Hi! I'm LoneWolf 5. I found Wikia by chance and now want to help edit it. I love anime and manga and Naruto is one of my favoirite animes. I do not have a favorite manga however. I was here for a whille but then went away because I felt that I was the only editor. After an e-mail by the new adimin, I returned hoping that it wouldn't be the same as before. Luckily for me, the new adimin is Dantman who edits a whole lot. Now, there are so many editers out there that I've become preatty much a lowly spec in the editing process. I hope to contribute to this wikia so I can make it the best Naruto info site out there, BELIVE IT!!!!!!!! Or DATENBO!!!!!!!!!!!

-LoneWolf 5

P.S. I can't spell to save my life but I'm not going to let that stop me from helping this site out. ^_^


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So...I haven't been editing...You just wanna say hi. Where can you conntact me from besides here? I have two e-mail addresses; the aol one I check less often so if you want an instant responce try the first one. 1. 2. To make sure that I reply make the title either Narutopedia, Naruto Wikia or something along the lines of that. I only want you to do that so that if your e-mail is consided spam by my computer that I won't just delete it. I also want it to actually have meaning. If you wanna chat that's fine but I don't want you to ask personal questions. I'm a smart kid. If I see anything like that I WILL delete your e-mails. Other then personal question asking and hate mail I except preatty much anything.


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