Akimichi Chōji (pp. 16–17)

Akimichi Chōji (秋道チョウジ)

Kana: あきみち—
Databook romanisation: CHOUJI AKIMICHI

Village: Konohagakure Symbol Konohagakure
Rank: Chūnin


Ninjutsu: 3.5 Taijutsu: 3 Genjutsu: 1 Intelligence: 2
Strength: 4.5 Speed: 2 Stamina: 3.5 Hand seals: 1

A~ll right! I'll eat Shikamaru's portion too!!

Power with an insatiable appetite
Satisfying his stomach and training hard!!

About three years ago, Chōji took his clan's secret pills. After that, he was hit with a new curse called "rebound". While growing up into adulthood, he also had to increase his weight every day. That is why even these days, it is impossible for him to use the "Chubby line" (ポッチャリ系, Pocchari-kei) too much. However, that day's fight gave Chōji great self-confidence. He realised he too had the power to save his friends…!! Because of this, Chōji trained zealously and continued eating… He believes in the "pride" that says "food" governs the "Akimichi"…!!

[picture of Chōji doing Partial Multisize Technique on his arm]

← He can now use the Akimichi clan's secret Partial Multi-Size Technique without the aid of pills!! The result of untiring hard work…!!

[picture of Chōji doing Spiked Human Bullet Tank]

↑ His speciality, the Spiked Human Bullet Tank, has also undergone improvement.

[picture of Chōji, about to attack Sai]

← His combo with his sworn friend Shikamaru is also doing good. Thanks to the connection between their hearts, they display magnificent teamwork!!
As much as he is a kind person, he holds a lot of anger. Finishing the word "fat…" is definitely taboo…!!

[picture of Chōji almost hearing the word "fatty"]

Ninja registration number: 012625
Birthday: 1st May (16 years old, Taurus)
Height: 172.3 cm Weight: 87.5 kg Blood type: B
Personality: Glutton, easy-going
Favourite food: Yakiniku, snack food
Least favourite food: Inedible things
Desired opponent(s): When given food, anyone is OK
Favourite word(s): Meat (, niku)
Hobby(-ies): Buying and immediately eating sweets

Academy graduation age: 12 Chūnin promotion age: 14
Mission experience:

D-rank: 17 C-rank: 13
B-rank: 6 A-rank: 3
S-rank: 0


Shinobi ◆ Well-Informed Record: The Tailed Beasts (pp. 198–199)

Shinobi ◆ Well-Informed Record: The Tailed Beasts
Do they come about through the 'Wrath of Heaven' or 'Human Malice'?! The mystery of the enigma-ridden 'Tailed Beasts' is revealed here.


Since time immemorial, their power has brought catastrophe to the world——

The Tailed Beasts, including the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox sealed within the body of Naruto, are essentially demonic beasts whose sudden appearances were the turning points of entire eras and are considered natural disasters, like earthquakes or lightning. Their bodies are made up of vast amounts of chakra and their personalities are ferocious and cruel. When they begin to act violently, nothing can be done. Hitherto, there existence is a symbol of 'menace'.

There are altogether nine tailed beasts known. The 'One-Tails' (一尾, Ichibi) has a single tail, the 'Two-Tails' (二尾, Nibi) has two tails; the amount of tails is indicated by their name. Once, the First Hokage had some of them in his hold. As proof of treaties and pacts, he divided them among the other countries and so brought back the balance of power. In recent years, they have been scattered all over the world. Their current whereabouts are only know to a few people.

«The Nine-Tails (九尾, Kyūbi
The strongest Tailed Beast, which once attacked Konoha!! Because of the Fourth Hokage's technique, it is now sealed inside Naruto.


Only two remain to be added to the Akatsuki's Tailed Beast collection!!

So they can create a 'kinjutsu weapon', the Akatsuki are now in the middle of a 'Tailed Beast hunt'. The remaining Tailed Beasts are the Nine-Tails and the Eight Tails (八尾, Hachibi). What will happen when the Akatsuki have gotten their hands on all of them…?

→In their search for the Tailed Beasts, the Akatsuki travel from place to place.

[picture of Kakuzu and Hidan]

↓The captured Tailed Beasts are sealed into the 'Sealing Statue' (封印像, Fūinzō).

[picture of the Sealing Statue]

«The Two-Tails (二尾, Nibi
A monster cat, said to be a 'living spirit' (生霊, ikiryō). It has flexible muscles, giving it a speed unbecoming to its large build.

«The Three-Tails (三尾, Sanbi
A giant turtle with a hard shell. Not having a 'jinchūriki', it lived at the bottom of a lake. It was silenced by Deidara's Exploding Clay and captured.

«'One-Tails' (一尾, Ichibi
Called 'Shukaku' (守鶴), it is the living spirit of an elderly priest. In the possession of Sunagakure, it was used in the research into jinchūriki.

—What about the rest of the Tailed Beasts…?!— The Akatsuki have gotten their hands on the One-Tails to the Seven-Tails (七尾, Nanabi), while the Nine-Tails is inside Naruto. Where on earth could the Eight-Tails be…?


The power sought in times of war

During the Shinobi World Wars, people became fascinated by the idea of using the Tailed Beasts' overwhelming powers as weapons… However, controlling those powers was not easy. So to be able to manipulate those powers, the Tailed Beasts were sealed into people. Thus, the 'jinchūriki' were born. Despite this, it seems those powers still cannot be truly controlled.

→Each country has tried to use the powers of the jinchūriki as weapons.

[picture of Naruto in his Four-Tailed state powering up his chakra blast]

Shinobi ◆ Well-Informed Record: The Shinobi Growth Record (pp. 218–219)

Shinobi ◆ Well-Informed Record: Special Compilation: The Shinobi Growth Record
For about three years, everyone has trained zealously, all with their respective feelings in their chests. Let's take a look at how much their growth has been as astonishing as ought to have been!!

It's been about three years since the data of the Tō no Sho!
How much have Naruto and his mates grown…?!

The Tō no Sho and Sha no Sho… A thorough comparison of the old and new 'ability parameters' of the main Konoha shinobi!! Let the data show you that they didn't just become bigger in height 'ttebayo!!

[Naruto Uzumaki]

Sha Sha
Ninjutsu 3 4 Strength 3 3.5
Taijutsu 2 3.5 Speed 3 3.5
Genjutsu 1 2 Stamina 4 5
Intelligence 1.5 3 Hand seals 1 1.5

Of special mention is his taijutsu and… somehow, his intelligence!! Both have gone up 1.5 points!! Was that new technique not the only thing the literary master Jiraiya drove into him…?!

[Sakura Haruno]

Sha Sha
Ninjutsu 2 3 Strength 1 3
Taijutsu 1 3 Speed 1 3
Genjutsu 3.5 3.5 Stamina 1.5 2.5
Intelligence 4 4 Hand seals 4 4

She went up no less than 2 points in three areas! With he way she grew in taijutsu and strength, certainly the name 'Tsunade #2' is appropriate…?!

[Sasuke Uchiha]

Sha Sha
Ninjutsu 3.5 5 Strength 3 3.5
Taijutsu 2.5 3.5 Speed 3.5 4.5
Genjutsu 1.5 4 Stamina 3 3.5
Intelligence 2.5 3.5 Hand seals 3 4

Wanting to keep his reputation as a genius, Sasuke also displays his true worth here!! Now that he has even awakened the Mangekyō Sharingan, the numbers are sure to rise even more!!

[Shikamaru Nara]

Sha Sha
Ninjutsu 3 3.5 Strength 2 2
Taijutsu 1.5 2 Speed 2.5 2.5
Genjutsu 3 3 Stamina 2 3
Intelligence 5 5 Hand seals 2.5 3

His overwhelming intelligence is going strong!! With his upped stamina, he'll be able to aim for even more rapid progress.

[Rock Lee]

Sha Sha
Ninjutsu 0.5 0.5 Strength 3.5 4.5
Taijutsu 5 5 Speed 4 4.5
Genjutsu 0.5 1 Stamina 3 3.5
Intelligence 2 2 Hand seals 1 1

His 'genius of hard work' has been polished up even more. Is Lee's physical growth without limits or something?!

[Neji Hyūga]

Sha Sha
Ninjutsu 3.5 4 Strength 2.5 2.5
Taijutsu 4.5 4.5 Speed 4 4.5
Genjutsu 2 2 Stamina 2.5 3.5
Intelligence 3 3 Hand seals 3 3

His growth in stamina, indispensable for using his fatigue-bringing Byakugan, is remarkable!!


Sha Sha
Ninjutsu 4.5 5 Strength 2 2.5
Taijutsu 2 2 Speed 3 3
Genjutsu 2.5 3.5 Stamina 5 5
Intelligence 3.5 4 Hand seals 4 4

It seems these are the results of the repeated training he did after he assumed office as Kazekage. Intelligence, genjutsu, et cetera, all rose!!


Akahigi: Hyakki no Sōen (p. 223)

Red Secret Technique: Performance[1] of a Hundred Puppets (赤秘技・百機の操演, Akahigi: Hyakki no Sōen)

  • Ninjutsu, S-rank, Offensive, Defensive, All ranges
  • User(s): Sasori

The black-blooded sea of puppets that destroyed a country!!

One can tell the true power of a puppet user by the amount of puppets they can handle. "A puppet per finger," in short ten puppets, was the highest peak achieved so far, but this technique overthrows common sense. By directly connecting the puppets to the "core" inside the body, using one's fingers becomes unnecessary. The user can make the puppets move with their will. Even a hundred puppets can be successfully manipulated, as if using one's limbs.

[picture of the puppets attacking]

↑↓ Because the puppets are directly connected to the core, there is no time lag between the user's will and the puppets' movement. Such war potential is powerful enough to even make a country fall.

[picture of all the puppets just after Sasori summoned them]

Asa Kujaku (p. 224)

Morning Peacock (朝孔雀, Asa Kujaku)

  • Taijutsu, A-rank, Offensive, Short range (0–5m)
  • User(s): Might Guy

Visiting unexpectedly from the depths of one's heart
Dancing in the sky are successive attacks of a wondrous bird!!

Utmost speed and utmost strength should be collected into one's own fist with all one's heart—— The Morning Peacock is the certain-kill taijutsu born from this philosophy of Guy. The principle of this taijutsu is to rapidly increase the body's abilities by opening the Eight Gates[2] up to and including the sixth gate and then strike the enemy down with countless punches. With speed so high that the friction produces flames, the destructive power of the successive attacks doesn't even give the victim time to say his farewells. All enemies that faced this technique in the past were utterly destroyed! When Guy looks forward to certain victory, the flames from his fists paint the sky. As bright as the sunrise, as brilliant as a peacock's tail feathers!!

↓ Surely only Guy could remain safe even after opening up to the sixth gate!!

[picture of Guy opening the sixth gate]

[picture of Guy hitting Kisame's copy]

← The technique is started by kicking up the enemy. For an ordinary person, this one shot would result in inevitable death.

For the person receiving the attack, nothing remains, but to get burned and die!!

Ukojizai no Jutsu (p. 225)

Rain Tiger[3] at Will Technique (雨虎自在の術, Ukojizai no Jutsu)

  • Ninjutsu, No rank, Supplementary, All ranges
  • User(s): Pain

Is this heavenly net of rain, falling down and enclosing, the tears of a god grieving for his village?

A perception ninjutsu, allowing one to freely manipulate rain infused with the user's own chakra. In the village of Amegakure, it rains each week on Sunday… This rain falls from rain clouds, formed with Pain's own chakra. During this technique, the falling raindrops are closely linked to Pain's senses. When the rain is obstructed by chakra belonging to someone not of the village, the existence of the intruder can be detected. Also, in order to function in the "place" where the technique was invoked, the rain will keep on falling until Pain uses the seal to cancel it. Therefore, when Pain leaves the village, he always uses this technique, keeping a close eye on the village of Amegakure.

→ When Pain unleashes the technique, the rain falls. The hunt for intruders begins…

[picture of Pain using this technique]

Covering the village is a strict, vigilant net!!

[picture of the rain falling down on Amegakure]

↑ The rain seems convenient for infiltrating. However, it is a definite trap.

Oiroke: Otokonoko Dōshi no Jutsu (p. 226)

Sexy[4]: Boy on Boy[5] Technique (おいろけ・男の子どうしの術, Oiroke: Otokonoko Dōshi no Jutsu)

  • Ninjutsu, D-rank, Supplementary
  • User(s): Konohamaru

Forbidden terrain already!?
A bewitching ninjutsu for the use of women only!!

A technique that implements the Sexy: Girl on Girl Technique. A forbidden(?) technique that confuses and excites women[6] by changing into two naked men. Unlike when changing into girls, other things are vital besides proportions, like the selection and combination of the men one transforms into and how they pose.

[picture of Sasuke and Sai naked, on top of each other… *blood nose*]

↑ By being well acquainted with the person the technique is targeted to and adjusting the transformation accordingly, one can deliver an even greater impact.

Oiroke: Onnanoko Dōshi no Jutsu (p. 226)

Sexy[4]: Girl on Girl[5] Technique (おいろけ・女の子どうしの術, Oiroke: Onnanoko Dōshi no Jutsu)

  • Ninjutsu, D-rank, Supplementary
  • User(s): Konohamaru

Pushing the development even further
The evolved line of erotic ninjutsu!!

Naruto's Harem Technique, as arranged by Konohamaru. It is consecutively using the Shadow Clone Technique and Transformation Technique, but by having the user himself and the shadow clone change into different people on the moment of transformation, an epoch-making evolution has been achieved. Because several different seducing girls appear, the chances of meeting the preferences of the target are upped significantly. The bewitching transformation of wild joy will make an adult shinobi have no doubt they've died and gone to Heaven!!

Ōkashō (p. 227)

Cherry[7] Blossom Impact (桜花衝, Ōkashō)

  • Taijutsu, C-rank, Offensive, Short range (0–5m)
  • User(s): Sakura Haruno

A punch packing chakra and determination!
With that single punch, even rock is pulverised with ease!!

↓ Together with an intense yell, Sakura lets loose an attack she put her heart and soul into!

[picture of Sakura about to punch]

People are wont to recognise this as "superhuman strength," but it is an application of medical ninjutsu, demanding the ability to concentrate and minute chakra control. In an instant, the highest grade of chakra is kneaded inside the body, and a moment later all of it it is gathered into the right fist!! That chakra is dispersed into the target, together with the impact of the punch, spreading the damage to every nook and corner! Any kind of strength is meaningless before this technique. With the damage done dependent on the amount of chakra used, it is also possible for a skilled shinobi to amass it in their fingertip.

[picture of Sakura punching the ground, destroying it]

← The ground, showered with punches, is pulverised into minute pieces by the excess shock, which are then scattered like flower petals, giving rise to the name "Cherry Blossom Impact".

The scattered fragments become like flower petals, blooming and fluttering about!!

Ōdama Rasengan (p. 228)

Big Ball Rasengan[8] (大玉螺旋丸, Ōdama Rasengan)

  • Ninjutsu, A-rank, Offensive, Short range (0–5m)
  • User(s): Naruto Uzumaki

A masterpiece of destructive force!!

The enormous amount of swirling chakra becomes a huge projectile, destroying the enemy!!

[picture of Naruto hitting Itachi's copy with the Big Ball Rasengan]

↑ The terrifying offensive power breaks through the target of the attack and even gouges out the surrounding ground!! The impact created by the compressed chakra of the Nine Tails can be compared to a collision with a small meteorite…!!

A ninjutsu with pre-eminent destructive power, caused by wildly spinning chakra inside one's palm and compressing it to a high density—— The Rasengan. Using the same essentials, but rapidly increasing the amount of chakra used; that is the Big Ball Rasengan. Compressed to an even higher density than ever before, the chakra is released all at once as soon as the technique hits the target, releasing an extraordinary destructive power…!! Proportional to this power, the amount of chakra it consumes is also extraordinary. With him possessing the near-inexhaustible supply of the Nine Tails' chakra, it could be said that this technique is for no-one but Naruto.

