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NaruSaku4Life! Best pairing ever!

Hello, I'm Romance Girl and as you can see I AM a girl. My real name, however, is Ashley. Naruto is one

of my favorite animes, next to Inuyasha but I have only watched this show since the english version of Shippuden started. During the first part of Naruto I barely watched it and when I did, it was very rare. I liked the show but never took it seriously and I would say I'll watch it but I would forget every time. My older brother watches it too and he did the same thing I did except he never watched it because " it's gay and they are only kids so it's not cool". However, when Shipudden came along and then I really got into it because it became cooler and more interesting. It became one of my favorite shows. My 20-year old brother likes this show too, though not as much as me(he actually says I'm obsessed:(. It's annoying). Before anyone asks, I am obviously a Anime watcher because I see nothing wrong with it. I at first watched only the english version of the show and did not even know what manga was(true story). Once I got my first computer last December, I learned much more about this show than I intended. In case anyone's asking why I watch Anime, let me explain. Like I said before I'm fine with the Anime but I do get annoyed with it for a few things. 1. I hate the ridiculous filler arcs that do not affect the original storyline at all. They are really just a waste of episodes(Though some filler arcs are good, such as the Sora one.) 2. Have very sucky animation on some episodes but is getting better. 3. I hate how they screw up some of my pairing's moments and it looks completely different from the manga(yes I do ship a Naruto Pairing but I'll get into that later.) and 4. Give two certain pairings more moments than what they actually have in the manga and anime-only watchers think they actually have a chance of happening. Other than that, the Anime is fine and I enjoy it. I originally only watched the english version for while until many months ago and I started to watch the japanese version. I wasn't going to at first but my brother said it was going to slow for him and he wanted to see what happens sooner so he watched the english sub because it's way farther. I eventually did the same because I didn't want him to see what happens before me. I'm very glad I did that, though I'm used to and like the english voices better. But then I decided I"ll read the manga, because I wanted to see what are most recent things happening and because I'm an impatient person like that ^_^. My brother and I are currently collecting the Shippuden series and have volumes 1-9, plus the first and second Shippuden movie. Anyways this is what I do on a weekly basis: 1. Read the latest chapter on Wed.; tell my brother. 2. watch english sub on the internet on Thurs. with my brother; discuss the episode. Anyways, that's a little of me in a nutshell.

I have a favorite pairing that I love in this series and ship and that is NaruSaku because I believe, compared to the other non-canon pairings, it actually has a fairly large chance of happening. I am a full-blown NaruSaku shipper and proud of it! If any other NaruSaku fans read this you are welcome to talk to me about this pairing if you want or anyone else for that matter. And if you are a SasuSaku or NaruHina fan, you are welcome to debate with me as well, even though we have opposing opinions. Anything you want to talk about relating to Naruto pairings or characters will be encouraged on my talk page. .

Anyways, what I'm going to do is start off at what my opinion is on of a few of some Naruto pairings and then I'll put what I think of several characters next. However, I'm sure many of you in this wiki don't give a crap about pairings so you can just skip if you want to.


1. NaruSaku: This is my favorite Naruto Pairing and I will obviously start of with my favorite. Unfortunately, this will probably be pretty long. I actually see nothing wrong with this pairing at all. From all the observing I did of their interactions, especially in Shippuden, I can safely say that NaruSaku is the only two-sided non-canon pairing as of now. And I'm pretty good at reading possible feelings, so I trust my judgement. At first(during Part One), I didn't care about this pairing( or the plot very much for that matter) because I didn't really watch Naruto. But out of the rare times I watched it, this is what I picked up on: Naruto likes Sakura, Sakura likes Sasuke, Sasuke likes no one. Everything was horribly one-sided and I didn't think Naruto and Sakura would ever get together. That is, until Part 2 came along. Starting from the first episode, I already started to notice the telltale signs of possible feelings on Sakura's side(Naruto's were obvious; Everyone knew he liked Sakura), and I started thinking to myself: "Does she like Naruto? She seems attracted towards him." My curiousity got the better of me, so I started to become interested and continued to watch to see if my suspicions were true. I quickly got my answer, especially during the Sasuke and Sai arc, and came to the conclusion that Sakura was slowly falling for Naruto(I found that rather shocking though because something like that seemed so inpossible before). In fact, I think that, this late in the series, she already has but just hasn't realized it yet. I quickly grew fond of the pairing to the point that I'll be really pissed if it doesn't become canon, and I wanted to see their relationship progress. As for Naruto, his feelings aren't even in question anymore. He is obviously in love with Sakura. At first, it was really just a shallow crush but grew into much more than that as the story went on. Naruto was willing to selflessly sacrifice his own happiness for Sakura's sake and I found that really touching and sweet. No way is that just a silly crush anymore! Naruto loves Sakura and only Sakura. He will never give up on winning her over because thats just in his nature which is why he won't stop loving Sakura. As for the confession, I still don't quite know what to think about that. I believe it was partly true but not completely. Sakura is definitely not over Sasuke for she still has feelings for him(Silly Sakura thought she could lie about that. Ha!). Sakura is in love with Naruto(hence her angry reaction to him calling her a liar. Besides, she isn't the type to lie about something like that), but isn't a 100% sure of her feelings. As for Naruto's take on it, I believe he wanted to believe it(he still loves her), but never thought she would have those feelings for him. He is still pretty sure she only loves Sasuke, which is a lie. Naruto missed all her romantic hints(Which isn't suprising. I mean, look at Hinata for example. Seriously, he is so slow when it comes to girls) And in case anyone noticed, Sai never said she was lying about loving Naruto. He in fact, subtly hinted at it( Unfortunately, it flew right over Naruto's head. The boy is so dense). There is also what Kushina said: "Just don't fall for a strange one! Find someone like me!". Who is mostly like Kushina? Sakura of course! That was obviously Pro NaruSaku(Not NH. Hinata is nothing like Kushina or Minato.) Anyways, let me get to why I like it so much. Their whole relationship is pretty comical to me. Sakura gets annoyed with Naruto when he's being stupid, dense, or insensitive and punches him to set him straight. Typical Main Character/Tsundere pairing. Someone needs to put him in his place and the only person fitting for that role will always be Sakura. I also rather like the whole 'hate you at first, love you now' sort of relationships. Its good development for Sakura and it shows how much she's grown and changed. Its something you never would expect(I know I sure didn't. Noted this was before I knew what a Tsundere was.) with all the twists going on. Its also rather ironic as well. Naruto and Sakura have wonderful chemistry and they truly do care for each other. I truly believe that at the end of Naruto it will either be NaruSaku or no pairings at all. Its just way too obvious and sensible to just brush it off as sibling-like or "just best friends" when its really much more than that now. Sibliings! Hah! They are attracted to each other and siblings are not. With all the obvious hints, I find it odd that NaruSaku isn't very popular but oh well. Popularity isn't the same as the "Most likely".

