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  • I was born on May 15
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Hello! My name is Kara. I am a Caucasian female, a proud American, and a strict Pentecostal Christian. I got into Naruto not just for the action, but also the storytelling. One thing Naruto can do is fill you with emotion. It can make you laugh, horrify you, or touch your heart. This manga never ceases to surprise me. One thing Kishimoto is great at is showing why people are the way they are and do the things they do, such as Hinata being unsure of herself or Kabuto being cold and manipulative. I also think it’s interesting how Naruto and the Narutopedia allow people to find out about cultures and religions that aren’t their own.

Suggested Natures List

Following the advice of ROOT 根, I'm putting this here in addition to my talk page. Thank you, Root!

Per request, here is a list of suggestions made on the talk page of Omnibender-senpai’s Elemental Recomposition Page. I apologize for not including names and dates, and I apologize if it’s not complete. For hypothetical natures in which one element is greater than the other, review the archives (especially number 7) and visit GoDai-senpai's page. Also visit Omnibender-senpai’s page and DarkBlueFlow-senpai’s page to see what they have.

  • All five elements- Dark
  • 2+ elements chemically combined- Dark
  • Crystal + Yang- Mineral
  • Crystal + Yin- Diamond
  • Dirt Release- another name for standard Dust Release
  • Earth + Earth- Steel
  • Earth + Fire- Crystal, Hearth
  • Earth + Lightning- Crystal, Explosion, Iron, Iron Sand, Magnetism, Metal, Steel
  • Earth + Wind- Crystal, Erosion/Weathering, Gravity, Magnet, Mineral, Pressure, Sand, Swift, Weathering, wind which can make anything it touches brittle, soft, dull, pliable, or hard
  • Earth + Yang- Crystal, Steel
  • Earth + Yin- decaying nature, Steel
  • Earth + Fire + Lightning- Crystal, Metal, Rubber, Steel
  • Earth + Fire + Water- Clay, Cool (removes heat), Crystal, Glass, Oil, Tar
  • Earth + Fire + Yang- Comet, Eruption, Igneous, Plastic, Salt, Sugar, Sulfur, Volcano/Eruptive Earth
  • Earth + Fire + Yin- Igneous, liquid metal
  • Earth + Lightning + Water- annihilation, magnetic rocks (joke), Mercury, vaporization
  • Earth + Lightning + Wind- Crystal, explosive air, Magnet, Sprite (discharges)
  • Earth + Lightning + Yang- Aether (Ether), Alkali, Amber, animation, Battery/Enhance/Store, Burst, Diffuse, Dirty Thunderstorm/Volcanic Lightning, earth/stone with the speed of lightning, Electrical Discharge, Ferment, Friction/Static, Glow/Waste, Gravity, grounding, Holy/Sacred, Judgment/Heaven, lightning with the hardness/form of earth, Metal, Nuclear, Quake, Sharp, Shockwave, solid light, Static, Steel, Sublimation, Truth/Reveal, Vein/Alchemy
  • Earth + Lightning + Yin- Agent/Auto/Control, Battery, grounding, Heat, Implosion, Inertia/Slow, Leyden Jar, motion/acceleration, Nuclear, Prism, Shatter, Smelting/Welding, solid, glowing lightning, Sprite (discharges), Structure/Build/Bonding/Clump, Transition/Form/Matter/Energy/Material/Convert, Tremor, Weld/Welding
  • Earth + Water + Wind- Bubble, Clay, Crystal, Erosion/Weathering, Glacier, Mud, Paper, Stone
  • Earth + Water + Yang- Forest, Island, Nature/Flora, Nutrient, Ocean, Photosynthesis (make chakra with sunlight), Pressure, Superfliud, Supersolid
  • Earth + Water + Yin- Crystal, Disease, Empathy, Flora, liquid crystal, Poison, Superfliud, Supersolid, Swamp/Bog/Marsh, Wave
  • Earth + Wind + Yang- Animate/Vital/Spirit, Density, Desert, Dry/Arid, free radicals/free radical oxygen, Gem, Miasma, Salt, smashing, Sugar, Vajra, Weathering
  • Earth + Wind + Yin- Density, Desert/Age, Dryness, free radicals/free radical oxygen, Malfunction/Break/Glitch/Flaw, Pressure/Weight, Salt, strong-structured crystal
  • Earth + Yang + Yin- Steel
  • Earth + Fire + Lightning + Water- Concrete
  • Earth + Fire + Water + Air- Ether
  • Fire + Fire- Blaze