Kaiwan no Hiya (p. 229)

Flaming Arrow of Amazing Ability[9] (怪腕ノ火矢, Kaiwan no Hiya)

  • Ninjutsu, No rank, Offensive, All ranges
  • User(s): Pain

Launched like a missile, a heavy punch of certain, crushing death!!

After having made modifications to one's own body, this technique launches a detached part of an arm, using it as a projectile weapon. With a small-scale explosion, caused by chakra collected in the cut end, the arm portion gains propulsive power and flies off in a straight line with tremendous force. Its destructive power is great enough to easily break through even thick bedrock, but the arm portion is protected with chakra, allowing it to remain unscathed. The chakra in the cut end draws it back like a magnet, reattaching it again.

[picture of Pain's Asura Realm launching his arm]

→ The propulsive power is acquired by making chakra explode in the cut end of the launched wrist.

Kaeru Kaeru no Jutsu (p. 229)

Turning into a Frog[10] Technique (蛙変えるの術, Kaeru Kaeru no Jutsu)

  • Ninjutsu, C-rank, Supplementary, Short range (0–5m)
  • User(s): Jiraiya

Although the silence is broken, the party is over
The frog's cries resound in vain

This technique has the user place their hand on the forehead of the target and then, according to a mental image, instantaneously changes the opponent into a frog. This technique is used when interrogating several prisoners of war. Seeing a comrade change into a frog before their eyes, the prisoners of war cave in, becoming what could be described as a "frog chorus," sonorously chanting information. This terrifying technique will, without a doubt, make an "information leak" open up.

[picture of Jiraiya laying his hand on Yūdachi's forehead]

↑→ From tree frog[11] to toad… Terrified by their comrade's shape, they will spontaneously start croaking out information!!

[picture of Yūdachi-turned-frog]

Kagura Shingan (p. 230)

Mind's Eye of the Kagura[12] (神楽心眼, Kagura Shingan)

  • Ninjutsu, Hiden, No rank, Supplementary, All ranges
  • User(s): Karin

With the mind's eye, sense those yonder and survey a thousand ri[13]

Because Karin has excellent perception abilities, it is possible for her to use this enemy-searching technique across an extremely vast range. By closing her eyes and opening her mind's eye, she can perceive abnormal chakra activity within a radius of dozens of kilometres. Also, if she has a specific chakra in mind, she can perceive its location and movements in minute detail.

[Karin sensing Hebi's pursuers]

← She accurately grasps as much as her target's numbers, characteristics and speed of movement.

100 Leafs Collection #38: Search Techniques

Konoha One Hundred Leafs Collection ~ Number Thirty-Eight

Using Diverse Methods, the Target is Found!!
—Search Techniques—

When it comes to methods with which a shinobi can search for or pursue a target, there are many methods borrowing the power of animals with they excellent senses of sight and smell. There are also methods of searching for the chakra released by the target, but these can only be used by excellent sensing-type shinobi.

[picture of Karin cutting up Sasuke's clothes]

↑ With the opponent's search method found out, it is possible to use this against them and hinder their search.

[picture of Kiba picking up Sasuke's smell]

↑ Kiba uses his own sense of smell, exceeding even that of ninken, to search for his target.
→ By trading senses with animals like birds, one can also search across a wide range.

[picture of Ino while inside the body of a bird through her Mind Switching Body Technique]

Kagenui no Jutsu (p. 231)

Shadow Sewing Technique (影縫いの術, Kagenui no Jutsu)

  • Ninjutsu, Hiden, No rank, Offensive, Supplementary, Short to mid-range (0–10m)
  • User(s): Shikamaru Nara

Changed into sharp needles, the shadows pierce through numerous enemies!!

A ninjutsu from among the Nara clan's secret techniques that make good use of shadows, this technique uses materialised shadows to attack and capture. Transforming one's own shadow into several sharp needle shapes and controlling each separately…! One can attack several targets simultaneously and at the same time snatch away their ability to move by sewing them stuck with the shadow threads. Because it is a physical attack, like the Shadow Imitation Technique, it is impossible to capture someone without harming them, but on the other hand, since the speed of invocation and the time of duration are excellent, it can be used when urgent restraint is required.

[picture of Shikamaru doing special shadow technique hand seal]

←↓ This technique is usually used to go through the target and capture them, but depending on the opponent, it can also be used as an attack to bring them down. This special characteristic finds its greatest effect when used as logistical support.

[picture of the shadow threads piercing Sai's ink beasts]

Kagemane Shuriken no Jutsu (p. 232)

Shadow Imitation Shuriken Technique (影真似手裏剣の術, Kagemane Shuriken no Jutsu)

  • Ninjutsu, Hiden, No rank, Supplementary, Short to mid-range (0–10m)
  • User(s): Shikamaru Nara

A blade infused with one's own power, thrown through the shadow of an enemy, stopping their movement!

A union of the ninjutsu characteristic of the Nara clan and a ninja tool, this ingenious ninjutsu could only have come from Shikamaru. By infusing the chakra blades with his own chakra beforehand, they are given the effect of the shadow techniques. By using these weapons to pierce the enemies' shadows, the Shadow Imitation Technique that forces the opponent to make the same movements as the user, is invoked. As it is more difficult for the enemy notice it, this ninjutsu also compensates for the weak point of the similar Shadow Imitation Technique, being its limited effective range.

An ingenious ninjutsu using chakra blade and wit!!

[picture of Shikamaru throwing Asuma's chakra blades]

↑→ To pierce the shadow, it is necessary to avoid the target just barely. Shikamaru solved this difficult problem by attaching a fake explosive tag to the blades.

[picture of the blades hitting the shadows of Kakuzu and Hidan]

↓ When the chakra blades are combined with Shikamaru's intelligence, this technique shows the infinite reach of its potential!

[picture of the blade in Hidan's shadow]

Kageyose no Jutsu (p. 233)

Shadow Gathering[14] Technique (影寄せの術, Kageyose no Jutsu)

  • Ninjutsu, Hiden, No rank, Supplementary, Short to mid-range (0–10m)
  • User(s): Shikamaru Nara

Agile shadow tentacles, moving at the user's request!!

Obeying one's request, they gather together

→ From the number of shadow tentacles stretching out, to their length, up to their direction, it all follows the user's will!!

[picture of the shadow tentacles spreading out from Hidan towards the exploding fuda around him]

A ninjutsu using materialised shadows, but compared to the Shadow Sewing from the same line, this technique places emphasis on the minute control of the shadow's movements. Basically, this technique is taking one's own shadow and transforms and stretches it into countless thin tentacles, which are then used to grab objects and pull them in. Also, one can also skilfully make use of the tentacle-shaped shadow tendrils by using them to lift up and throw weapons like kunai and such. This technique has many possible applications and uses.

[picture of the shadow tentacles grabbing the string to which the exploding fuda are attached]

↑ When used in combination with ninja tools, the technique displays the greatest effect!
→ The user has minute control, accurate enough to even make the tentacles go through tiny holes.

[picture of a shadow tentacle grabbing one of Asuma's chakra blades]

Kagerō (p. 234)

Mayfly[15] (蜉蝣, Kagerō)

  • Ninjutsu, No rank, Supplementary, All ranges
  • User(s): Zetsu

Using roots to glide through the ground, this is a espionage and subterranean travel technique——!!

This infiltration technique is characteristic of Zetsu. It allows him to merge his body with the ground and flora and travel at high speed. His insectivorous plant-like shell has the ability to merge with the ground, because it is tinged with his chakra. Then, using the underground network of organic matter, consisting of things like plant roots and water veins, he can travel everywhere with high speed. While using this technique, his presence is completely concealed. No person would be able to perceive Zetsu's existence.

[picture of Zetsu watching from a tree trunk]

↑→ Zetsu can conceal himself in trees, sand, and the like. When seeing fellow shinobi fight, this technique conceals his presence.

[picture of Zetsu appearing from a branch, next to Tobi]

Katon: Endan (p. 234)

  • Fire Release: Flame Bullet (火遁・炎弾, Katon: Endan)
  • Ninjutsu, C-rank, Offensive, Short to mid-range (0–10m)
  • User(s): Jiraiya

A sudden strike is the harbinger of death
A surprise attack of mysterious flames…!!

One holds oil, created with chakra, in one's mouth and spits it out together with a Fire Release technique, igniting it. This technique simply shoots a flame bullet at the enemy. If the amount of oil that is prepared is kept down, the time it takes to invoke the technique is reduced. This allows the enemy to be stricken unaware, allowing the oil-containing flame bullet to burn them up completely. It is also possible to shoot out a series of of flame bullets by partitioning the oil…!!

[picture of Jiraiya using this technique against Konan]

↑ If this technique is fired after covering the enemy with oil using the Toad Oil Bullet, it has plenty of power to wound or kill. As this also keeps down the chakra consumption, it kills two birds with one stone!!

Katon: Gōryūka no Jutsu (p. 235)

Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique (火遁・豪龍火の術, Katon: Gōryūka no Jutsu)

  • Ninjutsu, B-rank, Offensive, Supplementary, All ranges
  • User(s): Sasuke Uchiha

An ascending dragon of flames, consuming the enemy with sharp fangs burning brightly!!

Compressing a great amount of chakra build up inside the body and changing its shape into that of a blazing dragon. Then skilfully manipulating that great fire, one attacks the enemy before one's eyes! If this technique is mastered, it is also possible to fire off several flames after each other. Even outside of the attack range, its power and reliability are stressed. The flames have such a high temperature, they can create updraughts which in turn give rise to cumulonimbus clouds[16]! The fate of the person caught in the sharp fangs of the dragon flame is to be reduced to ashes in an instant…!!

The roar of the dragon that scorches even the Heavens!!

[picture of Sasuke using the Great Dragon Fire Technique]

↑→ The released flames are shaped into the form of a dragon and rush down on the target! The pursuit won't stop until the helpless target is consumed by flames!

[picture of Itachi barely evading the Great Dragon Fire Technique]

Katon: Zukokku (p. 236)

Fire Release: Intelligent Hard Work[17] (火遁・頭刻苦, Katon: Zukokku)

  • Ninjutsu, B-rank, Offensive, All ranges
  • User(s): Kakuzu

Advancing is a tsunami of hell-fire!
All one sees is turned to dust!!

This technique drops a small fireball on the ground, but in just a moment, the flames spread to the surrounding area, scorching the entire surface. By adding Wind nature, the vigour of the fire is increased, causing a burning so tremendous, it will reduce the are to a field ravaged by fire…!!

→ The raging flames strike the enemy from underfoot!! Because the extent is wide, this technique is difficult to evade.

[picture of the fire heading towards team Asuma and Kakashi]

100 Leafs Collection #39: The Principle of Counterbalancing

Konoha One Hundred Leafs Collection ~ Number Thirty-Nine

Nature Transformation
—The Principle of Counterbalancing!!—

With the rivalling relationships between the Five Basic Elemental Natures[18] established, what would happen if two techniques of the same nature would hit each other——? If the same amount of chakra was put into the technique and transformed, the techniques would cancel out each other.

[picture of Kakashi using Lightning Cutter to block Kakuzu's Lightning Release: False Darkness]

← Kakuzu's Lightning Release: False Darkness is counterbalanced by the equivalent Lightning Release Lightning Cutter.
↓ Sasuke and Itachi attack each other with the Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique. By using the power of the "State 2" of the Cursed Seal, Sasuke overwhelms Itachi——!!

[picture of Sasuke and Itachi using the Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique against each other]

However, if one of the techniques had more chakra put into it, it would overcome the other technique. In that case, since the loosing technique is overtaken and absorbed, the damage the looser can receive will be unfathomable.

Katon: Daiendan (p. 237)

Fire Release: Big Flame Bullet (火遁・大炎弾, Katon: Daiendan)

  • Ninjutsu, Senjutsu, B-rank, Offensive, Short to mid-range (0–10m)
  • User(s): Jiraiya

A huge projectile of wondrous flames is released
Completely burning Heaven and Earth, there is no escape

The mouth cavity is filled with oil, created inside the body with senjutsu chakra. This oil is then spit out and at the same time ignited with the a Fire Release technique!! This creates a giant flame, equivalent to ten-odd Flame Bullets. This flame will completely cut off the front escape route of an enemy cornered in a hallway or room, or it can thoroughly burn each respective escape route.

Sage Mode Jiraiya's mouth is swollen out and filled with the toad oil created inside.

[picture of Jiraiya gathering oil in his mouth]

↓ Just a single shot releases a giant flame bullet, filling up the pathway…!!

[picture of Jiraiya using the Fire Release: Big Flame Bullet]

Katon: Haisekishō (p. 237)

Fire Release: Ash Pile Burning (火遁・灰積焼, Katon: Haisekishō)

  • Ninjutsu, B-rank, Offensive, Mid-range (5–10m)
  • User(s): Asuma Sarutobi

Blocking one's field of vision is an ashen-grey formation, turned into a burst of flames with live coals!!

Chakra-altered gunpowder is scattered in the surrounding region and ignited with a flint placed in one's molars beforehand!! The area where the gunpowder is scattered is swallowed up in a large explosion. This technique demands keen senses to read the air currents, the insight to read the movements of the enemy, and the tactical experience to not also enfold one's allies in the flames.

[picture of Asuma blowing gunpowder from his mouth]

↑→ It explodes in just an instant, destroying the surroundings with fire. Careful attention is vital for the timing of the ignition.

[picture of the gunpowder exploding in front of Shikamaru, Izumo, and Kotetsu]

Gamagakure no Jutsu (p. 238)

Hiding in a Toad Technique (蝦蟇隠れの術, Gamagakure no Jutsu)

  • Ninjutsu, C-rank, Supplementary
  • User(s): Jiraiya

Using the mouth of a toad as cover
A waterside infiltration technique!!

The user of this infiltration technique summons a diving toad (潜り蝦蟇, Moguri Gama) from Mt. Myōboku and hides themselves inside its stomach. This toad can dive up to 100 metres in fresh water. It is particularly effective when infiltrating an enemy camp surrounded by a lake or river. Inside the stomach is also a chakra-blocking barrier space, protecting the user from detection-type ninjutsu.

[picture of Jiraiya's arm protruding from the mouth of the diving toad]

↑→ Jiraiya crawls out of the barrier space inside the stomach of the diving toad. This is the moment one needs to be most careful for detection-type ninjutsu, but…

[picture of Jiraiya exiting the diving toad]

Gamadaira — Kageayatsuri no Jutsu (p. 238)

Toad Flatness — Shadow Manipulation Technique (蝦蟇平 影操りの術, Gamadaira - Kageayatsuri no Jutsu)

  • Ninjutsu, B-rank, Supplementary, Short range (0–5m)

User(s): Jiraiya

The body is as flat as thin paper
Pulling the strings to their heart's content through the shadow!!

↓ While the technique is in effect, the victim is temporarily paralysed and serves as the user's shield!!

[picture of Jiraiya about to perform Fire Release: Flame Bullet from Ryūsui's shadow]

[picture of Jiraiya getting up out of Ryūsui's shadow]

← By taking a deep breath, the ultra-thin body expands again. The victim's temporary paralysis is also cancelled.

After putting chakra into the victim's shadow, the user makes their body as flat as possible. Then, by becoming one with the shadow, this technique temporarily snatches away the control over the victim's mind and body. The user has to hold their breath, but they can talk through the victim. As soon as the user resumes breathing, the technique is cancelled and their body retakes it original thickness.