2. NaruHina: As for NaruHina, I don't despise it and like it(in a way) but I like NaruSaku far better. I do not ship this pairing though and I'm actually against it. The main reason being is that I just don't see this happening at all in the future. I see many holes in theories that NaruHina will become canon and I'll point them out right now. Hinata obviously is in love with Naruto though I can never understand that. She just doesn't know him well enough to actually be 'in love' with him though this probably shows how Kishi's not good with romance and relationships. Naruto, however, had a crush on Sakura during Part 1 and never noticed Hinata's feelings for him( Naruto must have really been stupid if he missed something that obvious.) through all of Part 1 and most of Part 2. Even when Naruto realized that she loved him, he hasn't confronted her about in over 100 chapters and counting(he like sort of blew her off). And yes, Naruto did save Hinata in the war recently, but the rescue wasn't romantic or anything(I actually think that the NaruSaku rescue was better. I mean at least, he actually asked Sakura if she was alright and faced her.). I really felt that that chapter was the closure for NH. It was like he thanked her for saving here but also hinted he did not return her feelings. But apparently, Hinata still loves Naruto and refuses to move on.(Honestly I was disappointed in Kishimoto for this. I feel Hinata should finally outgrow her love for him and become a stronger character. Her speech was touching and sweet though :). I liked it.) I'm slightly annoyed that since that chapter, NH fans are absolutely convinced it will became canon which I find jumping to conclusions. It was just a conformation of her feelings. Nothing new and I will only see NaruHina as possible when it actually SHOWS Naruto has feelings for her. If I ever see that(which I know for a fact I won't), then I might change my mind. To me this is answer enough that he does not and most likely will never return her feelings. And to top off all this negativity, Naruto fell in love with Sakura sometime in late Part 1 and, while it is possible to love more than one person, I do not see this happening. He appears to love Sakura and only Sakura until proven otherwise. I admit, though, I do pity Hinata quite a lot. She does really love Naruto but it remains unrequited. As I see it, maybe if she got a spine earlier than the Pain arc she would have a much larger chance of actually getting with him, but Kishimoto didn't write it that way did he? As for the confession, while I'm glad she finally confessed to him(its about time Naruto learned the truth), I wish she could have done more to help him, like in the Anime for example(Which by the way, NaruHina fans, was filler.). However, all she did was say I love you, charged at Pain, knowing she would probably die(in her own words "I'm just be selfish."), and got smashed in 2 seconds flat. Leaving Naruto pinned to the ground and helpless. That did not sit well with me and I thought Hinata, being the caring person that she is, would help out more, but whatever. Seeing how I'm at the confession, I find this next theory rather annoying: "Hinata said I love you to him first so Naruto will fall in love with her". Really?! I find this laughable. Just because she was the first to say 'I love you' does not mean he will return her feelings. Does that sound realistic? No. The confession was a plot device to Naruto meeting his Dad and going 6 tails, as well as Hinata getting development and growing as a character. NOT THE BEGININING OF NARUHINA BECOMING CANON. I can not stress this enough. The manga seems to support this claim. I also don't get why some people think he loves her because he turned 8 tails when she "died". That was not the case. Naruto had mounting anger growing him when the village was destroyed, Jiraiya died, and Kakashi was killed. Something would have snapped in him eventually and Hinata just happened to be the trigger. To be honest, I wasn't surprised he reacted like that. She just confessed and he sees her risking her life for him. Of course he would turn 6 tails. The seal was weakening too so that probably contributed a little. What I saw was care and concern for her, but nothing else. Last argument: "Hinata liked Naruto and supported him before anyone else so she deserves more". Okay first of all, you don't deserve anyone's love no matter who it is or what you did for them. What matters is the mutual feelings for each other which, unfortunately, NaruHina is sorely lacking. As for the rest, while that is true there is something they need to learn to take account of. While Hinata did believe in him, in the beginining, she didn't even attempt to become friends with him. All she did was watch him. Naruto thought everyone hated him, so Hinata "silently supporting" him did not affect Naruto. Being shy is just an excuse. In fact, Naruto doesn't even see Hinata as "one of his precious people." I honestly think Sakura, despite hating him at first, did more for him than Hinata ever did. Now this is what I think about NaruHina. Their personalities are completely different and do not clash together well in a relationship. Too different in my opinion. Naruto is loud and Hinata is shy. She would never put him in his place when Naruto is being stupid. As for Naruto, I sure he wouldn't like her shyness and would get bored with her pretty quickly. In my opinon, it just wouldn't work and their relationship would be be bland and dull; it would not work out. So here's my conclusion. Me and other NaruSaku fans think: One-sided and is incredibly impossible to ever happen. Rabid NaruHina fans: Fantasy Pairing that they love but deep down know isn't likely however believe it will happen if you defy all logic. If I offended someone, please forgive me. I just truly believe this.

