Hi, my name is Seelentau, but you can call me Tau.

I'm a Technical Translator BA (Englisch-German) and a Software Localisation MSc student from Germany who has participated in a couple of fan wikis and forums since 2007, such as the Narutopedia, where I've been registered since September 2008 (although on a different, inactive account). After creating this account in 2010, I became the stand-in Japanese translator following my predecessor's leaving and in late October 2014, I also took on the position of Narutopedia's tenth sysop.

For my translation work, I acquired every Japanese volume as well as around half of the chapters in their WSJ versions. I also owned all Japanese databooks and fanbooks as well as other supplementary material. However, due to my real life, the end of the Naruto franchise and me losing the last bit of interest in the manga, I'm not actively translating any longer. I will still do my duties as a sysop, so if you need anything in those regards, don't hesitate to ask.

You can also find me on MyAnimeList, Naruto Forums and reddit. I also tweeted (in German) about Naruto on Twitter @Narutopedia_eu.

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To-DoThings-That-Could-And-Should-Be-Done-But-Probably-Never-Will-Be-Done list:

  • Remove translation template from intros, because it unnecessarily lengthens them. Most nicknames can be found in the infobox at the same height of the intro anyway.
  • Remove bolded words from texts except for the article title in intros. Based on WP MoS.
  • Shorten loooong links. For the same reason we don't link every possible article.
  • Signatures have to contain (at least) the username, a link to the user page and talk page and not more than one picture. They have to be of adequate size.
  • Create separate articles for movie novels.
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