Gama Yudan (p. 239)

Toad Oil Bullet (蝦蟇油弾, Gama Yudan)

  • Ninjutsu, C-rank, Offensive, Supplementary, Short to mid-range (0–10m)
  • User(s): Jiraiya

A sticky bullet, overwhelming those unprepared[19]
A hell of movement-restricting oil!!

A technique that changes chakra prepared inside the body into oil and spits it out as a huge mass. When this extremely sticky oil touches the target, their entire body is covered, preventing them from moving. Furthermore, if a Fire Release technique is thrown at the target after this technique is used, they will be enveloped in flames in an instant.

→↓ The "Oil Bullet" covers Konan's body, making it stick!! Because it is oil, simply washing it away with just water won't be easy…!!

[picture of Jiraiya performing the Toad Oil Bullet]
[picture of Konan being covered by Jiraiya's oil]

Kami Shuriken (p. 239)

Paper Shuriken (紙手裏剣, Kami Shuriken)

  • Ninjutsu, D-rank, Offensive, Mid- to long range (5+m)
  • User(s): Konan

Scraps of paper, sharpened with chakra become sky-splitting blades!!

A technique that consists of pouring one's chakra into a scrap of paper in a split second, hardening and sharpening it, so it can be used as a shuriken. Its sharpness is equal to that of a shuriken made of metal. The user can further increase the power of the shuriken by making it into certain shapes.

→ It is an emergency measure for when one's ninja tools have run out, but if used by an expert, it becomes a powerful weapon!!

[picture of Konan drawing her Paper Shuriken]

[picture of Konan throwing her Paper Shuriken]

← The accumulation of time and effort put into the paper raises the sharpness to the utmost limits.

Kamui (pp. 240–241)

Authority of the Gods[20] (神威, Kamui)

  • Ninjutsu, Kekkei Genkai, No rank, Offensive, Defensive, All ranges
  • User(s): Kakashi Hatake

Changing the dimension in one's field of vision.
A lavish, unparalleled dimensional dōjutsu!!

Kakashi's original dōjutsu, released from the Mangekyō Sharingan. It allows one to transfer anything to another dimension. If one spends a lot of time and trains one's chakra over and over again, this technique can be invoked. The target is enveloped with a barrier space and the user concentrates their mind to what they gaze at… The target can struggle helplessly, but against this technique no defence is possible. No matter what, the space will distort and draw the target in.

→ One glare with the Mangekyō Sharingan. The location and size of the barrier can be specified at will.

[picture of Kakashi's Mangekyō Sharingan]

↓ The aim is a little off the mark, hitting the arm… Nevertheless, that part of the arm is pulled apart into small pieces and sent to another dimension in an instant…!!

[picture of Deidara's elbow being hit by Kamui]

[picture sequence of Deidara's elbow disappearing]

↑ When the technique is invoked, the space at the centre of the barrier is distorted and the target inside the barrier is drawn in completely… There is no technique that can compete against this one. It is a dreadful technique that, with skilled use, can even pull an entire human being into another dimension.

The scenery becomes twisted. And after that———!!

The trap created by great power

The Mangekyō Sharingan is a dōjutsu that, with continuous usage, burdens the user with the loss of their eyesight. Since this is the source of Kamui, using it in rapid succession puts Kakashi's body at risk as well.

[picture of Kakashi holding his hand over his eye]

↑ Kakashi obtained his Sharingan though a transplant. The strain his body suffers may be far more severe than the a member of the Uchiha clan would suffer.

Karasu Bunshin no Jutsu (p. 242)

Crow Clone Technique (烏分身の術, Karasu Bunshin no Jutsu)

  • Ninjutsu, C-rank, Supplementary
  • User(s): Uchiha Itachi

A human-shaped servant is created for get-togethers, inheriting his master's powers!!

A technique that produces a clone by projecting one's own chakra towards dozens of "crows". Because it uses crows as an medium, it requires less chakra then the normal Shadow Clone Technique, while still being able to perform techniques.

→↓ The dozens of crows come together to form the body of a clone. When the chakra projected by the user is severed, the crows disperse.

[picture of Sasuke being surrounded by the crows from Itachi's Crow Clone]
[picture of Itachi's Crow Clone flying apart in front of Naruto]

Kikō Junbū (p. 242)

Mechanical Light Shield Block (機光盾封, Kikō Junbū)

  • Ninjutsu, B-rank, Defensive, Short range (0–5m)
  • User(s): Chiyo

A mysterious chakra shining with splendour becomes a shield boasting a strong defence!!

A chakra shield used in the puppetry art. A mechanism inside the puppet opens its arms into a couple of segments, through which the user radiates their chakra. The chakra spreads out like a thin film and turns into a protective sheet, preventing all physical attacks and keeping the user safeguarded…!!

[Picture of the "Father" puppet using this technique]

← Chakra threads are still let through, so the user is still able to flow chakra to their puppets.

Kishō Tensei (p. 243)

One's Own Life Reincarnation (己生転生, Kishō Tensei)

  • Ninjutsu, S-rank, Supplementary, Short range (0–5m)
  • User(s): Chiyo

A kinjutsu that transcends death, using one's own life as an intermediary

The reincarnation technique developed in Sunagakure. Giving one's life force to the target, using all one's chakra as an intermediary… This technique can be used on both the living and dead, but when used on the dead, the user will find certain death in exchange for the soul of the deceased. Out of humane motives, Sunagakure labelled this technique as a "kinjutsu" immediately after its development. Nowadays, the only one who can use this technique is its developer, Chiyo.

The act of thinking about the future and entrusting one's life to it

[picture of Chiyo's face while using this technique]

↑ While the technique is invoked, the released chakra shines pale-blue!!

[picture of Naruto giving his chakra to Chiyo]

↑ In case one's own chakra is insufficient, a third party can assist.

100 Leafs Collection #40: The Feelings of Remorse That Triggered the Creation of a Kinjutsu

Konoha One Hundred Leafs Collection ~ Number Forty

—The Feelings of Remorse That Triggered the Creation of a Kinjutsu!!—

One's Own Life Reincarnation was originally a technique developed to give a soul to the puppets of Sasori's parents. Underlying that were the feelings of sorrow for a child wrapped up in battle, carrying the future on his shoulders…

↓ Chiyo's intention was to give up her own life so she could give back to her grandson Sasori the warmth of his parents…

[picture of Chiyo watching Sasori get hugged by his parent puppets]

Kibaku Nendo (pp. 244–245)

Explosive Clay (起爆粘土, Kibaku Nendo)

  • Ninjutsu, Hiden, No rank, Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary, All ranges
  • User(s): Deidara

By sculpting and blowing up, the enemy is destroyed!
Ultimate art, interweaving destruction with plastic beauty!!

Art—— That is, an object with a certain form that, in an instant, is bereaved of that shape and sublimates… in other words, an "explosion"! ——Deidara's characteristic technique takes that sort of definite view of art and puts it to practical use by uniting it with ninjutsu… That is Exploding Clay. The clay is endowed with explosive properties by biting into it with one of the several mouth found across Deidara's body and mixing it with chakra. In a flash, the clay, moulded into various forms, gives rise to a giant explosion by yelling "Katsu"[21]. Because the statues can be remotely controlled at will with chakra, it is possible to launch an attack from anywhere, be it land sea, or air. Also, by varying the chakra mixed in with the clay, one can create a great variety of Explosive Clay, all with different effects and scope.

[picture of Deidara consuming clay with the mouth on his hand]

← He can easily use the "mouths" in either of his hands, but he uses the left one the most.

[picture of Deidara saying his infamous quote "art is a bang"[22]]

↑ The user can make the clay explode at any time.

Depending on the of chakra kneaded through, there are different methods of Exploding Clay!!

This small-sized Exploding Clay, its explosive power restrained to the utmost, is mainly used for covert actions, surprise attacks, and the like. The design of the bombs often takes the shape of deformed beetles.

While the user is riding on the back of this giant dragon[23]-shaped Exploding Clay, the target is pursued by the guided missiles spit from its mouth! It is utilised to its greatest effect when combined with landmines, placed beforehand.

[picture of Deidara detonating his C3 bomb above Sunagakure]

↑ Deidara himself calls this his "pride". The explosive power is especially great, capable of even destroying a village!

It is a simple type, dropped down from the sky, but when only considering explosive power, it boasts the highest level. The scale and beauty of the explosion and the humanoid design of the Explosive Clay, doing away with any and all excess lines, are something to be proud of.

When this gigantic puppet, modelled after Deidara himself, ruptures, extremely small bombs are released and scattered across a wide range. When these nano-sized bombs —impossible to be seen with ordinary human eyes— are inhaled, they will set themselves everywhere inside the body. The countless small explosions occurring throughout the body will destroy the target's body from within at the cellular level. The person themselves will be dead before they notice the attack!!

[picture of Deidara's C4 about to explode]

← Using the blast of the figure's explosion, the tiny bombs are scattered across a vast range!!

Kyōmen Shūja no Jutsu (p. 246)

Mirrored Sudden Attacker Technique (鏡面襲者の術, Kyōmen Shūja no Jutsu)

  • Ninjutsu, A-rank, Offensive, Short range (0–5m)
  • User(s): Pain

Nature and abilities are almost exactly the same!!
One's own clone, as if reflected by a full-length mirror!!

A double trap laid under the Five-Seal Barrier. This technique is automatically started when the "Forbidden"-fuda[24] are removed. The remover's appearance, battle skills, and so on are copied perfectly by a duplicate body that suddenly appears and attacks!! Because the double has a fixed amount of stamina, it is at a disadvantage in a drawn-out battle. In order to cancel this technique, the one who removed the fuda has no choice but to grow beyond how they were at the time they removed it.

[picture of the ground bulging]

↑→ The instant the "forbidden"-fuda are removed, this technique is invoked. As the copies rise from the ground, they take on the shape of the one who removed the fuda!!

[picture of a clone taking form]

The only way to win is to exceed oneself!?

Kirin (p. 247)

Kirin[25] (麒麟)

  • Ninjutsu, S-rank, Offensive, Long range (10+m)
  • User(s): Sasuke Uchiha

The neighing of an angry divine beast goes down in an attack that shakes the Heavens and moves the Earth!!

The technique Sasuke thought out, said to be the culmination of the Lightning nature. First one uses a technique from the Fire Release line, like the Great Dragon Fire, to radically heat up the atmosphere, creating a violent updraught. The updraught creates cumulonimbus clouds[16] and from the cumulonimbus clouds breaks forth lightning…!! One changes the shape of this lightning, guides it to the target, and uses it to destroy the enemy in a roar that makes even the Heavens tremble. Because this ninjutsu makes good use of a natural phenomenon, one can invoke it using only a small quantity of chakra. Sasuke, aspiring to become the pinnacle of shinobi, finally tamed even "lightning" itself——.

The enemy is destroyed by the sound of thunder!

[picture of the lightning in the shape of the Kirin]
[picture of the Kirin hitting its target]

↑← The lightning is formed into the shape of the legendary divine beast Kirin and used to attack the target! This light-speed attack is impossible to evade. The enemy will be obliterated before they can even blink!!

Kūsa Bōheki (p. 248)

Air Sand[26] Protective Wall (空砂防壁, Kūsa Bōheki)

  • Ninjutsu, No rank, Defensive, Mid- to long range (5+m)
  • User(s): Gaara

Amassing an inexhaustible amount of sand and turning it into an air defence shield!!

This air defence technique creates a giant shield, suspended in mid-air, by raising a great amount of sand from the ground. By gathering the best possible mineral-rich sand, the hardness of the shield is very high. Furthermore, the sand had its defensive strength raised by flowing chakra through it. Also, the important point of this technique is Gaara's strong sense of duty as Kazekage to "protect the village"…!

[picture of this technique being used to protect Sunagakure against Deidara's C3 explosion]

↑ Even though Deidara used his "favourite trick", C3, because of the solid shield, not a single injury was caused…!!

Kusanagi no Tsurugi: Chidorigatana (p. 248)

Kusanagi Sword[27]: Chidori[28] Katana[29] (草薙の剣・千鳥刀, Kusanagi no Tsurugi: Chidorigatana)

  • Ninjutsu, B-rank, Supplementary, Short range (0–5m)
  • User(s): Sasuke Uchiha

The pallid, sharp blade that pierces through everything sings the song of thunder!!

Among those techniques that use a chakra flow to raise cutting ability or make use of the Chidori, this technique in particular is called Chidori Katana, because it flows Lightning-natured chakra through a katana. The radiating and chirping blade can easily cut up even steel. Furthermore, the body of the person cut by the sword goes numb, taking away their freedom of movement!!

[picture of Yamato being stabbed in the shoulder by Sasuke's Kusanagi Sword]

← The Chidori flows through the blade and into the enemy's body. The muscles hit by the electrical current go stiff, making it impossible to move!!

Kuchiyose: Gama Mise no Jutsu (p. 249)

Summoning: Toad Shop Technique (口寄せ・蝦蟇見世の術, Kuchiyose: Gama Mise no Jutsu)

  • Ninjutsu, B-rank, Offensive, All ranges
  • User(s): Jiraiya

The sweet invitation is a toad trap!!
Helplessly imprisoned inside a stomach!!

This technique summons a shop toad (見世蝦蟇, mise gama), living on Mt. Myōboku, and imprisons the enemy within its stomach. The shop toad is capable of changing into a building and with their chakra, the user gives the building a design they imagined themselves. Lured in with the temptation of "all you can drink for 500 ryō[30]," the visiting target is instead drunk up themselves…!!

↓ From the moment the cancellation hand seal is performed, it takes only a few seconds for the shop toad to return to its original, small shape…!!

[picture of the shop toad in it's normal form]

[picture sequence of Club Frog turning back into the shop toad]

↑ As soon as the hand seal is performed, "Club Frog" retakes the shape of a toad!! Inside, the intruders, caught in the stomach lining let out a shriek of terror.
↓ When the the shop toad has gulped down the enemy and returned to its original shape, it quietly takes its leave on account of "closing up shop".

[picture of the shop toad heading for the water]

Perfect capture!!

Kuchiyose: Sanjū Rashōmon (p. 250)

Summoning: Triple Rashōmon[31] (口寄せ・三重羅生門, Kuchiyose: Sanjū Rashōmon)

  • Ninjutsu, A-rank, Defensive
  • User(s): Orochimaru

Receive - reduce - disperse: The three steps of an absolute prison gate defence!!

A defensive wall that waits with firm pose and open mouth to gulp down every attack—— The Rashōmon that is supplied in threefold by Orochimaru's physical defensive technique!! The first gate takes the attack head-on, the second gate specialises in decreasing its power, and the third gate disperses the pressure… Because each of the three gates has a different duty, all attacks will have lost their power before reaching the user. Summoning three Rashōmon in an instant, while just one consumes a massive amount of chakra… Being able to use this ultimate absolute defence just shows why Orochimaru was once called Sannin. The gates of carnage, arrived from hell easily chase away the opponent's power, seemingly if ridiculing their screaming. After that, nothing remains but for the person bitten back by Orochimaru to embrace great despair…

[picture of Orochimaru's face]

← The unique absolute gates, called out from the depths of the Earth, make Orochimaru swell up with self-confidence, no matter what the circumstances.
↓ In an instant, the three great gates rise above their surroundings like mountains! While protecting, the bizarre style of the gates and their malicious aura threaten the opponent……

[picture of the the three Rashōmon appearing]

The "unopenable demons," invited with a double hand seal

Kuchiyose: Raikō Kenka (p. 251)

Summoning: Lightning Flash Blade Creation[32] (口寄せ・雷光剣化, Kuchiyose: Raikō Kenka)

  • Ninjutsu, B-rank, Supplementary, Short range (0–5m)
  • User(s): Sasuke Uchiha

A variety of sealed battle tools
At the request of their master, they make their appearance!!

