Plane in the Desert

aka Nailah-hime

  • I live in The far deserts
  • I was born on February 10
  • My occupation is learning to draw manga
  • I am A GIRL!


Well, since my name is rather long, you can just call me Desert or Nailah. I work on the MLP wiki usually for gallery edits and sometimes for in article stuff. I spell-check occasionally if I see something's wrong on this wiki, and maybe I add to articles if I think some are a bit too "stubby".

Opinion on the shipping stuff: I do have preferences but I'm not into ship wars. Personally, I'm dropping it until the series ends.

As I mentioned before, I work on the MLP wiki, and I am a pegasister (a female fan of MLP, for those who don't know Brony lingo). So, as such, I'll probably start an argument if I see any rude remarks towards bronies/MLP. I don't mind constructive arguments on the show, though, but I won't tolerate stupid hateful comments towards the show.

Person I want for Hokage: Sakura. She isn't my favorite female, but she is definitely a stronger one, and is probably best suited for Hokage.

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