3. SasuSaku: Uuugggh is what I have to say to this pairing. I despise this pairing so very much in so many ways. But for some godforsaken reason, this couple is so frickin' popular in both America and Japan(Where did their heads go, I wonder?). Sorry if I go a little overboard with this. I just have a very strong hatred for this particular pairing. SasuSaku is a pairing with a very( and I repeat VERY)low chance to ever become canon when the story is over. I would even go as far to say its dead by now, but the series Naruto isn't over yet so I can't claim that. This pairing is impossible to happen and if some miracle happens and it does become CANON, it would be one of the worst(if not the worst) bad writing I have ever seen. I have many reasons as to why this pairing is unlikely and I'll name them now. The biggest problem to this pairing is ironically Sasuke himself. Since the begininging of Part One, Sasuke always displayed indifference and annoyance towards Sakura's repeated advances and I'm positive that Sasuke secretly wished her to just move on to spare him her affection(Which is why kid Sasuke was a secret NS shipper.). I think its funny when SasuSaku fans say that " Sasuke was in love with her, but in a difficult way and couldn't express it right". This theory makes me wonder if they are even reading and watching the same series as me. I never saw any sign that he carried any kind of romantic feelings for her ever. However, this doesn't mean he didn't care about her at all. Anyone who says that is wrong. Sasuke didn't like her at first, but over the course of Part One, he grew to care and bond with Sakura, just like he did with the rest of Team 7, though he still saw her as a pest, the weakest link of the team that needed protection, and "annoying". While he did like Sakura as a friend and teammate, Sasuke still treated her like crap and had blatant disregard over her most of the time. I did and still do not like how he treats Sakura which is one of the reasons I do not like this pairing. And then when Part 2 came along, it only got worse. Sasuke still felt a bond with Team 7 but never thought of Sakura alone or any differently. More recently, he tried to kill her twice with no regret or hesitation, which only goes to show that he does not care about Sakura at all in any way anymore. However, while I'm sure that Sasuke will live and be redeemed, he will not develop newfound love for her ever unless you ignore every last aspect of his personality. In other words, he has to do a complete 180 in personality to be in love with anyone, let alone Sakura. Sasuke and love do not mix well together. Never has been never will. That's the main reason why SasuSaku is so impossible. Now to get to Sakura's side. With Sakura's feelings for Sasuke, I find them incredibly disappointing, annoying, and irrational to her character. I never liked her crush on Sasuke and did not understand why she liked him so much. Maybe for looks but, if I was her, I would have grown out of that crush if that person was mean to me all the time like Sasuke is. All her fawning over him was so annoying to me and I really hoped she would at least try to keep the little dignity that she has. I wished she would just stop that and end her humilation. But when Sakura claimed she was in love with Sasuke, I was like "Really?". What I saw was not love. It is a fangirlish crush/idol worship. That's what it was and that's what it still is. While Sakura's feelings are more geniune than Ino's, but still a crush nonetheless. She just mistook it for love and currently still is in Part 2. What I also hated about Sakura's feelings for Sasuke was the effect it had on her personality. She is strong, stubborn, and easily angered. She will not take people insulting her and they end up feeling her fist. But with Sasuke, it was never like that. Sasuke would always insult her and what would Sakura do? Nothing. She would just sit there and take it. Sakura would not say anything or punch Sasuke. He makes her submissive and I hate a subdued Sakura. When Part 2 started, I foolishly thought she didn't have feelings for Sasuke anymore and loved only Naruto. So imagine my surprise, disappointment, and anger when Chapter 540 came out. That, from my point of view, confirmed that Sakura still has lingering affection for Sasuke. That pissed me off and I really think she needs to grow up and move on with her life. What I continue to ask myself is this: What is so great about Sasuke? He was never particuluarly nice to her, not a great guy, and the only thing to love about him is his looks and talent, which, might I add, are shallow reasons. It makes no sense but I'm sure Sakura will move on. Conclusion of SasuSaku: Incredibly negative on both sides and the pairing is one-but soon to be-zero-sided couple which when Naruto is over, will be dead and nothing but an echo in the past and largely the fandom.