  • Fire + Lightning- Blaze, Explosion, Flash/Swift, Light, Plasma, Radiation, Sear, Spark
  • Fire + Wind- Ash, Blaze, Dark, Heat, Hot Air/Hot Wind/Steam, Plasma, Poison Gas, Smoke
  • Fire + Yin- Blaze
  • Fire + Lightning + Water- Bite, Chaos, Entrophy, fire with Storm Release-like properties, Heaven, holiness, Plasma, Purification, superconductive liquid which corrodes and channels electricity
  • Fire + Lightning + Wind- Blaze, Energy, Ion, Plasma, pyrocumulus clouds, Star
  • Fire + Lightning + Yang- nuclear explosions
  • Fire + Lightning + Yin- Blaze, Blaze with an electromagnetic charge, or even solar flares
  • Fire + Water + Wind- Cloud, Gas, Miasma, Smog, Smoke, Steam, Temperature, Vapor
  • Fire + Water + Yang- Steam, supercritical fluid (extremely hot with lots of pressure)
  • Fire + Water + Yin- sublimation
  • Fire + Wind + Yang- radioactive wind, stormy, burning wind (like fiery tornadoes)
  • Fire + Wind + Yin- hot air/fireballs, plasma, scorching hot liquid, smoke
  • Fire + Yang + Yin- Blaze
  • Forge Release- an alternative name for Metal Release
  • Hardness Release- an alternative name for Steel Release
  • Ice + Water- Nitrogen
  • Ice + Yang- free flowing ice
  • Lightning + Lightning- Light, Dark
  • Lightning + Wind- Disintegrate, Explosion, Friction, Heaven/Sky (“divine” power), Ion, Light, Magnet, resonating, Sky, Sound/Roar/Resonation Release, Thunder (sonic shockwaves), Thunderclap, Vibration/Shock/Quake
  • Lightning + Yang- Electricity/Thunder, Light, Magnet
  • Lightning + Yin- Black Lightning, Dark, dark energy, Electricity/Thunder
  • Lightning + Water + Wind- Froth/Dissolve/Solvent, light or ion (not plasma), Sky/Heaven, telekinesis, Weather/Climate/Monsoon
  • Lightning + Water + Yang- Amplification, Conduction, Drill, Ferment/Catalyst, Ferro/Flux, Fluorescent/Dew, Force, Front, Froth/Dissolve/Solvent, Glow/Waste, Gravity, Immortality/Youth, Jet, Laser, Life/Vital, Luck, Magnet, Manipulation, Medicine/Elixir/Vital/Alchemy, Melt/Solvent, nerve agent/lachrymator, Pressure, Rainbow/Spectrum, Reaction/Separation, Reflection, Refraction/Bend, Repair, Separation/Divide/Split, space/force/telekinesis, Spark, Stream, Tempest/Hurricane, Void, Wild/Raw/Random/Free
  • Lightning + Water + Yin- Conduction, Corruption, Death, Demon, Depth, Disruption, Dusk, electrolysis (maybe in the form of static-filled water), Error/Fault/Breakdown/Failure/Glitch/Fail/Defect, Ferro/Flux, gaseous (rather than fluid) energy, Gravity, Hydrogen, Manipulation/Sensory, nerve agent/lachrymator, Pressure, Refraction/Bend, Separation, Shock/Paralyze, Structure/Build/Absorb, Stream, Tempest/Hurricane, Void
  • Lightning + Wind + Yang- black hole, positive lightning
  • Lightning + Wind + Yin- Plasma, vibrating sound which tears people apart
  • Lightning + Wind + Air- Iron sand
  • Lightning + Yang + Yin- Dark
  • Metal + Fire- Mercury
  • Metal + Lava- Mercury
  • Metal + Water- Mercury
  • Metal + Yang- Mercury
  • Photon Release- Another name for Light Release
  • Pseudo elements/Chakra Infusion- Bone/Calcium, Crystal, Ink, Paper, Sand
  • Random Natures- Base, Catalyst, Caustic/Corrosion, Grass, Gravity/Weight
  • Ripple Release- a telekinetic nature with Water as one of its components
  • Void Release- stronger version of yin/yang
  • Water + Water- Life, Liquid, Liquid Metal/Mercury, Ocean, Superfluid, Solvent, Wave
  • ¾ water + ¼ wind- Bubble
  • Water + Yang- Wave
  • Water + Yin- Oil
  • Water + Wind + Yang- Cold/Freezing, Erase/Extinguish, Typhoon, Wash/Clean, Wave
  • Water + Wind + Yin- Cold, Fluid/Flow, Freezing, super-dense ice or super-solid, viscous ice
  • Water + Yang + Yang- Hurricane, Tsunami
  • Water + Yang + Yin- Blood, Life, Light, Ocean
  • Wind + Yin- Pressure, Sound
  • Wind + Wave- Namikaze (Waves and Wind)
  • Wind + Yang + Yin- Pressure, Spirit/Soul Release
  • Yang + Nature- Life
  • Yin + Nature- Poison
  • Yin + Swift- Time

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