Hello! My username is KiritoLevel96Alicization and my alternate account is KazutoKirigayaKirito, utilizing my alternate account, I created The Legendary Blade wiki! I am quite intelligent for my age. So far, I have contributed to many pages that I am too lazy to list. I have been aware of the "Naruto" series ever since I was a young child and I am happy to see the growth it has made.

Top 10 Favorite Techniques

These are not in order from most favorite to least favorite and vice versa.

1.)Chidori 2.)Wind Release: Rasenshuriken 3.)Truth-Seeking Ball 4.)Rasengan 5.)Scorch Release:Swirling Gale of Light and Black Arrow 6.)Six Paths of Pain 7.)Chibaku Tensei 8.)Izanagi 9.)Susano'o(Sasukes Susano'o is my favorite so far) 10.)Infinite Tsukuyomi I have more favorite jutsus.

If I was a Naruto character

Name: Raito Uchiha Age:18 Weapons: Sword, Susano'o sword Appearance: Black hair and dark brown eyes, Dark blue kimono or Sage cloak and wearing a white shirt and black pants. Occasionally, I would wear samurai armor. Kekkei Genkai: Wood release, Yin-Yang release, Plasma release. Dojutsu: Sharingan, Mangekyou Sharingan, Rinnegan. Nature type(s): Yin, Yang, Water, Wind, Earth, Lightning, Fire. I am also a transmigrant of Indra. Original jutsu: Sage Art: Plasma release stream, Fire Release: Rasengan, Lightning Release: Truth-Seeking Ball.


  • I read at a college level.
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