4.SasuNaru: I never once thought that anyone would consider me a supporter of SasuNaru. When I thought of SasuNaru, I always saw them together as a gay couple and that, to me, is really disturbing(disgusting really). If you are a SasuNaru fan, you have to want them to be together romantically. However, I recently realized that is not the case. After visiting a few forums, I realized that I do ship SasuNaru; the friendship version, not the romantic gay one. I like their friendship and development. There are many reasons why I like this relationship and I will explain why soon. It started off badly at first. Sasuke was annoyed with Naruto's childish antics and found him a loser compared to himself. On the other hand Naruto was often irritated by Sasuke's arrogance and that cocky air of his, though deep down he respected and wanted to be just like him. Because of there open hostilty towards each other, their interactions were interesting from the start. However, during the Hidden Mist arc, Sasuke and Naruto developed a fledgling friendship and became rivals with each other. Sasuke started to become amused,though albeit slightly annoyed, with Naruto's self-confidence and, against his better judgement and discomfort, he became closer to and developed geninune concern for his well-being. He became more open to his team and became fond of them all. Naruto started to respect him even more now that he got to know him and did realize that Sasuke was a good person deep down. Sasuke risked his life for Naruto's believing that he would end up dying but not caring. For the first time in 5 years, he completely threw Itachi and revenge out the window for Naruto. Naruto became furious and sad which caused the seal to break for the first time in 12 years. Afterwards they went back to their insults again. Sasuke and him became best friends, which caused Sasuke to forget about revenge for a time. There bond together was very strong and still is. However, Sasuke grew more angry, and believed his progress was too slow in the Leaf Village, causing him to leave, but not before fighting Naruto. That fight was emotional, deep, and very sad to me. In the end, Sasuke couldn't bring himself to kill Naruto, which proves the bond was still there. Afterwards, Naruto was trying to bring Sasuke back to the village which to this day I still support. Even while Sasuke was with Orochimaru and after, I could tell that he still cared about Naruto, but he just hid it very closely(but not close enough for me). You see, SasuNaru isn't as one-sided as people think. After Sasuke turned evil, I stll believe that to a certain degree, he does still care about him. Its just deep inside him, under all that hatred, anger, and pain. And he refuses to acknowledge that feeling(but he will). The latest reunion proves this. They still care about each other. But SasuNaru is in a big snag right now(even I can admit this). There is just so much seriousness between them now(especially from Sasuke's side . The whole "I'll kill you"! thing is pretty off-putting). I miss how it used to be. The innoccent insults they'd throw at each other( Naruto calling Sasuke Weak, Moron or Jerk! and Sasuke saying "Loser!", or Idiot." I mean sure, they were insulting each other, but I always took it as a sign of there closesness or terms of endearment, and I miss that more than thought I would. I want Naruto to achieve his goal and bring Sasuke back to the Leaf Village, alive. Who knows? That might still happen. No one really knows besides Kishimoto.

5. JiraTsu: I always found Jiraiya and Tsunade's interactions fun and humerous, similar to Naruto's and Sakura's relationship. However, I never realized that Jiraiya actually carried genunine feelings of love for Tsunade, besides his attraction to her, until before he died. It was sad how he thought Tsunade would never love him, reminscent of Naruto's feelings towards Sakura. Maybe that's why(as Naruto so abtly puts it) the old pervy sage never really settled down with anyone. I do ship this pairing even though it will never become CANON. It reminds me of an older version of NaruSaku. As for Tsunade's feelings, I do believe she loved him to an extent but never realized she did until it was to late. I'm not sure if was as much as Dan's or ever would have been, but I do know she felt something for him. She seems like she would have at least gave it a shot with him. There's a saying I heard once: You never know exactly what you have until you lose it. I'm sure Tsunade knows exactly what that means.

6. MinaKushi: I love this pairing so much, almost as much as NaruSaku. Its like the 2nd generation NaruSaku(JiraTsu being the first.) Kushina, like Sakura, looked down on Minato, seeing him as "flaky" and "unreliable", not to mention "girly". Overall, she had a very negative opinion on him which was judgemental, but(in her own words)" she was a kid and young, so she did stupid things."(again, like Sakura). I'll also thought it was funny how in the anime filler, Kushina was beating up kids and Minato was laughing at it, causing her to angrily say "What are you laughing at?!" and he quickly looked away with a scared expression on his face. That scene reminded me so much of NaruSaku :D. I'm guessing, like Naruto, Minato had a one-sided crush on Kushina because he did compliment her hair, calling it beautiful and he looked at her in a loving, deep way. Anyways, her opinion on him started to change when Minato saved her after getting kidnapped by Cloud ninja. She made a trail with her long hair and Minato was the only one who was able to find her. He complimented her red hair, calling it "beautiful", being the first person to ever say that(like Naruto was the first to ever like Sakura's forehead). She used to hate her hair, but thanks to Minato, she grew to love it, naming it her "Red Thread of Fate." After her rescue, she then saw him in a different light and actually got to know him more, and eventually fell in love with him(again, like Sakura I believe fell in love with Naruto.) Years later, Kushina married Minato and had his son, Naruto. However, both parents died in the Nine-Tails Attack, leaving their son a orphan, a very tragic ending. Its a sad story for them but I believe it is ason well-written relationship. This pairing is the most obvious NaruSaku Parallel if I ever saw one(even more so than JiraTsu).

7. ShikaTema: My viewpoint on this pairing is pretty neutral really but I think its a possible pairing. I mean, Temari seemed to like him in Part 2 and so did Shikamaru with her. Not that Shikamaru will ever really end up with someone(as Kishi said in an interview " No love for Shika."), but it is a direction Kishi could take if he wants, as long as it has more development. But let's say he did, hypothetically, there would be some problems. Like for instance, they live in different villages. How would that work out I wonder? I have no idea.

8. ShikaIno: I actually kinda like this pairing but I'm not obsessed with it. Ino is bossy to Shika and he is lazy in comparision so there interactions are humourous. This I think, in some ways, can be more likely than ShikaTema, for they are exposed to each other more. But as of right now, it's just teammate-friendship bond but could change. It just depends if Kishimoto changes his mind for romance for Shikamaru, but I wouldn't get my hopes up.

9.SasuKarin: I hate almost all Sasuke pairings and this one is no different. When I first saw Karin's infatuation with him, I was annoyed that yet another girl fell for Sasuke's good looks and talent. I knew he would never give her the time of day(I learned that from Sakura's pathetic attempts.), and thought, for her sake, she should move on. But I do admitt that Karin's perverted thoughts over Sasuke were good comic relief(like when she stole Sasuke's old sweaty outfit XD.), and I also liked how she was too proud to ever reveal her feelings for him(unless they were alone.) I also do think, that at some point(before he went evil), Sasuke genuninly cared for Karin, though not in a romantic light(again, that's not suprising.) I also liked that, unlike Sakura, she wasn't afraid to insult him and did not have a false "perfect" image of Sasuke like Sakura used to have also. Did Karin truly love Sasuke? No I don't think she did but she did carry strong feelings for him that could've developed into love. I do like Karin, and was pissed off that Sasuke almost killed her after the Danzo fight. All she ever did was support him and care for him yet he just stabbed her in the back(I'll never forget the look of trust and hope on her face when she believed he would save her.)Sasuke is AN ASSHOLE(excuse my language.)!!!! Did I like this pairing more than SasuSaku? HELL YEAH I did! But now its on par with SasuSaku. I am glad that, like Sakura, she is finally attempting to move on.

