Minato Rasengan and Kunai

My favorite character, Minato Namikaze.

Hi! It's Khaliszt here! There isn't too much to say about me! I love videogames and manga, I'm a total otakugamer, and my favorite mangas (still being released) are Naruto, One Piece and Fairy Tail! There are also many other mangas and animes (finished or not) that I love! I've always been surfing around the wikia zone, and mostly for my favorite Manganime/videogames for years, so I finally decided to join and help and contribute with my efforts to make this awesome source of information even better! So I will always be glad to help any of you with anything, just never be afraid of asking! I haven't been here as much time as other users but my knowledges of all my favorite things are pretty vast so you can trust it and trust me to help with any edit! ^__^.

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Student, Otaku, Gamer, Football Player


This aren't all, but my major contibutions:

  1. Ten-Tails - Text and names edited.
  2. The Progenitor - Text edited.
  3. Sōshūga - Text edited.
  4. Crack - Text edited.
  5. One Technique - Text edited, rewritten great part of it.

Other off-wiki stuff about me


I'm currently top 3 worlwide in public matches KOTH, Gears of War 3. Something i'm pretty proud of! I have all of the Anime video games (and others) I can so if any of you has one, and a XBOX 360 (sorry my PS3 was taken to Sweden by my brother and I don't have it anymore), my gamertag is: Monkey D Khaal. If you want to contact me anyhow I'll put as much attention as I can to the wikia but you can still look around for me at Twitter, my account is: @Khaliszt. I promise my numer of edits will grow up every week so here I am! Believe it! I like football (European) a lot, it is my favorite sport and I practice it in an well-known official team of my country (in the second lower category). I do it while I study my Biology career, so my future prospections are:

  • Football Player
  • Videogame tester
  • Biologist


My favorite music, and actually the only I like, is Classical and OSTs, which basically means, instrumental (this lets me add some other Non Classical and Non OST music styles/songs that are completely instrumental, which is actually what I like. The following are my lists of favorite compositors by category and in order of priority:


  • F.F.Chopin
  • F.Liszt
  • P.I.Tchaikovsky
  • L.v.Beethoven
  • S.Rachmaninoff
  • F.Schubert
  • W.A.Mozart
  • I.Albéniz


  • Joe Hisaishi
  • Takanashi Yasuharu
  • Akira Senju
  • Hans Zimmer
  • Koji Kondo
  • Howard Shore
  • Koh Ohtani
  • Mahito Yokota
  • Nobuo Uematsu
  • Stephen Rippy
  • Steve Jablonsky

Boxes, etc.

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