This is a kind of "ninja tool summon" that, by sealing ninja tools like swords or kunai into, for instance, a scroll or one's clothes beforehand, allows them to be called upon when needed. The greatest advantage of this technique is that the time between "taking out" a ninja tool, taking the right "stance" and actually "throwing" it is greatly reduced. The ninja tools are thrown with the actual speed of a "flash of lightning," ruining the opponent's outset of the battle, and snatching away the initiative…!! Furthermore, because the summonable ninja tools can remain hidden until right before they are used, if this technique is mastered, there are an exceptional number of possible tactics.

[picture of Sasuke summoning 2 shuriken from his wrists]

↑ Just by touching the "marks" that can be drawn anywhere, the ninja tools are summoned in an instant!!

Now is the time to win or lose!
Returning to my hand is a long-serving warrior's tool!!

[picture of Sasuke summoning a giant shuriken]

↑ When a weapon is summoned, the time needed to throw it can be further shortened by having prepared the weapon in fully extended form beforehand.

Gufū Suika no Jutsu (p. 252)

Typhoon Water Vortex Technique (颶風水渦の術, Gufū Suika no Jutsu)

  • Ninjutsu, B-rank, Offensive, Defensive, Short to mid-range (0–10m)
  • User(s): Naruto Uzumaki, Yamato

A hurricane and a stream of water interweaving
A shielding curtain of white mist!!

This combination ninjutsu uses the wild rotation of the Rasengan to swallow up the water current created by the Water Release: Tearing Torrent, creating a large quantity of water vapour. Once invoked, a strong wind whirls around inside the highly concentrated mist, turning it into a solid barrier, repelling techniques, attacks, and such. The mist created by the violent rotating of the Rasengan also has the effect of taking away the enemy's field of vision. Of course, the mist can be used as a smokescreen when escaping, but the confusion it creates can also be used , for instance, to launch a surprise attack. It can be said that this technique has exceedingly many practical uses.

→ Naruto's Wind Release and Yamato's Water release unite!! If one can use multiple natures, it is possible to perform this technique alone.

[picture of Yamato performing Water Release: Tearing Torrent]
[picture of Naruto performing Wind Release: Rasengan]

Kekkai: Gama Hyōrō (p. 253)

Barrier: Toad Gourd Prison (結界・蝦蟇瓢牢, Kekkai: Gama Hyōrō)

  • Ninjutsu, B-rank, Supplementary
  • User(s): Jiraiya

In the gourd is a tranquil and terrifying barrier space where no escape is possible.

After summoning a gourd toad (瓢箪蝦蟇, hyōtan gama) from Mt. Myōboku, one drags the target into its stomach. There exists a barrier space that is isolated from the outside world. It is also possible to push the target into an acid lake and dissolve them.

→ Within the toad's stomach, silence rules. However, the lake is filled with a powerful acid!!

[picture of the inside of the gourd toad]

↓ At the contractor's command, it is possible to enter or exit in an instant.

[picture of Jiraiya exiting the gourd toad]

Kekkai: Tengai Hōjin (p. 253)

Barrier: Canopy Method Formation[33] (結界・天蓋法陣, Kekkai: Tengai Hōjin)

  • Ninjutsu, B-rank, Supplementary, Short to mid-range (0–10m)
  • User(s): Jiraiya

An wide scope barrier tactic that detects all those who enter it!!

This technique creates a spherical detection barrier with the user at the centre. At the user's command, the detection barrier can expand, grasping everything in the room. The user is able to detect anyone who moves inside the barrier space with their own "sense".

[picture of Jiraiya performing this technique]

↑→ Jiraiya's detection barrier easily envelops even Gamaken's big frame. He can fill any space required for the battle…!!

[picture of Jiraiya and Gamaken inside the barrier]

Gentōshin no Jutsu (p. 254)

Magic Lantern[34] Body Technique (幻灯身の術, Gentōshin no Jutsu)

  • Ninjutsu, No rank, Supplementary, All ranges
  • User(s): Pain

Floating in the darkness are virtual images of the Akatsuki!!

The Akatsuki members sit down and send out "though waves", converted into chakra. These thought waves are then picked up by Pain, acting as a kind of control tower. This technique amplifies the thought waves and broadcasts them to a specific location through illusionary bodies. The illusionary bodies differ from being mere reflections. While Pain is relaying the members' thoughts, they can still use varying techniques.

→ The chakra of the Akatsuki members is perceived by Pain. The amplified thought waves are then broadcast through the illusionary bodies.

[picture of Pain using this technique]

Konoha Shōfū (p. 254)

Leaf Rising Wind (木ノ葉昇風, Konoha Shōfū)

  • Taijutsu, C-rank, Offensive, Short range (0–5m)
  • User: Rock Lee

Like a rising dragon that dances and rises on the wind——
An attacking kick that breaks from the Earth and thrusts into the Heavens!!

This jump uses the entire body as a spring, by amassing power through taking a posture where the back of the body falls down! With this powerful taijutsu, the user kicks just above their head, similar to Guy's speciality, the "Dynamic Entry". Because the power of the kick from the ground is losslessly converted into a blow, the enemy hit with this attack will be launched high into the sky!!

[picture of Lee kicking the Samehada from Kisame's hand]

↑ A hard-to-see attack from below!! It has to power to easily kick the Samehada from Kisame's hand!!

Gofū Kekkai (p. 255)

Five-Seal Barrier (五封結界, Gofū Kekkai)

  • Ninjutsu, C-rank, Supplementary, All ranges
  • User(s): Pain

A solid connection between five fuda[24]
Without exception keeping everyone from opening the door!!

By spreading "forbidden"-fuda, connected to each other by the user's chakra, to five locations with the location to be protected in the centre and attaching them to a flat surface, this technique turns the entire range surrounded by the fuda into a barrier space. Inside the space, the material destruction is "forbidden". To cancel this, it is necessary to search for the five fuda and tear them off.

[picture of Team Guy standing in front of the sealed Akatsuki hideout]

↑→ Inside the barrier, using any kind of physical attack to try and destroy something is folly, as it will only lead to injury.

[picture of Guy trying to destroy the giant rock blocking the entrance]

100 Leafs Collection #41: Overtaking the barrier with two platoons

Konoha One Hundred Leafs Collection ~ Number Forty-One

—Overtaking the barrier with two platoons—

To break into an enemy base protected by a Five-Seal Barrier, it is best to have two four-man platoons. One party goes to cancel the four fuda[24], as the other party cancels the final fuda at the base, and breaks in at the same time. From this, it is possible to plan an infiltration while maintaining the war potential. If a detection-type shinobi is present, it is possible to deal with the barrier even faster.

↓ Being vigilant of an ambush directly after breaking in, and determining and affirming a quick method of infiltrating.

[picture of Kakashi discussing the plan to break in as he is about to peel off the fuda]

→ Breaking in as soon as the barrier is released!! Not giving the enemy the time to come up with a counter-plan…!!

[picture Sakura breaking the rock in front of the Akatsuki hideout as the rest of the team stands back, prepared to enter the cave]

Saikan Chūshū no Jutsu (p. 256)

Delicate Illness Extraction Technique (細患抽出の術, Saikan Chūshū no Jutsu)

  • Ninjutsu, B-rank, Supplementary, Short range (0–5m)
  • User(s): Sakura Haruno

Asserting the pathogen entered into a human body by the enemy and removing it all!

By perceiving the disturbances of chakra in the body, the poison, pathogen, or such that is causing the injury to the human body can be traced. Using a chakra scalpel, the affected part is cut open, then the toxin is drawn out, while the injury is simultaneously treated. This technique is considered extremely difficult, even among medical ninjutsu. Usually, after treatment with this technique, an antidote or other medicine is used for a complete recovery.

[picture of Sakura removing Sasori's poison from Kankurō's body]

↑ The diagnosis ability to see through the affected part, the skill to properly incise it, together with unmatched chakra control is required for this technique.

100 Leafs Collection #42: The Abilities That Allow for Medical Ninjutsu

Konoha One Hundred Leafs Collection ~ Number Forty-Two

Vast Knowledge and Great Skill
—The Abilities That Allow for Medical Ninjutsu—

During the Great Shinobi World War, Tsunade proposed including a medical ninja with every platoon. However, because realising that idea would require a vast amount of time, it was rejected. In reality, being a medical ninja demands a variety of skills and knowledge of the human body and medicine, in addition to delicate chakra control. Nowadays, the training system used has increased the number of medical ninja. Still, people who have completely mastered the techniques are still scarce. As they are still hard to come by, these skills are very precious.

[picture of Sakura healing herself after being stabbed by Sasori]

↑ Despite being hit by an attack, she still heals her own wounds. A technique, said to be perfection of external medical treatment.
↓ The knowledge and technical skills needed to mix medicines are also required from medical ninja.

[picture of Sakura saying she made three doses of antidote for Sasori's poison]

Satetsu Kaihō (p. 257)

Iron Sand[35] World Method (砂鉄界法, Satetsu Kaihō)

  • Ninjutsu, Kekkei Genkai, No rank, Offensive, All ranges
  • User(s): Sasori, Third Kazekage

A needle hell of despair, created from poisonous Iron Sand!!

By combining two high-density Iron Sand masses with opposing magnetic fields, the magnetic force increases immediately, and the repellent forces of the magnetic fields scatter the Iron Sand across a vast range. Because the paths of the Iron Sand branch off irregularly, it's difficult to get a complete overview. The Iron Sand is drenched in poison, so even one scratch can become a fatal wound. Furthermore, even if the branches are evaded successfully, the target will lose their path of retreat, allowing the real body to attack next! A dreadful evil power, filled with trap after trap!!

The air is filled with a fine-weaved network of Iron Sand needles!!

[picture of the Iron Sand World Method expanding in front of Sakura]

↑ The poison-drenched jet-black Iron Sand needles turn the world in front of the target's eyes into a picture of Hell.
→ Even if the needles and poison are avoided, the Third Kazekage is waiting to attack. When the enemy is stuck in that situation, there is nothing more to do then wait imminent death…

[picture of the Third Kazekage puppet attack through the Iron Sand needles]

Satetsu Kesshū (p. 258)

Iron Sand[35] Gathering Assault (砂鉄結襲, Satetsu Kesshū)

  • Ninjutsu, Kekkei Genkai, No rank, Offensive, All ranges
  • User(s): Sasori, Third Kazekage

A piercing and pressuring concerto technique that gives birth to a bitter "mass" of Iron Sand!!

Gathering enormous volumes of Iron Sand and compressing them into high-density shapes! As the hardness is greatly increased, gigantic steel-like weapons can be created in an instant…! Because the source is Iron Sand, the shapes can be whatever the user wants. When it is tapered off into a sharp point like a triangular spindle-shape, it becomes a "giant spear". When the area of contact is increased by shaping it like a solid rectangle, it becomes a difficult to evade "giant iron hammer". By taking into account the opponent type and battle arena terrain, the best attack shape can be selected. Naturally, because the Iron Sand has a strong magnetic field, the opponent cannot use metal weapons or tools.

↓ With such weight, even the bedrock is easily broken through and shattered into small pieces!! Even if such an attack is evaded, the unstable foothold allows for even more attacks!!

[picture of the triangular shape destroying the bedrock Chiyo and Sakura are standing on]

[picture of the rectangular shape destroying the bedrock]

← Strong consecutive attacks, by creating weapons with various shapes!

One-hit piercing
A defence-shattering cooperative attack!!

Satetsu Shigure (p. 259)

Iron Sand[35] Drizzle (砂鉄時雨, Satetsu Shigure)

  • Ninjutsu, Kekkei Genkai, No rank, Offensive, All ranges
  • User(s): Sasori, Third Kazekage

This pitch-black, incessant rain is a prologue wielding power over life and death——

Going into the minutest details, this mass adapts to the circumstances

[picture of Sasori and the Third Kazekage puppet being surrounded by Iron Sand bullets]
[picture of the Iron Sand bullets hitting their target]

←↑ The Iron Sand, suspended in mid-air, is changed into solid shapes in an instant. If the enemy is a moment too late in judging the situation, it will already be impossible for them to escape——!!

This gunshot-like attack uses Iron Sand, hardened into microscopic grains, to attack simultaneously across a vast range. The bullets are so fast, they're difficult to see. From the moment the user has finished preparing the attack, evading it will be extremely difficult…!! Furthermore, the user can also use an attack pattern where the Iron Sand bullets are shaped into sharp needles, increasing their ability wound or kill the enemy. Since the Iron Sand carries magnetic force and is also drenched in poison, defending against this technique is almost impossible. This technique is especially threatening to puppet users, since the puppets can be made completely unable to fight.

[picture of the open chest of the Third Kazekage puppet with chakra coming out]

←↓ Using the repellent force of magnetism, the speed of the bullets is rapidly increased after they are shot. It also makes it possible to alter their shape!!

[picture of the Iron Sand bullets changing into sharp needles]

Sabaku Rō (p. 260)

Sand Binding Prison[36] (砂縛牢, Sabaku Rō)

  • Ninjutsu, B-rank, Defensive, All ranges
  • User(s): Gaara

A vast sea of surging sand captures and binds the enemy entirely

An enormous quantity of flowing sand envelops the enemy from every direction like a raging, surging sea! Using ordinary sand, a perfectly airtight space is created, in which the enemy is captured; a capturing ninjutsu is characteristic to Gaara. Since the sand's speed, hardness, and scope depends on the amount of chakra that is poured into it, it can be adjusted to match the target's size and special characteristics. Running on the ground, or flying in the air — Anyone who becomes Gaara's enemy is awaiting a fate of certain capture. Also, even if the target manages to escape from the sand's prison, an attack like Sand Binding Coffin can be used immediately, creating a two-fold set-up.

↓ The powerful arm of sand can even cover the heavens! Even Deidara, flying through the air, was inside its hands in an instant!!

[picture of the Sand Binding Prison enveloping Deidara]

A prison of sand, rushing in from every direction

Sanzengarasu no Jutsu (p. 261)

Scattering Thousand Crows Technique (散千烏の術, Sanzengarasu no Jutsu)

  • Ninjutsu, C-rank, Offensive, Supplementary, All ranges
  • User(s): Aoba Yamashiro

The fluttering of black wings blocks one's field of vision
Dazzled, one is wrapped up in darkness!!

[picture of Kakuzu and Kotetsu being surrounded by crows]

↑ The crows dye the target's surroundings in darkness…!!

[picture of Chōji moving Asuma under the cover of the crows]

← The Scattering Thousand Crows can also be used to rescue one's comrades.

This support ninjutsu summons a countless number of crows, dazzling the enemy. One can freely manipulate the crows by emitting chakra from one's fingertips and altering it into high frequency waves. While the crows continuously clone themselves, the target is surrounded, completely obscuring their field of vision. It is also possible to use this technique as an attack, but it is generally invoked as the beginning of a joint attack.

Sanbō Kyūkai (p. 261)

Three Jewels[37] Suction Crushing (三宝吸潰, Sanbō Kyūkai)

  • Ninjutsu, Fūinjutsu, B-rank, Offensive, Short to mid-range (0–5m)
  • User(s): Chiyo

Three puppets press their hands together in prayer and create a whirling wind, sucking in all things and crushing them

A performance by three of the puppets from the Chikamatsu Collection. The three puppets get into a triangular formation and by opening the mechanisms marked with "Buddha," "Dharma," and "Sangha,"[37] respectively, they invoke this technique. A terrifying tornado breaks out and suck the target into the centre of the formation. Everything that is sucked into the centre of the formation is completely crushed and shot out from the back.

[picture of the puppets performing this technique]

↑→ The tornado that breaks out sucks dozens of puppets at once into the centre of the formation and crushes them with tremendous force.