10. SasukeXRevenge:I hate this "pairing" very much. Its literally the only canon Sasuke pairing. I hate Sasuke's avenger/obssessive revenge that he's always had since Part 1 and will be delighted when this is dead. One thing's for sure though. Sasuke definitely loves his revenge and hate...

11. SasuIno: My stance on this pairing was pretty much the same on any Sasuke pairing: displeasure and annoyance. They only had ONE interaction(And Sasuke was annoyed in that panel.)! Ino, much like Sakura, had a hopeless crush on him in Part 1 and became one of his followers as a fangirl. Sasuke did not feel the same and viewed her as a nuisance. So in other words, I hated this pairing. But I watched a video on Youtube that talked about SasuIno and I liked there logic. I don't exactly remember everything in it, but it said something about Ino never backing down or being submissive to Sasuke which I believe. So I admit, as a crack pairing, I ship it.

12. SasuHina: This pairing is....interesting. Of course, neither ever had feelings for each other and they only interacted once which was in movie 2 of Shipudden(Which was filler and even if it wasn't, it wasn't a positive one. All Hinata said was "Sasuke is that you?" and Sasuke rudely repied "Enough talk.") I actually ship this as a crack pairing but no other reason other than wondering what kids of the Sharingan and Byakugan would look like. That idea intrigues me, and I can't help but wonder. This is really the only crack pairing I ship besides SasuIno.

13.DanXTsunade: I don't know much about this pairing to actually like it or hate it but I do believe Tsunade loved Dan with all her heart and she always will. Because I love Tsunade, I felt bad for how heartbroken she was after his death and knew she didn't deserve that. She almost lost everything that was important to her.

14. ObitoXRin: Another sad parallel to NaruSaku which I ship as well. Obito truly loved Rin but back then she only loved Kakashi who didn't feel the same, similar to how Team 7 was in Part 1. He was aware of this yet accepted how she felt, likely wanting her to be happy, just like Naruto. I truly believe Rin never knew how he felt about her or how deep it was until Kakashi told her. Obito never told Rin he loved her and in his dying moments, it was one of his last regrets. I think the reason he never told her his true feelings was because he was afraid of rejection and even if he wasn't, it would have been pointless to do it. Again, that reminds me so much of Naruto. He himself hasn't revealed to Sakura through words that he loves her or asked her out. Sure, he asks for dates once in a while which is pretty innocent and unserious. But Naruto just can't bring himself to do it yet as like Obito was, he's afraid of being hurt or point-blank rejected(Actually asking someone to be in a relationship with you is much more serious than just "dates".). Back to the pairing, I believe if Obito have lived longer he would have won over Rin's heart in the future but never got the chance to. Just like all the other NaruSaku parallels, it ended in tragedy and was doomed. Because of this, NaruSaku will play a part in surpassing the previous generations( Naruto will confess to Sakura, Sakura will/has fallen in love with him, they will get together and marry, and then see there kids grow up.)

15. KakashiXRin:When I first saw this couple in Kakashi Chronicles, I didn't like it because it reminded me too much of SasuSaku though this version was slightly more bearable. Rin wasn't constantly fawning over Kakashi like Sakura was with Sasuke in Part I(Again that was so annoying.) and she also never took sides when Obito and him were fighting(Unlike Sakura). Another thing was that I didn't pick up on her feelings for Kakashi until she nursed his wounds but already knew he didn't feel the same. I admit I don't hate Rin at all but I was annoyed with her for confessing her feelings to Kakashi at the completely wrong time. Was that really the right time to do that? I believe Kakashi never felt the same but promised Obito to protect her which he tried to do. But she apparrently died(from what I have no idea.) and since then Kakashi has felt guilt. Conclusion: One-sided pairing that I don't like.

16.AsuKure: The pairing of Asuma and Kurenai. I don't love this pairing but I don't hate for I haven't seen enough panel time of this pairing to actually have an opinion on it. So how I feel about this is about the same as how I feel about DanXTsunade really. Apparently, they were secret lovers at one point but everyone found out(lol), and they were then publicly dating. But soon after, Asuma was sent on a mission with his team to fight Akatsuki members Hidan and Kakuzu and he was KIA. I was already sad when Asuma died and Kurenai's reaction didn't make it better. Shikamaru told her and she was first in shock but then fell to her knees crying. To make matters worse, Kurenai was at that point already pregnant with his child which means it will never know its father. That's just so sad!! I can't really say if Kurenai and Asuma did love each other because I don't know but they did care and had strong feelings for each other. That's for certain. Now that the baby is born, I wonder if its a girl or a boy?

17. LeeSaku: Hehehe almost forgot about this one(Can you blame me?). I never had a huge opinion on LeeSaku but this pairing apparently has a fanbase. Most of then though accept that this is a crack pairing and it won't become a canon couple. When we first see this couple, Lee immediately had an infatuation with Sakura's attractiveness but she was thoroughly repulsed. Despite this, Lee boldly asked her out but Sakura pointedly rejected him. However, during the Forest of Death, Lee stepped in to protect Sakura but he failed. Since then, she respects Lee and sees him differently. She never had feelings for him but she was grateful and acknowledged his feelings. Since Part 1, Lee has since gotten over Sakura though still has a slight crush on her. Honestly, Rock Lee is on par with Hinata when it comes to romance. Both Naruto and Sakura acknowledge and accept their feelings but don't love them. Both Hinata and Rock Lee support their love interest but know they don't feel the same(At least I hope Hinata knows. From recent chapters, it seems she hasn't realized this.)

