Hello, My name is sheldon, and i have been lurking this wiki for quite a while. Just recently i decided i would help contribute making this better. Before i thought i was just too unexperienced with wikipedias(although i still am). I just know the basics. I am from Alberta Canada, and only speak english. I love my kitty to death, and i love ice cream. I work at Dairy Queen and my favourite colour is orange.

I dont like to argue with or correct people unless i think I'm right, which i admit sometimes I'm not. But hey, i learn from it. My all-time favourite character is, The lovely Hinata Hyuga. I'm a sucker for kunoichi. Second would be Shizune. I believe Byakugan is stronger than Sharingan, a belief me and Kakashi share, And i wish Hinata and Hyuga clan would get more spotlight. I look forward to contributing more, see ya around!

Things like this make me laugh

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