This is MangekyouFreak96 and I enjoy contributing to Narutopedia.

The pages I have contributed to are :

Kimimaro, Demon Fox Rasengan, Itachi, Flapping Chidori, Talk : Uchiha Madara, Tobi, Sasuke, Fourth Hokage, and Kakashi.

And a bunch of other things I don't have time to put.

I just HATE people who vandalise (Yes, I use British spelling) character's pages. It annoys the crap outta me. Vandalism is a serious offence on this site. And also, I don't like users with just an IP. Dosen't it get annoying when you have to memorise their IP address and you can't remember them by their username?

I also enjoy reading the Naruto Gamebook to help look out for ranks in games, and info about the techniques, to help to contribute to Narutopedia.

Well, this is it. Nothing else to see.

Okay. See you all. Bye.

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