18 NaruIno: I see this a a crack pairing and hate it. Even though Naruto will always love only Sakura, let's say they get together somehow. Its possible he may love Ino for some of Sakura's traits rubbed off from her, but I honestly think he would have trouble dealing with her bossy attitude and high mantainence. And as for Ino falling for him...I think she is attracted to him but that's about it.

Yay! I finally finished the pairings! Now I can get to the good stuff. My thoughts on Naruto characters and I'll start from my favorites.


1. Naruto Uzumaki: Naruto is my favorite character in all of Naruto. I love him to death! I admit, in the beginning of Part 1, I thought he was annoying and loud-mouthed. I didn't hate him but he could be annoying(Also because I watched the english dub, I found his catchphrase "Believe it!" so irritating. But they eventually stopped doing that and I'm grateful.). However, Naruto kinda grew on my over the series and when Shippuden started he was my favorite character so that of course remained unchanged. Why do I love Naruto? There is just so many reasons! First of all, Naruto is goofy, clumsy, and funny. He always makes me laugh and smile. Second, his past is so sad and it makes me mad that he was ostrasized because he was a Jinchuriki of Nine-Tailed Fox(Now know as Kurama). Thirdly, I admire his determination. He never gives up on anything: battles, training, his love life, and saving friends, even almost doomed ones like Sasuke. I wish I was that determined, but usually I'm not. Strong will like that will get him far in life. Fourthly, he aims big like being Hokage. I didn't believe he could accomplish that in Part One, but now I can't think of a better hokage to lead The Leaf Village. Fifth is he's a lovable moron. Sure stupidness can be annoying in some characters but Naruto isn't the case for me. His stupidness, obliviousness, and cluelessness is so amusing to me. I hope, no matter how old Naruto gets, he will always retain his playful, fun-loving, slightly stupid, reckless, brash nature. If he didn't, he just wouldn't be the Naruto I love. Sixth is is his sense of justice and ability to change people. No else but Naruto can get through to an enemy with just words(Though for some reason, Sasuke is resistant to his charms.) Seventh is he's just such...a great person. I wish more people like Naruto would be around in the real world. He's so kind, undertanding, gentle, forgving, and accepting and such a loyal, good friend. I wish I had someone like Naruto as a friend. Eighth reason is that when I see how kind and patient he is with kids, I thought on more than one occassion "He would be such a great father." And its the truth. He would be a loving and great parent. I think it was confirmed by Kishimoto at one point that he will have a child so I'm looking forward to that. Ninth reason is that when he loves something, he can be so selfless about it, Sakura being a perfect example. He is able to put her happiness above his even if it means breaking his heart in the process. That is incredible and I think him getting with the woman he loves when he didn't ask for anything in return is something he truly deserves. Tenth reason is just how strong he got! I still remember when he only knew Rasengan and Shadow Clones. Now he knows Wind Style: Rasen Shuriken and Sage Mode as well his mastery of the Nine Tails chakra(That even recently upgraded.) I also remember how horrible he was at everything and he's changed so much since then. Eleventh is in some ways, he reminds me of a favorite character of mine Inuyasha from InuYasha and more so of Goku from Dragonball Z.(Which isn't suprising. His character was modeled from Goku after all who I love also.). That's probably why I love him as a character as well. The last one is a completely shallow reason. I think, for an anime character anyway, he's gotten kind of cute in Shippuden. In Part 1, he was weird-looking but now he looks handsome(This does not mean I have a crush on an anime character. He belongs to Sakura.)

2. Sakura Haruno: I will probably suprise many people with this, but Sakura is my second favorite character in Naruto. I'm sure many of you are thinking " WHAT?! How can you even LIKE Sakura?! She's a horrible character." No she isn't. I actually see what kind of person she is and look past her Part 1 self(That statement was directed at the Sakura bashers/haters who read this). I'll admit, like almost all Naruto-watcher fans, I hated her VERY much in Part One. Her 12-13 year old self was a selfish brat who's ENTIRE CHARACTER revolved around a rather indifferent Sasuke Uchiha. What do I mean by that? I mean everytime you spoke of Sakura you have to bring up Sasuke. She was just an average Sasuke Fangirl. I admit, I've always liked Sakura's feisty side but still hated everything else about her. I have always liked her violent nature. Not to mention, she was so weak and had almost no skill as a shinobi. But when Part 2 started, she had changed so much from the Genin she once was. Sakura was more mature, intelligent, and considerate of Naruto's feelings. Though she still retained her incredibly scary, hotheaded, scrappy nature(Which I am glad about. I have always loved that aspect of her. ). Sakura was also no longer the obssessed-Sasuke fangirl she was. Sure she still loved him but seemed more focused on bringing him back. The fact that she unknowingly fell in love with Naruto just goes to show how much she's grown as a character. She's just such a wonderful character to me and I'm disapointed Kishimoto hasn't tried to increase her powers as a ninja. Also, she is very compassionate and kind character but some only see selfishness and violence to others(They just don't see there is more to her personality then that.) Selfishness was a big part of her character in Part 1(as seen in her confession to Sasuke and the PoaL for examples.) but she not as bad now and seems to want to change herself. One of the things I love most about Sakura is her determination, strong spirit, and desire to prove herself to others, just like Naruto. When I saw her fight with Sasori, she was amazing in it and I loved her so much after that. Since that fight, my love for her has remained the same until Sakura's confession. That was such a confusing time and I didn't know what to believe. Also, it didn't help how everyone was accusing her of lying. I eventually thought over Sakura's actions and Sai's words, realizing that she was trying to make it up to Naruto for her selfish request for bringing back Sasuke and didn't want him to be injuried because he always thought of Sasuke. So, in reality, that confession wasn't selfish. Quite the opposite. I noticed she has gained a lot more haters since this and that bothers me. Her confession to him made me love her more. Again, she was trying to change herself. Sakura was designed to be an "imperfect character" so she has and will make mistakes in the series but learns for it, just like us. She's supposed to be realistic. The only thing that still annoys me about her character is her romantic attachment to her first love. There is no logical reason to still love Sasuke yet she does. Its so negative and demeaning to her character, always dragging her down with sadness, pain, shame, and guilt. Yet I know she wants to change that as well and move on with her life, so I sympathize with her situation. Kishimoto will fix that about her character. That much I'm sure of. I also find Sakura pretty for an anime character.

