I have no desire to tell you my likes and dislikes. My dreams for the future hmm. As for my hobbies, I have lots of hobbies.

Hey im Saru, and im a Sysop. Whenever im on this wiki, im usually uploading images or preventing a civil war breaking out in the forums. If you need anything, whether it be forum related or renaming a article, just head over to my talk page and i'll get back to you.

Things that have been named, but don't have articles yet.

  • Uchiha District - Episode 359
  • Kusagakure Hospital - Episode 431
  • Ridge Tower - Chapter 704
  • Wind Release: Vacuum Ball - Episode 356
  • Dokan - Episode 452
  • Himuka - Itachi Shinden
  • Yōji Aburame - Itachi Shinden

  • I share my birthday with Kotetsu Hagane
  • I was the first user on the wiki to watch The Last: Naruto the Movie

My Top 5
Techniques Characters Kekkei Genkai Arcs Scenes
1 Sasuke's Susanoo.png
Kisame before suicide.png
Kimimaro vs Samurai.png
Sasuke leaving.png
Recovery Mission
Swords Summoned.png
Swords summoned
2 Acrobat.PNG
Orochimaru Intimidating.png
Madara's Rinnegan .png
Naruto vs Neji.png
Chūnin Exams
Resonating echo drill.png
Leaf vs. Sound
3 Sasuke's Cursed Seal Level 2.png
Cursed Seal of Heaven
Kakashi Using Rasengan.PNG
kakashi Hatake
Danzo's Right Arm.png
Hiruzen vs Orochimaru.png
Konoha Crush
Kakashi Vs Obito.png
Kakashi vs. Obito
4 Jūho Sōshiken.png
Twin Lion Fists
Uchiha Anbu.png
Itachi Uchiha
Jugo's Level 2 state.png
Sage Transformation
Team Minato.png
Kakashi Gaiden
Obito's Paths Transform.png
Jinchūriki transform
5 Hokage reincarnated.png
Impure Reincarnation
Shisui gives his eye.png
Shisui Uchiha
C0 explosion.png
Explosion Release
Sannin face off.png
Search for Tsunade
The Sixth Coffin.png
Obito blackmailed
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