[picture of Sasori's puppets being sucked in]

C0 (p. 262)

C0[38] (pronunciation: /ˈsiːˌoʊ/)

  • Ninjutsu, Hiden, No rank, Offensive, All ranges
  • User(s): Deidara

Sublimating[39], the user's life is traded in to create a superb explosion!

The technique that boasts the greatest scaled explosion of all ninjutsu that use Exploding Clay, and that Deidara himself brags about as the "Ultimate Art" (究極芸術, Kyūkyoku Geijutsu)… that is C0. Unlike the other techniques that use the hands on the palms of his hands, this technique bites the clay with the mouth on his chest. It kneads chakra directly from the meridians of the heart and keeps doing it without interruption until the moment of the explosion. In other words, the explosion begins inside the body. While life's radiance is released, the user's soul, together with their surroundings, are completely sublimated.

↓→ Because the mouth on his chest has a direct connection to his heart, a great amount of chakra can be mixed in with the clay.

[picture of the mouth on Deidara's chest opening]
[picture of the explosion caused by C0]

↑ This technique gambles one's life, but piercing even the Heavens, the great explosion = art carves its mark into the Earth.

The radiation of life shines intensely!!

Jiongu (p. 263)

Earth Grudge Fear[40] (地怨虞, Jiongu)

  • Ninjutsu, Hiden, No rank, Supplementary
  • User(s): Kakuzu

Interweaving one's life with the battlefront
Squirming jet black tentacles!!

Using chakra to manipulate black tentacles produced from inside the body itself, this grotesque technique allows for remote attacks. This allows Kakuzu to use a strategy without having to wait for the right opportunity. Also, by using the tentacles to steal the hearts of other people, one takes in their respective chakra natures, allowing the use of techniques requiring any of the basic five elemental natures. This also gives the user semi-permanent longevity.

↓ Tentacles with sharp pointed ends can also be used as sutures…

[picture of Kakuzu using his tentacles to stitch Hidan's head back on]

[picture of Kakuzu using his tentacles to separate his arm from his body, allowing him to cancel the Shadow Imitation Shuriken]

↑ By detaching it from the main body, the arm can move about freely like a separate living creature…!!

[picture of Kakuzu showing off his tentacles]

↑ By changing freely into, for instance, an elongated shape, one can turn any circumstances into their advantage. When Kakuzu is using Earth Grudge Fear, he has no blind spots…

Shikigami no Mai (p. 264)

Dance of the Shikigami[41] (式紙の舞, Shikigami no Mai)

  • Ninjutsu, B-rank, Offensive, Supplementary, All ranges
  • User: Konan

Butterflies performing a bewitching dance
A beautiful "paper art" with an ever-changing appearance

↓ While the technique is invoked, all parts of her body start peeling off…

[picture of Konan's head unravelling into sheets of paper]

[picture of Konan's body unravelling into paper sheets]

↑ Countless pieces of paper scatter, their shapes disappearing like an illusion…
→ The many scattering and dancing pieces of paper, are folded into the shaped of butterflies, like origami. The fly away, leaving nothing behind but their lingering scent.

[picture of Konan's paper sheets flying away and folding into origami butterflies]

Confetti, dancing in the wind

By converting one's own body into countless small pieces of paper, they can move freely and have the ability to change form! It has many uses from reconnaissance to surprise attacks. Furthermore, the magical way the countless pieces of paper dance in mid-air, changing shape, gives them a fascinating charm.

[picture of Ryūsui's body covered in Konan's paper sheets, while Konan herself is partly reassembled and holding a paper spear]

← The enemy entangled in the paper looses all ability to move, allowing Konan to attack with a paper shaped into a weapon.

Shikoku Fūin (p. 265)

Finger Carving Seal (指刻封印, Shikoku Fūin)

  • Ninjutsu, Fūinjutsu, C-rank, Supplementary, Short range (0–5m)
  • User(s): Jiraiya

The Fire of Life shines from his fingertip
The carved words are sent back in cipher!!

The technique Jiraiya used while he was covered in wounds and in the middle of a fight to the death with Pain in Amegakure. The user collects chakra in their fingertip and carves letters into a target object with the high temperature this produces…!! From living skin to iron plates, it's possible to carve into a variety of objects, but minute chakra control is required.

→ The light coming from his index finger is the Fire of Life with which he entrusts the future to his last pupil…!!

[picture of Jiraiya's index finger flaming with chakra]

↓ The code is carved into Fukasaku's back.

[picture of Jiraiya engraving his code in Fukasaku's back]

Jibaku Bunshin (p. 265)

Suicide Bombing Clone (自爆分身, Jibaku Bunshin)

  • Ninjutsu, Hiden, No rank, Offensive, Supplementary, All ranges
  • User(s): Deidara

An explosive art that detonates at the word "Katsu"[21]!!
Be that as it may, it is the pinnacle of counterfeiting!!

This technique makes a shadow clone take in Explosive Clay and causes it to explode, creating a diversion that can be used to escape. With a "suicide bombing announcement" the enemy's wariness is heightened and this opportunity is used to switch places with a shadow clone. A technique that requires one to be adept at verbal tricks; with this foundation of using many "arts" to trifle with the enemy, it certainly fulfils its purpose.

[picture of Deidara's Suicide Bombing Clone expanding]

"Behold the ultimate art!!" With these words, this ominously squirming body draws the enemy's attention

Jagei Jubaku (p. 266)

Binding Snake Glare Spell[42] (蛇睨呪縛, Jagei Jubaku)

  • Ninjutsu, C-rank, Offensive, Supplementary, Short range (0–5m)
  • User(s): Orochimaru, Sasuke Uchiha

From one's sleeves come two big snakes, capturing the spellbound target!

Two big summoned snakes crawl out from one's cuffs, and coil around the enemy before one's eyes, capturing them. This technique is great for capturing someone alive, great for inflicting damage by constriction, and if the situation calls for it, it's even great for having the snakes bite the victim with their poison fangs…!! With the summons specified beforehand, the procedure can be shortened by using blood on a summoning "contract seal" (結印, ketsuin), making it possible to invoke the technique immediately

The person captured——
Their fate is in the hands of the user…

[picture of Sasuke stopping Suigetsu and Jūgo]

↑→ Compared to normal summons, these summoned snakes are on a whole other level with intelligence and strength. It is said that even shinobi with great skill are unable to escape from this restraint!

[picture of Orochimaru appearing next to Kabuto]

Jujutsu: Shiji Hyōketsu (p. 267)

Curse Technique[43]: Death Controlling Possessed Blood (呪術・死司憑血, Jujutsu: Shiji Hyōketsu)

  • Ninjutsu, Hiden, No rank, Offensive, All ranges
  • User(s): Hidan

A person is cursed, but there is only one grave——[44]
An ominous link of injuries!!

The Curse Technique Hidan acquired from Jashinism. This absolutely inescapable curse is invoked using the opponent's blood as an intermediary and gives the opponent the exact same injuries as the user receives—— Because this technique cannot be used without the user themselves getting injured, the only person who can use this more than once is Hidan with his immortal body…

↓ The first step of this technique is taking the opponent's blood into one's own body!!

[picture of Hidan licking blood off his scythe]

[picture of Hidan stepping into his ritual circle]

↑ The second step is stepping into a circle drawn with the user's own blood. If one is to leave the circle, the effect disappears.

A ritual that freezes the body in rapturous delight!!

[picture of Asuma receiving the damage Hidan inflicted on his own leg]

↑ When wounded while inside the circle, the target receives the same wound——!!

Shōten no Jutsu (p. 268)

Shapeshifting[45] Technique (象転の術, Shōten no Jutsu)

  • Ninjutsu, No rank, Supplementary, All ranges
  • User(s): Pain

Transferring one's chakra to a sacrifice and possessing them
As long as they stay alive, they'll play the part of a strong person!!

Pain allocates chakra from an Akatsuki member to a target person, allowing them to fight via an elaborate "copy". The power of the copy is in proportion to the volume of allocated chakra. The original's abilities are also available…!! However, once the chakra runs out, the technique is cancelled and the copy dies. As it even uses up the target's chakra, this is an incredibly brutal technique.

↓ The one who performs the technique and decides how much chakra is allocated is Pain…

[picture of Pain]

→ The "Shapeshifting Technique" also imitates the weapons and tools held by the original person, allowing the copy to fight with them…!!

[picture of Kisame's clone, holding the Samehada]

For a short time a part of Akatsuki!!

[picture of Itachi's clone]

← The appearance of the person on whom the Shapeshifting Technique is performed is 100% identical to the original person.

[picture of Itachi's clone performing the Great Fireball Technique]

← Of course, the techniques used by the copy are the same as those of the original person. Even the pride of the Uchiha clan, the Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique, can be flawlessly reproduced!!

Shirohigi: Jikki Chikamatsu no Shū (p. 269)

White Secret Technique: The Chikamatsu[46] Collection of Ten Puppets (白秘技・十機近松の集, Shirohigi: Jikki Chikamatsu no Shū)

  • Ninjutsu, S-rank, Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary, All ranges
  • User(s): Chiyo

The ten masterpieces of the pioneer of puppetry, each one boasting a military prowess capable of matching a thousand!!

The main point of this technique is summoning The Chikamatsu Collection of Ten Puppets, the masterpieces of the first puppet user Monzaemon[46] and using the Puppet Technique to manipulate them at will. Called "An amount matching ones fingers," with this puppet collection it is literally possible to use "one puppet with each finger," each boasting a power matching a thousand…!! However, to use all of these secret mechanisms demands extremely high class expertise and skill!!

[picture of Chiyo unrolling the scroll holding these puppets]

↑The scroll Chiyo unrolls. The Chikamatsu Collection appears from the gate (, mon) crests…!!
↓The "Ten strongest puppets," that are said to have once "conquered an entire castle"!!

[picture of the unsealed puppets surrounding Chiyo]

[pictures of the puppets fighting]

←↑Taijutsu, ninjutsu, projectile weapons, and so on. The Chikamatsu Collection reveals they have terrifying prowess in each of these!! Furthermore, as they can change their numbers by combining, the number of abilities they can show becomes even greater!!

Suika no Jutsu (p. 270)

Hydrification[47] Technique (水化の術, Suika no Jutsu)

  • Ninjutsu, Hiden, No rank, Supplementary
  • User(s): Suigetsu Hōzuki

Protean whole-body melting!!

By liquefying the whole body at will, this technique makes it impossible to receive damage from physical attacks. Be it to evade an enemy's attack during a short range battle, to infiltrate a structure, or to launch a surprise attack from one's liquefied state, this technique boasts a high strategic value.

→ When locked up in an airtight container, he cannot move about.

[picture of Suigetsu rising up from the water]

↓ From a single hair to the skin and muscles. Everything can be liquefied and solidified at will.

[picture of Suigetsu's face in half-solid, half-liquid state]

Suiton: Gōsuiwan no Jutsu (p. 270)

Water Release: Great Water Arm Technique (水遁・豪水腕の術, Suiton: Gōsuiwan no Jutsu)

  • Ninjutsu, Hiden, B-rank, Supplementary
  • User(s): Suigetsu Hōzuki

Collection the great power of the whole body in one spot!!

By putting the Hydrification Technique into practical use the muscles of the arm are temporarily enlarged and strengthened…!! Moisture is gathered from the whole body and compressed into the entire arm. It is an instant pump-up. However, because it is essential to properly control the moisture balance inside the body, this technique's degree of difficulty is very high.

[picture of Suigetsu slashing through a door the wall its in]

← Water from the whole body is collected in the left arm! This gives rise to a superhuman strength, capable of cutting through both rock walls and steel doors!!

Suiton: Goshokuzame (p. 271)

Water Release: Five Feeding Sharks (水遁・五食鮫, Suiton: Goshokuzame)

  • Ninjutsu, B-rank, Offensive, All ranges
  • User(s): Kisame Hoshigaki

From five fingers come ferocious sword-like teeth!!

From the tips of five fingers, chakra is released into the water, changing it into ferocious sharks, striking down on their prey!! The five sharks circle the target with high speed, creating a raging stream that takes away their prey's freedom of movement. Then, their sharp teeth tear into the enemy—— A technique symbolic of Kisame's extremely cruel nature!!

[pictures of Kisame touching the water surface and streams coming from his fingers]

↑↓ The massive circling motion of the sharks creates a great whirlpool underwater. There is nothing the one caught in the whirlpool can do. They will be eaten!!

[picture of a submerged Guy being surrounded by the water sharks]

Suiton: Takitsubo no Jutsu (p. 271)

Water Release: Waterfall Basin Technique (水遁・滝壺の術, Suiton: Takitsubo no Jutsu)

  • Ninjutsu, C-rank, Offensive, Supplementary, All ranges
  • User(s): Yamato

Bringing about diversity
A picturesque, high waterfall

A technique that creates a waterfall by developing spring water in a place without water veins and manipulating the resulting water current!! A very convenient technique. One the one hand, it has practical use for things like training and relaxation. On the other hand, because it changes the environment on such a grand scale, it also has the effect of hiding one's location from the enemy by confusing them.

↓ The width of the water source, waterfall, and basin can be expended, as long as one can continue to send chakra in.

[pictures of the waterfall being expanded]

Suiton: Bakusui Shōha (p. 272)

Water Release: Exploding Water Colliding Wave (水遁・爆水衝波, Suiton: Bakusui Shōha)

  • Ninjutsu, B-rank, Offensive, Supplementary, All ranges
  • User(s): Kisame Hoshigaki

An assault by a wild tsunami
An unprecedented flood disaster!!

After spitting out a great volume of water from his mouth, the enemy is swallowed up by this advancing surge and crushed…!! The user can ride the wave, allowing them to move at high speed, and attack the enemy, now swept off their feet, without fear of counter-attacks. When used with Kisame's enormous chakra, even dry wastelands will turn into an ocean——!!

[picture of a Kisame riding on a large wave, towards Team Guy]

↑→ The water is a field in which Kisame acts unchallenged. When this technique is invoked, the combat area is changed, allowing Kisame to fight in a place where he is at his utmost strongest!

[picture of Kisame doing a handseal]

Suiton: Hōmatsu Rappa (p. 272)

Water Release: Wild Bubble Wave (水遁・泡沫乱波, Suiton: Hōmatsu Rappa)

  • Ninjutsu, C-rank, Offensive, Supplementary, All ranges
  • User(s): Pain's summon

A wide-angle discharge, instantly covering the target!!

[picture of Pain's summon performing this technique]

↑→ The torrent of white bubbles completely negate Jiraiya's Toad Oil Bullet!! Furthermore, the ground that is covered by the bubbles looses its friction, considerably limiting the opponent's movements.

[picture of Konan being hit by this technique]

The summoned big crab spits out a large volume of bubbles, instantly colouring the entire surface in white!! In addition to their smokescreen effect, the bubbles, spit out with violent force, also have a cleaning effect. Flames, oil… the effects of all techniques are washed away!! Any back-up plans will also just pop like bubbles when this technique is used……!!

Suiton: Mizuame Nabara (p. 273)

Water Release: Starch Syrup[48] Capturing Field (水遁・水飴拿原, Suiton: Mizuame Nabara)

  • Ninjutsu, C-rank, Supplementary, All ranges
  • User(s): Izumo Kamizuki

Everyone who touches it becomes caught in this fettering pond!!

High-viscosity, chakra-mixed water is spit out, aimed at a surface of wide scope. When entering it unprepared, moving about will become impossible, but one can still move if they sent chakra to the soles of their feet first. One can effectively reduce their enemy's area of activity with this technique.

[picture of Kakuzu about to get caught in this technique]

↑ It has the effect of being able to take complete control over the battlefield. The normal scope is just a few metres, but if prepared, it is also possible to make an entire pond of starch syrup.