3. Kushina Uzumaki: Kushina is a new character of course but I grew to love her character so quickly that it shocked me. She is now my third favorite character in the series. I love her personality so much; It's like a mixture of Naruto and Sakura's personalities. Sure it's mostly like her son's but I see some Sakura in her as well. Kushina is obviously a tsundere character and I admittingly have a tendency to love that type of character(Like why I love Tsunade and Sakura.). She is very kind, caring, feisty, and gentle but had a scary temper and wouldn't be afraid to hit you if you insult or annoy her. Just like Sakura! Kushina was so brave during the Nine-Tails attack and loved Minato and Naruto with all her heart. Her death scene was heartbreakingly sad as well as all her motherly advice to her son. Why did she have to die?! Another reason I love her is she unwittingly supported my pairing. Remember this? " You'll want a girlfriend someday. Just don't fall... for a strange one! Pick someone like me!" Even Naruto's deceased mother approves of NaruSaku! Sakura is almost identical to Kushina in terms of personality. That cannot be denied. Thanks for your support, Kushina!

4. Kakashi Hatake: Kakashi is my fourth favorite character. He's really intelligent, yet has a sense of humor and can say simple sentences that convey deep meaning. Also he's really strong with the Sharingan and Lightning Blade. He even learned the Mangekyo Sharingan with the weird Kamui eye jutsu. I love his personality; it reminds me of his sensei Minato. What I don't like about him is that he never taught Sakura anything useful besides tree climbing and showed student favoritism towards both Sasuke and Naruto. But he's gotten better and I really have no problems with him anymore. When I saw more of his past, he reminded me a lot of Part 1 Sasuke(I personally, for the most part, love Part 1 Sasuke) but he was so stuck to rules and regulations which I guess is understandable since his father Sakumo commmited suicide after getting snubbed for failing a mission because he saved his comrades. Of course though, after Obito's death, Kakashi changed and saw his friends more important than rules as a shinobi. I love his character and hope he doesn't die.

5. Minato Namikaze: Naruto's awesome father: The Yellow Flash of the Leaf. His personality is so much like Kakashi and also a little bit of Naruto is in him as well. Not suprisingly since he has both my favorite character's traits, Minato is my 5th favorite character in Naruto. Minato is a genius, at the level of Shikamaru's intelligence and possibly higher, and can basically outsmart anyone. He is also slightly stoic and doesn't usually say much unless necessary but does have humor in him(like Kakashi) but has a really kind heart and can be incredibly determined/stubborn once his mind has been made up(Traits Naruto inherited for sure.) such as when he refused to change his mind over sealing Kurama into his son despite his wife Kushina's objections. Minato is also quietly confident in himself though doesn't usually brag about himself. Minato was just so strong and literally owned Tobi because of his smarts. The only real reason he died was because of the Nine-tails as well as the Reaper Death Seal. Minato is so cool and I am sad that he died. He is one of the strongest ninja from The Village Hidden in the Leaves ever to be seen. I hope we see more of his past or even Clan. We really don't know that much about him.

6. Itachi Uchiha: The fabeled Prodigy of the Uchiha Clan, argubly one of the strongest(Besides Madara and Izuna. I don't count his little brother Sasuke because I still believe Itachi is stronger or at least has more jutsu). At first I hated Itachi because I was a little bit of a Sasuke fangirl in Part 1(though not blindly. He still made me angry sometimes and was a bit of a jerk) and once hearing that he had killed his family, scarring Sasuke mentally which led him to become an "Avenger" I wanted him dead with a burning passion. But even I admitted that he always was cool and mysterious in behavior. I supported Sasuke's goal to kill Itachi all the way until the aftermath of the actual Itachi vs. Sasuke fight in shippuden. Then the masked Akatsuki member "Madara Uchiha"(actually just Tobi) revealed that Itachi was sent on a mission by the Leaf Village to eliminate the Uchiha Clan who were rising up against their home for more power. They took advantage of Itachi's pacifest nature so they could save the village. I was so sad when seeing the emotional torture he went through before finally reaching his decison: To stop inoccent lives from being taken, he slaughtered his own family in a single night. This left Sasuke the sole surviver, as he loved his brother to much to take his life. Instead, he made him hate him and want revenge as Itachi had no desire to live and wanted Sasuke to be a hero and return home to the Leaf. So, in reality, he wasn't an evil person and always loved his brother. But, during his time after, Itachi contracted a fatal illness and prolonged his life with medication and also sheer willpower, wanting Sasuke to face him and die in front of him. I was needless to say, stunned as hell. I couldn't believe it at first but everything started to make sense. How he was never seen killing a Leaf ninja, how he held back and spared Kurenai as well as Kakashi's life when he could have easily killed them. How Sasuke was even still alive. Also, in Part 1 back when we all thought Itachi was evil and Sasuke had all these flashbacks, it showed his geniune concern and love for Sasuke as well as his touching speech to Sasuke(Quote: I am always going to be there for you even if its only an obstacle for you to overcome. Even if you do hate me.." ----Itachi to Sasuke). I was confused that he could look that geniune to someone and fake it, especially the quote I put above. But it wasn't; he did mean it after all. I was so upset over Itachi's death afterwards, developing suprisingly strong love for his character, but was comforted by the fact that he was finally at peace. What I love about him is his coolness, strength, intelligence and perfect use of the Mangekyo Sharingan as well as Susanoo and all genjutsu(He even broke free from the Edo Tensei Kabuto put on him! That's so cool!). Then Kabuto brought him back. I was super pissed that he did that. Itachi couldn't even control himself at first and I would have rather him die thinking Sasuke would go back home instead of finding out that his little brother deliberately went against his dying wish and found out he is plunged further in darkness. I knew Itachi would be disappointed, angry, and confused and feel bad for him. Now, the Sasuke and Itachi reunion Part 2 happened and I was satisfied with it. Itachi really confused Sasuke and it was hilarious how he just brushed Sasuke off. Still hope that Itachi knocks some sense into stupid Sasuke. I'm also really excited to see Sasuke and Itachi vs. Kabuto chapter. That will be so cool!

