Lets make this the best wiki we can. Also this wiki is better then when I first came,over double the articles and better organized also. But it still needs work. However, the way thing are going, we should be a huge wiki soon. BELIEVE IT! OR DATTEBAYO! (if you prefer).Yeah! I'm back in black!

Random facts about Random123

  • Random123 is male
  • He can't swim
  • He got his username when he went to sign up at wikia central. Unable to think of a good name, he decided to put something "random", which led to the username Random123
  • Ehay aguelyvay understandsway igpay atinlay, utbay onlyway ifway it'sway pokensay eryvay lowlysay. Ifway ouyay aysay itway otay astfay, ouyay illway oselay imhay
  • He is not going to go into his political beliefs, as it has nothing to do with Naruto, and because it may make people mad, or make them want to argue, and who wants that?
  • He spells because "cauz" to save time, although he would never do that in important papers, or on the Narutopedia

Quote of the day

The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources. Albert Einstein


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