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Hello, I am Kakashi Namikaze. My point of focus is on the anime, Naruto. I am an active editor on the Narutopedia as a Genin (Registered Account) and also I am one of those who is administrating the Naruto Fanon Wiki as a Sysop. Although I focus on Naruto, I am or will occasionally edit in the Animepedia and the Manga Wiki.

The Battle of Narutopedia --Kakashi Sanbunshin Namikaze

Anon: Mwahaha! After all the categories are spammed and the Anon Army invade Narutopedia, all of Narutopedia will be mine! MWAHAHA!
Anon 2: So, what's your plan?
Anon: First, I will need weapons, the high quality weapons such as the Undo button! And the Delete tab! Then Wikia Edit War II will begin!!! Bring in the Anon Army Privates!
Anon Army Privates and Generals: Yes sir! We report for Wikia Edit War II! Begin Haku edit war!
Kakashi Sanbunshin Namikaze: Not until you face the Narutopedia rollback and sysop Army! I may not be one of them, but I can summon them!
Anon: Too late! Activate the RecentChanges canons and bombs! These weapons are a bunch of violating edits that spam the RC!
sysop Army: Looks like we are just in time! Narutopedia Style: sysop Revert Button Jutsu!
Anon: Nooo!

Even an ordinary user can make a difference --Kakashi S. N.


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Goal/Purpose in Narutopedia

I am here to to prevent vandalism, violation, and give character articles an infobox and anual of style. Overall, help make Narutopedia the best Naruto info site out there.

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