7. Shikamaru Nara: Shikamaru is my 7th favorite character. I love his lazyness, how he almost always complains, and he's just so smart for his age. Always loved him Shikamaru reminds me of me in some ways(lazyness, always complaining) but his intelligence is superior by far. 200 HQ? That's amazing!He is so smart that Tsunade, the 5th Hokage herself, goes to him for strategies despite being a Chunin. Shikamaru was even elected as one of the top strategists in the Fourth Great Shinobi War. Because of that, why isn't he a Jonin already like Neji? He deserves it: He has the brains and everything. When Shikamaru killed Hidan to get revenge on Asuma's death made him grow as a character, promising that he will train Kurenai's Child when it becomes a ninja. Since then, Shikamaru has been a constant favorite character of mine.

8. Tsunade: Tsunade has always been a favorite character of mine. She is the strongest female character in Naruto, no doubt about that. The reason I love her so much is because well, her bipolar, short-temperedness reminds me so much of both Sakura and Kushina, my top favorite characters. As I have stated before, short-tempered characters are really amusing to me which is probably why I love Tsunderes(Tsunade, Kushina, and Sakura are all tsunderes). Tsunade is a great Hokage, the first female one to ever reach that status. She is extremely intelligent, yet also finds some Hokage tasks tedious and tries to avoid things like that(Yet she has no choice XD. Hilarious.)I love her obsession with sake and how she is such a bad gambler. Why would she still gamble when she sucks at it? Tsunade never listens or stops though. No wonder she has so many debts and IOQ's("The Legendary Sucker." XD). Her past is so sad and she's suffered much grief during her life, losing all she held dear to her: Nawaki(her little twelve-year old brother), Dan(lover), Sarutobi(former sensei), and lastly Jiraiya(beloved friend and possible love). Tsunade had at one point given up on being happy but Naruto restored her faith in the Leaf Village as well as being Hokage, inspiring her to be the Godaime, now seeing Naruto as a little brother or even grandson. She is so kind and cares a lot. Tsunade is so strong that she even put up a good fight against Madara, showing that Kishimoto isn't completely sexist. Her attacks are so cool like that special ability that she created that is able to heal any wounds she gets, super-scary strength, and medical ninjutsu. I love her a lot and thank god she isn't dead.

9. Jiraiya: Jiraiya.. the biggest pervert in Naruto. It's hilarious to me and that's always making me laugh. But of course, there are other reasons why I like him. He is carefree and fun like Naruto is and very determined like both Naruto and Minato. His hobby to write books like Make-Out Paradise and Make-Out Tactics are...interesting to say the least( They no doubt contain inappropriate material that NO ONE should read except big perverts like him and Kakashi. His "research" of spying on woman bathing in hot springs prove this.) I loved how he was afraid of Tsunade's angry temper, yet still found it in him to be in love with her(Classic Naruto/Sakura parallel) and also thought of her before himself. Jiraiya was a good mentor/teacher to both his students Naruto and Minato. Jiraiya was a very strong Sanin and died fighting a worthy death up against Pain. I still wish he didn't die but he had to in order for Naruto to grow as a character. I miss him...

10. Neji Hyuga: Neji Hyuga is so cool in personality and reminds me very much of Part 1 Sasuke before he became all revenge-obsessed towards the end. Admittingly, after seeing Part 1, Neji is an easily hateable character, especially after what he did to his cousin Hinata and all the talking down he did to Naruto during the Chunin Exams. I was very annoyed with all his "destiny talk" and superiority complex but didn't hate him as I already knew he wouldn't stay that way since Shippuden is what I watched first. I feel bad for his past and how screwed up the Hyuga Clan was to him, and he was treated as a lesser being for being born into the Side Branch of his Clan when it wasn't even his fault. Revenge against his Clan would have been completely understandable after all he has been through but Naruto changed him, like he has with so many others, and he chose his own path, one of good. Neji is just so awesome and strong and dignified its no wonder I like him.

11. Gaara of the Sand: Part 1 Gaara was well, I guess the words to describe him are "psycotic, bloodthirsty, and downright pure evil." Gaara even threatened to kill his siblings Kankuro and Temari who he never viewed as true family. Both his siblings were afraid of him and he thought that to end people's lives was his reason for existing. He lived only for himself and only saw "friend" as just a word, nothing more, nothing less. His backstory was the most tragic out of every other character, even more so than Sasuke's and Naruto

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