sent into the past. This might be a chance to change the future to his liking but his plans are ruined once an old secret is revealed and his life is turned into the hell he deserves. Some children should never be born.
  • After the End:Thirteen year old Naruto and Sasuke clash at the Valley of the End, one aiming to save, the other to kill for power. However, a terrible coincidence throws them into an unbelievable future. How can both boys deal with what has become of them? Time Travel
  • Before the Phoenix:Uzumaki Sasuke knows that he was a strong ninja before his rebirth, though he can't remember. His current life is boring and it sucks being weak. So what happens when he wakes up in his previous life?


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