I like to contribute to stuff I like. As a dedicated manga and anime fan, I enjoy writing or discussing about them. Naruto was my favourite anime and manga, so it is natural that I would enjoy contributing to its wikia. I also love history as a hobby, thus I contribute a lot to history articles on English Wikipedia.

If I'm doing anything wrong with my edits here just tell me. I'm flexible, we'll all get along fine. I'm typically very busy in real life which means months might go without me coming on here, however there might be that two or more weeks that I live here. If you leave me a message I will surely respond as soon as possible.

Modus Operandi
My editing principle is quite simple. I'm a strong believer in attribution and specificity when it comes to disseminating information. In a nutshell: The source of every information, unless it is the informer’s original idea, research or inference, should be attributed or referenced, and the presented information should accurately mirror how it is in its referenced source. In addition, an informer should conspicuously accentuate their own original inferences and speculations that have been packaged with the presented information.

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