Suiton: Mizurappa (p. 273)

Water Release: Wild Water Wave (水遁・水乱波, Suiton: Mizurappa)

  • Ninjutsu, C-rank, Offensive, Short to mid-range (0–10m)
  • User(s): Yahiko

A water pistol, gushing out from between one's lips!!

Water gushes out from the mouth like a waterfall and washes away the enemy! One can freely control the power of this technique with the amount chakra one releases. Having many variations, this is a basic Water Release technique.

↓ With the final seal, one's ability to control chakra is revealed. It's simple, but nevertheless it has a variety of uses.

[picture of Yahiko performing this technique]

Susanoo (pp. 274–275)

Susanoo[49] (須佐能乎, Literally meaning: [He] with the ability to help by all means)

  • Ninjutsu, Kekkei Genkai, No rank, Offensive, Defensive, All ranges
  • User(s): Itachi Uchiha

Protecting the user while destroying the enemy!

→↓ As the strongest dōjutsu, only they can reach it who have taken the Mangekyō Sharingan —feared by those around it— to its extremes; a godly state to achieve. It is the user's guardian deity, but at the same time, it consumes the user's life.

[picture of Itachi's Mangekyō Sharingan]
[picture of Itachi surrounded by Susanoo]

Dwelling in the eyes that grasp the truth of Heaven and Earth is a valorous, sword-wielding, shield-bearing, fierce god!!

Amaterasu[50], denoting the "light of the material world" and Tsukuyomi[51], symbolising the "darkness of the spiritual world"—— Only they who have activated the Mangekyō Sharingan —the heavenly eyes that see without obstruction the truth of all of creation— are permitted to use these two dōjutsu. Dwelling only in they who have grasped both of these technique is the power of a tempestuous god… that is Susanoo. The materialised chakra takes on the form of a god of war with a commanding face and powerful physique. His fierce soul will not calm down until he has destroyed all enemies before his eyes…!!

There is a reason Susanoo boasts absolute perfection in both offence and defence— That reason is the Sacred Treasures[52] he holds in both hands. In his right hand is the Totsuka Sword[53] that will strike down any kind of enemy and the shield in his left hand is the Yata Mirror[54] that will reflect all attacks. Whether they be material or spiritual, ninjutsu or physical attacks, they all lose their meaning before this god's potency.

[picture of the gourd as the Totsuka Sword appears from it]

↑ Sake flows from the gourd, taking on the shape of a sword and transforming into the Totsuka Sword! The souls absorbed by the sword are also sealed in there.

In his left and right hands are the unparalleled Sacred Treasures of miraculous efficacy

The Totsuka Sword
[picture of Orochimaru being sealed into the Totsuka Sword]

← It is a type of Kusanagi Sword[52], equipped with the power to throw the person it stabs into a genjutsu world of drunken dreams, sealing them for all eternity. The sword itself carries a fūinjutsu.

The Yata Mirror

→ The incorporeal shield of the "Sacred Treasures". Endowed with all nature transformations, it can change its own characteristics depending on the characteristics of the attack it receives, making the technique ineffective.

[picture of Susanoo holding up the Yata Mirror]

Sumigasumi no Jutsu (p. 276)

Ink Mist Technique (墨霞の術, Sumigasumi no Jutsu)

  • Ninjutsu, C-rank, Supplementary
  • User(s): Sai

Making one's body disappear in a mist of ink, as if painting it out

Wrapping one's body in ink infused with chakra, and obscuring yourself from the eyes of your pursuers—— A jutsu most suitable for the missions of the secrecy-demanding Root. If used in combination with the Body Flicker Technique, the user can quickly leave the battlefield for safety.

→ When created around Sai's light body, it creates an effective smokescreen.

[picture of Sai jumping up in the air]

Sumi Bunshin no Jutsu (p. 276)

Ink Clone Technique (墨分身の術, Sumi Bunshin no Jutsu)

  • Ninjutsu, C-rank, Supplementary
  • User(s): Sai

A body made up of a black splash
The user remains hidden in the darkness——

Using ink as a medium, this clone technique is characteristic of Sai. This clone, made from a small amount of ink, carrying chakra, is different from the ordinary Clone Technique in that it has actual substance and mass, making it difficult to see through. Regarding the many Root missions involving things like surprise attacks, infiltration, and assassination, this technique is extremely useful.

[picture of Sai's Ink Clone dissolving after being stabbed by Orochimaru's Kusanagi sword]

← An exquisite clone, capable of even fooling Kabuto. When it is hit by an attack, it turns back into ink.

Zessenzan (p. 277)

Fighting Tongue[55] Slash (舌戦斬, Zessenzan)

  • Ninjutsu, Senjutsu, No rank, Offensive, All ranges
  • User(s): Fukasaku

If one has a tongue, one is ready to bisect
The flavour of that slash is like a battle axe!!

By kneading senjutsu chakra, Fukasaku's long tongue gains utmost solidity and a slash flavoured like an excellent sword. It then leaps from his mouth with great speed, even tearing a hole in the bedrock. With that ground-splitting power, the enemy is cut in half.

↓ Fukasaku's tongue flies at the target with tremendous force.

[picture of Fukasaku shooting out his tongue]

→ The way the both the enemy and the ground itself are cut apart is reminiscent of the strike of a great sword.

[picture of Pain's chameleon summon being cut in half]

Zessenbaku (p. 277)

Fighting Tongue[55] Bind (舌戦縛, Zessenbaku)

  • Ninjutsu, Senjutsu, No rank, Offensive, Supplementary, All ranges
  • User(s): Shima

A sticky acid that dissolves all detected creatures
A tongue binding that makes it impossible to move!!

By using senjutsu chakra, Shima's tongue has grown to its utmost limit and has been shaped like a face. It then scents out the peculiar stink released by living beings. When the target's location has been discovered, the tongue extends with terrifying speed. With it whip-like flexibility, it ties up the target and dissolves it with a highly acidic mucus released from the warts.

[picture of Shima shooting out her tongue]

↑→ In contrast to Fukasaku's Fighting Tongue Slash, Shima's tongue is highly flexible!! The captured target is dissolved with a highly acidic mucus while still alive.

[picture of Pain's chameleon summon being caught]

Sen'ei Tajashu (p. 278)

Many Hidden Shadow Snake Hands (潜影多蛇手, Sen'ei Tajashu)

  • Ninjutsu, B-rank, Short to mid-range (0–10m)
  • User(s): Orochimaru

A wave of wild snakes, biting and binding

By increasing the amount of snakes summoned with the Hidden Shadow Snake Hands, the diversity of this ninjutsu is increased!! The swarm of big snakes appear in an instant, each snake individually doing something like intimidating, diverting, or capturing the enemy in a cooperative attack. Without giving them the time to react, the enemy is entangled!!

[picture of Orochimaru shooting numerous snakes from his arm]

↑→ Snakes entangling limbs, snakes sinking their teeth into vitals… As the number of snakes increased, so did the control over their movement. When there are multiple enemies, they are also endowed with the intelligence for a divided attack.

[picture of Yamato being caught by these snakes]

Senju Sōbu (p. 278)

Thousand Hands Manipulation Force[56] (千手操武, Senju Sōbu)

  • Ninjutsu, C-rank, Offensive, Short to mid-range (0–10m)
  • User(s): Sasori

A scheme controlling a thousand arms, tearing away one's life

[picture of the Sandaime Kazekage puppet using this technique]

← With one command of the puppet user, the arms, prepared with poison, will continue to extend. When necessary, they can be detached.

A thousand arms suddenly rush out from the puppet. The key to this technique is the fuda[24] the puppet's arm is prepared with!! When they are noticed, it is already too late. The enemy will be surrounded by the approaching arms. After that, whether they capture the enemy or teasingly kill them is up to Sasori's whim.

Sennin Mode (p. 279)

Sage[57] Mode (仙人モード, Sennin Mōdo)

  • Senjutsu, No rank, Supplementary
  • User(s): Jiraiya

The lion-like child of the toads is overflowing with spirit!!
Wielding the "Senjutsu" that surpasses Ninjutsu!!

The form form Jiraiya showed to use Senjutsu during his decisive battle with Pain. He summons the Two Great Toad Sages from Mt. Myōboku into his body and by borrowing their power, his body absorbs a great amount of nature energy. By kneading this with his own chakra, he gains the ability to use "senjutsu", rapidly increasing the level of all techniques, be it ninjutsu, taijutsu, or genjutsu!! By uniting with the Two Great Toad Sages into one body, they can cooperate like a Trinity. This is certainly the domain of Sages.

→↓ He Draws a line under both his eyes using his own blood. Using this as a substitute for the "contract seal of blood,"[58] he can summon the legendary Two Great Toad Sages into his own body.

[picture of Jiraiya drawing an extra line on his face with his blood] [picture of Jiraiya in Sage Mode, with Fukasaku and Shima on his shoulders]

Sennō Sōsa no Jutsu (p. 280)

Memory-Concealing[59] Manipulative Sand[60] Technique (潜脳操砂の術, Sennō Sōsa no Jutsu)

  • Ninjutsu, A-rank, Supplementary, All ranges
  • User(s): Sasori

Buried in the brain is a marking needle
What is sealed is loyalty!!

This technique seals away the target's memories by burying an extremely small needle into the brain's memory centre. The memories can be restored by cancelling the technique, thereby destroying the needle. If a subordinate had this operation done on their brains and has infiltrated in enemy camp, they can safely perform spy activity over a long period of time.

[picture of this technique being lifted off Yūra]

↑→ If the user cancels the technique, the target will once again remember their mission.

[picture of Yūra regaining his memories]

Senpō: Kebari Senbon (p. 280)

Sage Art: Hair Needle Senbon[61] (仙法・毛針千本, Senpō: Kebari Senbon)

  • Ninjutsu, Senjutsu, No rank, Offensive, Short to mid-range (0–10m)
  • User(s): Jiraiya

Sweeping over like a rainstorm
An extremely fast mountain of needles of unkempt hair!!

A technique that hardens the hair on one's head and shoots it continuously at the enemy. The sheer speed of this technique makes it the fastest attack possible in Sage Mode…!! Also, at the same time that Jiraiya kneads the chakra needed for Senjutsu and fires the hair needles, Fukasaku and Shima activate Jiraiya's hair roots, making limitless rapid-fire possible!!

[picture of Jiraiya performing the Kebari Senbon]

→↓ Without a doubt, the Hair Needle Senbon hit ceaselessly like rain!! The sharpened points of the needles turn the target's entire body into a pincushion.

[picture of Pain's panda summon with many needles in it]

Senpō: Goemon (p. 281)

Sage Art: Goemon[62] (仙法・五右衛門, Senpō: Goemon)

  • Ninjutsu, Senjutsu, No rank, Offensive, All ranges
  • User(s): Jiraiya, Fukasaku, Shima

Fire is poured into the wind!
When filled with oil, it's Hell boiling in a pot!!

A combination Sage Art performed by Jiraiya in Sage Mode and the Two Great Toad Sages. After having driven the enemy into a corner, for instance indoors or in a pit, Jiraiya releases large quantities of oil, Fukasaku performs a large Fire Release, and Shima a large Wind Release. Within an instant, that place will be filled with oil burning at temperatures of thousands of degrees.

↓ Fukasaku and Jiraiya respond to the voice of Shima, coordinating the technique. This is why he changed into the Sage Mode: perfect cooperation!!

[picture of Jiraiya, Fukasaku and Shima performing the Goemon]

Sōen: Hitomi Gokū (p. 281)

Puppet Performance[63]: Skilful Achievement with a Human Body[64] (操演・人身冴功, Sōen: Hitomi Gokū)

  • Ninjutsu, A-rank, Supplementary, Short to mid-range (0–10m)
  • User(s): Chiyo

When one can use puppets with transcending skill, one can even manipulate living bodies!!

[picture of Sakura evading one of Sasori's attacks thanks to Chiyo's puppetry skills]

↑ The origins of this technique lie on the battlefield. When a puppet user's puppets where all destroyed, they would begin using corpses. To perform this technique with a living person requires both parties to trust each other deeply.

A puppet performance technique where chakra threads are attached to various spots on a person's body; the head, torso, both arms, and both legs. The person being manipulated by gains the ability to not only use their own techniques, but the skills of the puppeteer as well…!!

Sōshuriken no Jutsu (p. 282)

Manipulated Shuriken Technique (操手裏剣の術, Sōshuriken no Jutsu)

  • Ninjutsu, D-rank, Supplementary, All ranges
  • User(s): Sasuke Uchiha

A subtly hidden blade, reeled in with a string!!

With this technique a translucent string, both elastic and highly durable, is attached to a shuriken, making it possible to alter its path after having thrown it. An expert will have the ability to freely glide the shuriken in any direction with just a single movement of their fingertip.

→↓ The first attack, challenging the enemy, is avoided and after a timelag of several seconds, it will come from behind. Depending on the performance, the possible tactics can be infinite.

[picture of Sasuke literally pulling the strings] [picture of the shuriken hitting Deidara]

Zōfuku Kuchiyose no Jutsu (p. 282)

Amplification Summoning Technique (増幅口寄せの術, Zōfuku Kuchiyose no Jutsu)

  • Ninjutsu, B-rank, Supplementary, Short range (0–5m)
  • User(s): Pain

The heads multiply with each hit!!
An endlessly continuing attack Samsara[65]

[picture of Pain's multi-headed dog summon]

↑ Pain's giant dog summon multiplies each time it is "hit". With its limitlessly multiplying heads, it's like a watchdog of Hell[66]!!

A Summoning Technique appended with a special condition. The summoned creature is given a condition like "when hit by an attack, multiply." When that condition is met, the technique for multiplying oneself is invoked.

↓ Of course, it can also be used to attack dispersed enemies…!!

[picture of the multi-headed dog splitting into several single-headed dogs and attacking Jiraiya and Gamaken]

Chidori Eisō (p. 283)

Chidori[28] Sharp Spear (千鳥鋭槍, Chidori Eisō)

  • Ninjutsu, A-rank, Offensive, Short to mid-range (0–10m)
  • User(s): Sasuke Uchiha

A piercing spear of lightning, composing a song of death!!

The original Chidori gained its power by shaping it into a form sufficient for an electrical discharge and using it together with one's own "thrust". This technique uses shape transformation to form the original Chidori into a spear-shape, adapting it for mid-range attacks. Although it's less powerful than the Chidori, it's increased range means there is less of a risk to the user. It also has the advantage of being able to be used for surprise attacks and capturing.

[picture of Sasuke piercing Itachi with this technique]

↑ With the Chidori shaped into a spear, the enemy's body is pierced. Furthermore, by using shape transformation to turn it into a radiating shape, a final blow can be dealt.

Chidori Senbon (p. 283)

Chidori[28] Senbon[61] (千鳥千本, Chidori Senbon)

  • Ninjutsu, A-rank, Offensive, Short to mid-range (0–10m)
  • User(s): Sasuke Uchiha

Assaulting the enemy with a Chidori, shaped into flock of thousands of needles!!

This is also a variety of shape transformation of the Chidori. The same technique as the pinnacle of Lightning nature, it is specialised in more speed, by being transformed into countless sharp senbon, all aimed and fired at the enemy. As this flock of dazzling needles soars, the chakra gives off a sound like "chichichi," really making it seem like a thousand birds! It can become even more effective by using it together with the Sharingan, allowing one to precisely shoot for the enemy's vitals.

[picture of Sasuke shooting out his Chidori Senbon]

↑ By increasing the amount of chakra used, the number of senbon also increases!

Chidori Nagashi (p. 284)

Chidori[28] Current (千鳥流し, Chidori Nagashi)

  • Ninjutsu, A-rank, Offensive, Short range (0–5m)
  • User(s): Sasuke Uchiha

A Chidori flapping its wings into every direction
A profusion of purple lightning, giving both offence and defence at the same time!!

[picture of Sasuke repelling Team Kakashi with the Chidori Current]

→ The body of the person touched by the Chidori will misinterpret the Lightning nature as "electrical signals from the nerves," making its muscles contract. This causes the body to involuntarily go stiff, while at the same time receiving damage.

The one who approaches this body will be attacked all over!!

This ninjutsu makes practical use of the Chidori by extending its attack range, in order to make use of the Lightning nature's special characteristic of "temporarily making the muscles of the touched person go stiff," and attempt to enfold multiple enemies. By releasing the Chidori in every direction, an electrical discharge flows from one's entire body. This allows one to attack everyone within a specific range. Also, when using this attack on a great number of enemies at once, it also effectively doubles as an instant defence.

Chōōdama Rasengan (p. 285)

Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan[8] (超大玉螺旋丸, Chōōdama Rasengan)

  • Ninjutsu, Senjutsu, No rank, Offensive, Short range (0–5m)
  • User(s): Jiraiya

Blowing violently from the palm of his hand is a raging storm!!
Tearing up the sky and swallowing everything!!

[picture of Jiraiya in Sage Mode]

↑→ In an instant Jiraiya creates an extra-large raging storm that can completely swallow a human being with ease…!!

[picture of Jiraiya attacking Pain with this technique]

Maximum whirling chakra!!

The Rasengan is wildly rotating chakra in one's hand and containing it in a sphere. The Big Ball Rasengan uses an increased quantity of chakra between the hands of the real body and a shadow clone. Sage Mode Jiraiya adds natural energy to this, rapidly increasing the size to gigantic proportions!! The created ball of light is a raging storm, coiling like a whirlpool. If it explodes, it can easily hollow out an entire mountain…!!

Chōjū Giga (pp. 286–287)

Super Beast Imitating Drawing[67] (超獣偽画, Chōjū Giga)

  • Ninjutsu, B-rank, Offensive, Supplementary, All ranges
  • User(s): Sai

Imitating life, the beasts move to the will put into the brush!!

The moment the brush, through which chakra is flown, is removed, the drawn images will leap from the paper and act according to the user's will!! There are few techniques in existence that have so many different uses. During the many special missions given out by Root, there are many situations where one must take spontaneous or independent action. This technique, characteristic to Sai, which allows one to adapt to the circumstances of any confrontation, must be a lifeline.

[picture of one of Sai's lion drawings]

↑ The figures are filled with the feeling of life, even though the source of the drawings has no emotions.

[picture of Sai opening his drawing scroll]

↑ He doesn't panic, even in emergencies, and quickly finishes his drawing!

[picture of Sai opening the ink compartment of his drawing scroll]

↑ The shaft of the scroll is prepared with ink and a small brush. Perfectly equipped to use this technique at all times.

→ Riding the drawn "bird" through the sky has many uses from reconnaissance to high-speed travel.

[picture of Sai flying on the back of his bird drawing]

The greatest feature of the ninja art Super Beast Imitating Drawing is that depending on the beast drawn, various effects can be obtained. If it's necessary to do reconnaissance from the sky, a bird can be drawn. For attacking from a distance, one can draw beasts of prey. Furthermore, if one draws a countless number of mice, it even becomes possible to perform an unworkable number of searches—— Depending on the user's ingenuity, this technique certainly is an all-purpose power.

On occasion flying through the sky or lurking in the darkness——
Changing freely to the circumstances of the mission!!

[picture of Sai drawing a row of lions]

→↓ By drawing several pictures, the number of embodied beasts is also increased.

[picture of the lion drawings attacking Naruto]

[picture of Sai's mouse drawings scurrying away]

← By not taking roads to travel, the "mice" are inconspicuous, making them the most suitable, not just for searches, but also for delivering information obtained from enemy camps to Konoha.
→ After being drawn quickly, the "snakes" can be used as ropes to restrain someone. With the ability to soundlessly enter through even the smallest crevice, they can also be used for assassination purposes.

[pictures of Sai's snake drawings and of those snake drawings capturing Naruto and Yamato]

Chōharite (p. 288)

Super Open Hand Slap[68] (超張り手, Chōharite)

  • Taijutsu, B-rank, Offensive, Short to mid-range (0–10m)
  • User(s): Chōji Akimichi

Like thunder, these two palms come down from the Heavens and shake the earth!!

Chōji, after having grown to a gigantic size by using the Multi-Size Technique, brings down both his hand for a sure-kill hand slap…!! The weight and power of the hands are greatly increased because of the larger size, the muscles are activated with concentrated chakra, and the thickness has also increased. This gives this attack the power to even cave in the earth.

[picture of Chōji becoming huge]

↑→ With so much chakra that it becomes visible, Chōji's palms are made as massive as an iron hammer…!!

[picture of Chōji's palms while doing this technique]

Tensha Fūin: Amaterasu (p. 289)

Transcription Seal: Amaterasu[50] (転写封印・天照, Tensha Fūin: Amaterasu)

  • Ninjutsu, Fūinjutsu, No rank, Supplementary, Short range (0–5m)
  • User(s): Itachi Uchiha

A ranging fire of black flames, handed out using the Sharingan as a medium

[picture sequence of Sasuke's Sharingan morphing into Itachi's Mangekyō Sharingan] → The Sharingan with the Amaterasu sealed into it seizes the target determined by the user…

Amaterasu, only usable by those who activated the Mangekyō Sharingan, is the highest level of ninjutsu from the Fire Release group. Transcription Seal: Amaterasu seals this effect into the Sharingan of a third party. Once the eye wherein the technique is sealed sees the specific target, the seal is broken and the "black flame that even consumes other flames" swoops down on its prey!!

[picture of Tobi being hit by the Amaterasu]

← Jet-black raging flames spring forth from the eye, attacking the target! There is no way to escape from this fury!

Now burning brightly
A jet-black world-destroying conflagration!!

Doton: Dochū Senkō (p. 290)

Earth Release: Subterranean Voyage[69] (土遁・土中潜航, Doton: Dochū Senkō)

  • Ninjutsu, C-rank, Offensive, Supplementary, Short to mid-range (0–10m)
  • User(s): Kisame Hoshigaki

A great shark's fang, swimming in the ground!!

A technique that transforms the earth surrounding the user into a fluid. Closing in on the enemy with high speed by swimming underground. The underground is a blind spot, so the target has no warning, allowing the user to launch a surprise attack. Kisame lets the Samehada protrude from the ground. By using this technique in conjunction with a weapon, it also gains great effect as an "assault ninjutsu."

[picture of Kisame closing in on Team Guy while using this technique]

↑ The Samehada draws near like a shark's dorsal fin!!

Doton: Domu (p. 290)

Earth Release: Earth Spear[70] (土遁・土矛, Doton: Domu)

  • Ninjutsu, B-rank, Supplementary
  • User(s): Kakuzu

A body like diamond, repelling everything!!

With the chakra flowing through all parts of one's body, the skin is hardened, increasing its defence power to its utmost limits. Furthermore, the destructive power of human bullet attacks[71] is increased, making this a great all-purpose technique. The amount of techniques that can break through the areas hardened by the Earth Spear are close to zero, not including its undeniable weak point: Lightning Release ninjutsu.

[picture of Kakuzu's arm turning dark]

← With one hit of Kakuzu's hardened fist, the gates of the Temple of Fire are destroyed.

[picture of Kakuzu's face being cut by Raidō's sword]

↑ By invoking this technique the instant an attack hits, one gains an immortal body.

Doton: Doryūkatsu (p. 291)

Earth Release: Earth Flow Divide (土遁・土流割, Doton: Doryūkatsu)

  • Ninjutsu, B-rank, Offensive, Supplementary, All ranges
  • User(s): Yamato

Following the hidden Dragon Veins[72], one can split the earth at will

[picture of Yamato slamming his palm to the ground]

↑↓ How long and wide it will be, and whether or not it will be a straight line is in complete control of the user!! Yamato sets the scope by flowing chakra from his palm and splits the earth apart!!

[picture of the ground splitting in apart]

Tearing the earth apart by flowing concentrated chakra from the palm of one's hand into the "Dragon Veins" flowing underground. Manipulating these Dragon Veins requires fine chakra control, but if one has such skill, they can divide the space between the enemy and their own team in two, destroy destroy enemy camps or defences, and even use it as an attack.

Doton: Doryū Jōheki (p. 291)

Earth Release: Earth-Style Rampart (土遁・土流城壁, Doton: Doryū Jōheki)

  • Ninjutsu, B-rank, Defensive, Close to mid-range (0–10m)
  • User(s): Yamato

The rising earth is changed into a solid rampart!!

[picture of Yamato forming a handseal]
[picture of the ground rising up under Yamato's feet]

←↑ The ground itself doesn't just appear out of nowhere. After increasing the volume of earth that much, one is forced to keep down their chakra consumption!!

This jutsu makes a gigantic rampart rise up beneath the user's feet, by shaping the ground and increasing the amount of earth with chakra. Depending on what the user imagines, the shape of the rampart can be anything from level ground to a steep, needle-like mountain.

Doton: Moguragakure no Jutsu (p. 292)

Earth Release: Hiding Like a Mole Technique[73] (土遁・土竜隠れの術, Doton: Moguragakure no Jutsu)

  • Ninjutsu, C-rank, Supplementary
  • User(s): Deidara, Tobi

Moving freely while being hidden underground
That is this escape technique's main point!!

[picture of Deidara emerging from the ground]

← By sensing the magnetic force, the user can pinpoint where they are, despite being underground.

This technique changes earth into fine sand by flowing chakra through it, allowing the user to dig through it like a mole. While underground, one can sense what is happening on the surface and use that information to launch a surprise attack on the enemy. One can also hide deep in the ground, escaping to a depth where the enemy can't reach.

Nendo Bunshin (p. 292)

Clay Clone (粘土分身, Nendo Bunshin)

  • Ninjutsu, Hiden, No rank, Supplementary
  • User(s): Deidara

An earthen puppet that deceives and captures! There is no way to escape from this sticky power!!

Above all other "bunshinjutsu," this one has the double role of acting as a substitute and capturing the enemy. A highly convenient technique, characteristic of Deidara. Made from clay, this clone can take attacks and capture the enemy by taking them into its own body. If Exploding Clay is added to the clone, it can then make itself explode, taking the enemy with it!!

[picture of Sasuke being caught by Deidara's Clay Clone]

↑ An earthen puppet that shows its natural shape the instant a body goes through! While the clay changes in hardness, the enemy's arm is skilfully entwined!

Hakke Kūshō (p. 293)

Eight Trigrams[74] Vacuum Palm (八卦空掌, Hakke Kūshō)

  • Taijutsu, Kekkei Genkai, No rank, Offensive, Short to mid-range (0–10m)
  • User(s): Neji Hyūga

Push the air and shoot it at enemy, a secret Hyūga super-fast palm attack!!

Taking aim at the enemy's vitals and releasing an ultrahigh-speed palm thrust!! A "vacuum shell" compressed using the Gentle Fist is shot out at the enemy's vitals under tremendous pressure!! A short to mid-range attack that more than covers the weakness of taijutsu.

↓ With the scope of the Byakugan, the enemy's vitals can be precisely pinpointed!! The targeted enemy will be blown off their feet before they can even notice the impact.

[pictures of Neji using this technique and hitting Kisame]

Hijutsu: Mushidama (p. 293)

Secret Technique: Insect Sphere (秘術・蟲玉, Hijutsu: Mushidama)

  • Ninjutsu, Hiden, No rank, Offensive, All ranges
  • User(s): Shino Aburame

The Parasitic Destruction Insects[75] spread out!!
Swarming towards chakra, they become a sphere!!

This technique covers the enemy's entire body with the mysterious destruction insects living inside the user's body. The chakra sensing mysterious destruction insects" spread over a wide range. The moment they locate the enemy, the insects, following the user's orders, gather at once. They restrain the enemy and start eating away at his chakra bit by bit. Before long, death will arrive…

[picture of Shino being surrounded by his bugs]

↑→The person inside the Insect Sphere will taste the fear of having their chakra eaten while they are still alive!!

[picture of Tobi being covered in Shino's bugs]

Fūinjutsu: Genryū Kyūfūjin (p. 294)

Sealing Technique: Phantom[76] Dragons Nine Consuming Seals (封印術・幻龍九封尽, Fūinjutsu: Genryū Kyūfūjin)

  • Ninjutsu, Fuuinjutsu, S-rank, Supplementary
  • User: Pain

The captured jinchūriki are generally sealed inside this giant statue!

The users are ten of the greatest shinobi. With all members deeply concentrating, the sealing statue is started up and with the absorption chakra released from the mouth, the chakra of the tailed beasts is extracted and then sealed. The chakra of the tailed beasts is massive. The invocation of this technique spans several days, even for Akatsuki-class users. For regular shinobi, even just starting up the statue would be impossible.

[picture of the nine dragons emerging from the statue's mouth]
[pictures of the statue's eyes opening]

←↑ The absorption chakra is shaped into nine dragons and the chakra of the tailed beasts is consumed and sealed. After the sealing is complete, the statue opens its eyes.

Fūinjutsu: Shishi Heikō (p. 295)

Sealing Technique: Lion Closing Roar (封印術・獅子閉哮, Fūinjutsu: Shishi Heikō)

  • Ninjutsu, Fūinjutsu, A-rank, Supplementary, Short range (0–5m)
  • User(s): Chiyo

From the ball of light comes a lion with a roar, the enemy is crucified and dealt with!!

↓ The ninja tool Lion-Headed Kannon[77] (獅子首観音, Shishikubi Kannon) transforms from a sphere into a lion's head and then grows huge.

[picture of the Lion-Headed Kannon opening its mouth]

[picture of the small light ball being thrown at Sasori]

↑ Furthermore, the tool is prepared with a sealing formula and then thrown to the target.

[picture of the Lion-Headed Kannon nearing Sasori]

↑→Its huge mouth opens and crucifies the target against the surface of a wall, while at the same time, the sealing formula develops!!

[picture of Sasori's body being sealed]

Chakra is completely blocked!!

This jutsu draws a "sealing formula" on, for instance, the ground or a wall and completely blocks the target's chakra. In the centre of the sealing formula is the "閉" (hei, close, shut) symbol. Furthermore, the tenketsu of the person caught in the centre are all "closed". However, getting the target exactly inside the sealing formula is difficult. Therefore, one can make use of various measures, like preparing a puppet or ninja tool with the sealing formula.

Fūin Teppeki (p. 296)

Sealed Iron Wall (封印鉄壁, Fūin Teppeki)

  • Ninjutsu, Fūinjutsu, B-rank, Defensive
  • User(s): Chiriku

A gate impossible to open for those impure
A solid, secure fūinjutsu!!

A seal placed on the Fire Temple's gate, in order to defend against intruders from the outside world. The two statues placed on either side of the gate form a barrier. The seal can only be cancelled by pouring in the Gift of the Hermit Group (仙族の才, Senzoku no Sai), special chakra peculiar to the shinobi monks (忍僧, ninsō).

[picture of Kakuzu and Hidan standing in front of the gates of the Fire Temple]

↑ Usually, the only ones going through this gate are the shinobi monks. However, Akatsuki managed to invade the temple by destroying the statues and terminating the seal itself.

Fūjutsu Kyūin (p. 296)

Blocking Technique Absorption Seal[78] (封術吸印, Fūjutsu Kyūin)

  • Ninjutsu, Fūinjutsu, No rank, Defensive, Short range (0–5m)
  • User(s): Pain

An inexhaustible vortex, absorbing all techniques!!

By spinning the chakra flow within one's body in the opposite direction, all of the opponent's techniques aimed at oneself will be absorbed. The absorbed chakra is dispersed within the body. Like a bottomless swamp, the power is swallowed.

[picture of Pain's Preta Realm absorbing Jiraiya's Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan]

↑ All techniques are absorbed and made ineffective, regardless of the nature of the chakra.

Fūton: Atsugai (p. 297)

Wind Release: Pressure Damage[79] (風遁・圧害, Fūton: Atsugai)

  • Ninjutsu, B-rank, Offensive, All ranges
  • User(s): Kakuzu

A blast of heavy artillery, leaving behind a severe scar!!

A violent Wind Release ninjutsu released by one of Kakuzu's five hearts. A tornado-like mass is compressed until it has a very high density and is then released. With the wind pressure raised to its utmost limits, once this technique hits the target, everyone will be swept off their feet———. If this technique is used by someone who has mastered Wind nature transformation, the whirling storm can blow up a vast range, inflicting massive damage on both the target and their surroundings.

[picture of Kakuzu's mask about to perform this technique]

← Because it comes from mask's mouth so sudden, it is extremely difficult to predict the use of this technique.

Destructive power like that of a natural disaster……!!

→ An overwhelming mass of wind come forth with a thunderous roar!!The raging wind mows down every tree and gouges the Earth's surface!!

[picture of this attack levelling a forest]

Fūton: Rasen Shuriken (pp. 298–299)

Wind Release: Spiralling Shuriken (風遁・螺旋手裏剣, Fūton: Rasen Shuriken)

  • Ninjutsu, S-rank, Offensive, Short range (0–5m)
  • User(s): Naruto Uzumaki

The "Wind" sharpens the "spiral," turning it into a blade who's one hit means certain death!!

"Extreme"—— Certainly, that's the most appropriate word for this technique. Adding "Wind" nature manipulation to the Rasengan, already boasting tremendous destructive power by having raised shape transformation to its utmost limits…!! With this sharp blade of wind, the killing power is drastically increased…!! Its weak point is that one needs to get close to and a hit. On the other hand, there is no-one who can withstand a direct hit. Even so, currently it's only 50% completed. The destructive power it will have once completed is unimaginable!!

The technique left behind by a great hero is brought to a new height——!!

[picture of Naruto using two Kage Bunshin to infuse Wind chakra into the Rasengan]

↑ The completed Rasengan is infused with "Wind" chakra!!

[picture of Naruto nearing Kakuzu with the Spiralling Shuriken]

← While the "shuriken" is spinning at high speed, it is thrust directly into the opponent's chest——!!

The countless blades produced by the violent wind pierce and destroy everything!!

↓ Countless blades cut into the target!! It's impossible to see through that number of attacks.

[picture of the Spiralling Shuriken destroying Kakuzu]

[picture of the vortex created by the Spiralling Shuriken]

↑ The tornado-like gale resounds with a thunderous roar!! Afterwards, nothing remains but the ruins of the enemy and the silence after the storm.

The "Wind" nature transformation that makes the "spiral" what it should be: the strongest!!

As the name suggest, its shape resembles that of a giant shuriken. However, it is actually composed of microscopic blades. The wind chakra whirling around the "spiral" is changed into countless blades, all striking the target at once……!!

[picture showing how cells are destroyed with the Spiralling Shuriken]

→↑ The chakra, shaped like tiny swords, directly severs the meridians[80] tying the body's cells together…!!

[picture of the Wind Release: Rasengan]

Fūton: Reppūshō (p. 300)

Wind Release: Gale Palm (風遁・烈風掌, Fūton: Reppūshō)

  • Ninjutsu, C-rank, Offensive, Supplementary, Short to mid-range (0–10m)
  • User(s): Nagato

When he presses his hands together, a violent wind sets out faster then the speed of sound!!

This technique transforms chakra and creates wind. When one's hands are clapped together, this wind is compressed and evolved into a fierce gale. The Gale Palm as just a isolated attack has the power to easily knock over a human. However, it's true value comes from using it in an attack together with projectile weapons like shuriken or kunai. The speed with which they fly through the air, the power with which they hit, and their ability to wound or even kill are all increased several times!!

[picture of Konan's Paper Shuriken being accelerated]

↑ The sudden acceleration of the Paper Shuriken gives them the power to go straight through the enemy with one hit!!

Hokage-Shiki Jijunjutsu — Kakuan Nitten Suishu (p. 300)

Hokage-Style Sixty-Year-Old Technique — Kakuan Entering Society with Bliss-Bringing Hands[81] (火影式耳順術 廓庵入鄽垂手, Hokage-Shiki Jijun Jutsu — Kakuan Nitten Suishu)

  • Ninjutsu, Kekkei Genkai, Supplementary, Short range (0–5m)
  • User(s): Yamato, First Hokage

Laid out on the ground is a formation of ten pillars. Suppressing even "calamities"!!

↓What appears on the palm is the order from the user facing the Bijū.

[picture of Yamato holding out his hand with the kanji for "seat" (, za)[82] on it]

A technique that uses the power of the Wood Release Technique to forcibly suppress the chakra of a tailed beast. To invoke this jutsu, it is necessary for the tailed beast or jinchūriki to be in the possession of the Crystal Gem (結晶石, Kesshōseki) that responds to the First Hokage's chakra. Touching the chakra of the tailed beast with their hand, the user then suppresses the chakra inside an area lined with ten pillars.

Magen: Kasegui no Jutsu (p. 301)

Demonic Illusion: Shackling Stakes Technique (魔幻・枷杭の術, Magen: Kasegui no Jutsu)

  • Genjutsu, Kekkei Genkai, No rank, Supplementary, Short range (0–5m)
  • User(s): Itachi Uchiha, Sasuke Uchiha

A make-believe yoke piercing the limbs and body, completely snatching away one's freedom to move!!

[picture of the Sharingan]

↑ Performing hand seals is unnecessary. All that is needed to use this technique is to have the enemy meet one's eyes!

Once caught in the mind world created by the user, the victim will be tormented with the sensation of having wedges driven through their limbs, completely taking away their body's freedom. At the same time, the physical pain accompanying the illusion reveals the great use this technique has for primarily torture and such.

[picture of Orochimaru being caught in this genjutsu]

↑ In front of this technique, even Orochimaru is like a frog being glared at by a snake.

100 Leafs Collection #43: The Solution to the Common Traits of Genjutsu

Konoha One Hundred Leafs Collection ~ Number Forty-Six

—The Solution to the Common Traits of Genjutsu—

[picture of Naruto trying to escape from Itachi's Genjutsu]

← It's possible to master "genjutsu escaping" (幻術破り, genjutsu yaburi) by training. Even those who don't use genjutsu will want to learn this.

As there are different types of genjutsu —those that are invoked using hand seals and those that make use of dōjutsu like the Sharingan— so are there different ways of dealing with them.

Against dōjutsu:
The general rule is to fight with two against one. When one person falls victim to the technique, their comrade can attack the user and cancel it.

Against genjutsu (other then dōjutsu):
Either intentionally disarrange the flow of chakra inside ones body, or have a third party disturb it.

Magen: Gama Rinshō (pp. 302–303)

Demonic Illusion: Toad Confrontation Chant[83] (魔幻・蝦蟇臨唱, Magen: Gama Rinshō)

  • Genjutsu, Senjutsu, No rank, Offensive, Supplementary, All ranges
  • User(s): Shima, Fukasaku

When it reaches your ears, you're the prisoner of the demonic illusion
A one-hear certain kill vocal duet!!

[picture of Fukasaku and Shima singing together, while sitting on Jiraiya's shoulder]

↑ On both shoulders of Sage Mode Jiraiya are the "genjutsu" singing married toad couple…!! After several centuries of married life, the exquisite harmony of the Two Great Sage Toads distorts even the airspace!!

When two or more toads come together and sing the secret musical scale passed down on Mt. Myōboku, the person who hears the harmony is lured into a "genjutsu world that binds the mind." Because learning it requires many long years of training, the husband and wife Great Toad Sage are the only one's with the skills to perform it.

[picture of the sound reaching Animal Realm's ears and him feeling the effects of the genjutsu]

↑ The Toad Confrontation Chant only has to reach the target's sense of hearing to be a success. On the other hand, because it uses sound, it also has a weakness in that it gives away the users' whereabouts

[picture of Human Realm, Preta Realm, and Animal Realm caught in the barrier]

←↓ Even if there are several hundred targets, they are completely disconnected from each other!! The person whose ears the Toad Confrontation Chant reaches has both mind and body completely sealed between the hands of giant unmoving toads!!

[picture of the four giant toads holding the barrier between their hands]

With four toads standing motionless on all sides, both dream and reality become bound by hand and foot!!

Inside the genjutsu world, the target is surrounded North, East, South, and West, by giant toads, imprisoning them in a barrier. The four unmoving toads won't lift the complete binding until the user gives the order. All that is left to do is to strike the finishing blow in the real world.

→ Mt. Myōboku's secret stone swords[84] are driven into the targets' hearts like a wedge. The targets are finally released into the realm of the dead.

[picture of Jiraiya stabbing the immobile bodies of Pain]

100 Leafs Collection #44: The melody

Konoha One Hundred Leafs Collection ~ Number Forty-Four

—The melody—
passed down on Mt. Myōboku

On Mt. Myōboku, there exists the musical score of a "genjutsu," written down since time immemorial. By combining the melody and the lyrics that only the toads can utter, an extremely powerful "genjutsu" is invoked.

[picture of the sheet music for this melody]

↑ The song was written for the vocal range of toads. It is impossible for humans to sing.

Mandara no Jin (p. 304)

Formation of Ten Thousand Snakes[85] (万蛇羅ノ陣, Mandara no Jin)

  • Ninjutsu, B-rank, Offensive, Defensive, All ranges
  • User(s): Orochimaru

The wonder of an infinite number of snake blades squirming and slithering over the ground!!

A wave of swarming snakes spreads from the mouth——!!

[picture of Orochimaru releasing snakes from his mouth]

↑→↓ Snakes as far as the eye can see ensnare the enemy, rendering them powerless. After that, the motionless enemy is pierced violently with poison fangs!!

[picture of Orochimaru lying on the ground]
[picture of a multitude of snakes coming towards Four-Tailed Naruto]

The countless number of summoned snakes crawl out of Orochimaru's mouth and shunt down the enemy… In front of such overwhelming numbers, a true "wall of snakes," defence and evasion mean nothing. The enemy can do nothing but become buried by the snakes. Furthermore, when the inexhaustibly crawling snakes gather, they become a defensive wall, blocking any kind of attack!!

Mokuton: Shichūka no Jutsu (p. 305)

Wood Release: Four-Pillar House Technique (木遁・四柱家の術, Mokuton: Shichūka no Jutsu)

  • Ninjutsu, Kekkei Genkai, No rank, Supplementary, Short range (0–5m)
  • User(s): Yamato

In an instant a splendid Wood Release retreat is build from the ground up!!

By sending chakra into the ground, the roots of the plants are converted into raw materials. This technique allows for a building to be constructed, by forcing accelerated growth. Just like with the Four-Pillar Prison Technique, the size and shape of the building are taken from the user Yamato's imagination or memories. By placing fuda[24] around the Four-Pillar House, one creates a barrier, making it impossible for the enemy to detect it and allowing on to "camp" in peace!!

[picture of wooden beams growing from the ground]

↑→ As soon as the handseal is made, trees break through the ground. In order to build the house immediately, they are already prepared to act like timber.

[picture of Yamato doing a hand seal]

A two-story building adorned with the Konoha symbol!!

[picture of the house created with this technique]

↑→ Straight out of Yamato's imagination, Konoha Hot Spring's high-class inn town: the "Fallen Leafs Retreat" (落葉庵, Rakuyōan). It's created out of consideration for his subordinates need to rest, but… one should really avoid overkill.

[picture of team Kakashi inside the house]

Mokuton: Shichūrō no Jutsu (p. 306)

Wood Release: Four-Pillar Prison Technique (木遁・四柱牢の術, Mokuton: Shichūrō no Jutsu)

  • Ninjutsu, Kekkei Genkai, No rank, Supplementary, Short range (0–5m)
  • User(s): Yamato

An inescapable wooden prison!!
Piercing from the ground, it is constructed in an instant!!

Changing chakra into timber under the ground and making it grow rapidly, while forming it into a wood prison. The size of the prison is based on Yamato's imagination. From insect cage to a great prison, one make it into whatever they want by regulating the amount of chakra used. The timber itself is treated with a chakra coating, making destruction extremely difficult.

[picture of Yamato with behind him the Four-Pillar Prison]

↑ In but an instant, the prison from Yamato's imagination appears!! During war, it has the great ability to detain prisoners of war, but it can also be used as a disciplinary measure for quarrelling subordinates.

Mokuton: Daijurin no Jutsu (p. 306)

Wood Release: Great Forest Technique (木遁・大樹林の術, Mokuton: Daijurin no Jutsu)

  • Ninjutsu, Kekkei Genkai, Offensive, Defensive, All ranges
  • User(s): Yamato

The trunks of great trees grow thickly from the arm, then become stake piercing down the enemy!!

↓ Changing the left arm about the shoulder into tree trunks. They can also function as a tough shield…!!

[picture of Yamato performing this technique]

A technique that changes one's own arm into big trees. Using chakra, the cells are transformed into trees. Then, by activating the trees, stimulating them to grow rapidly, they lengthen at high speed and fork into many branches. It is possible to capture the enemy with these branches and at the same time, if one changes the ends into sharp stakes, turn them into countless, sharp, spear-like piercing weapons.

Mokuton no Jutsu (p. 307)

Wood Release Technique (木遁の術, Mokuton no Jutsu)

  • Ninjutsu, Kekkei Genkai, No rank, Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary, All ranges
  • User(s): Yamato, First Hokage

A unique secret technique that creates life, tearing through the ground!!

A legendary technique that turns chakra into a source of life. Now, Yamato is the sole user of this "Secret Technique." With the kekkei genkai allowing the simultaneous use of the basic chakra natures "Earth Release" and "Water Release," plants and trees are created. The transformation of these displays a tremendous power in both offence and defence.

→↓ When Yamato puts his hands together to form the Wood Release hand seal, trees grow from the steep bedrock!! If he feels like it, he can even turn a desert into a forest!!

[picture of Yamato doing a hand seal]
[picture of trees growing from Yamato's Earth Style Rampart]

100 Leafs Collection #45: Wood Release Survival

Konoha One Hundred Leafs Collection ~ Number Forty-Five

Coping with All Situations
—Wood Release Survival—

There is no technique with such a great variety of uses as Yamato's Wood Release Technique. That is why, while performing missions, Yamato displays a magnificent power in every circumstance. This is why his mission success rate keeps climbing.

[picture of Kabuto being tied up with wooden beams]

← By forming his wood into ring shapes, he creates restraints that are stronger then rope!!


↓ Reinforcement, for when the bridge on his path is destroyed. Or else, he can create the very bridge itself!!

[picture of Wood Release being used to support the collapsing Tenchi Bridge]

—Change of Body—

→ In an instant, a wooden figure is created in his likeness, to be used with the Change of Body Technique!!

[picture of Yamato's Wood Release-Change of Body Technique combo]

Mokuton: Mokujōheki (p. 308)

Wood Release: Wood Locking Wall (木遁・木錠壁, Mokuton: Mokujōheki)

  • Ninjutsu, Kekkei Genkai, No rank, Offensive, Defensive, Short range (0–5m)
  • User(s): Yamato

A solid barrier that closes up from left and right!!

This technique uses chakra to activate the roots in the ground and, using Yamato as a reference point, makes wooden pillars appear from left and right. The wooden pillars join together in a dome-shape with Yamato at the centre. This process can be used to catch the enemy in a pincer attack!! Also, in case one confronts the enemy at a short distance, the enemy can be locked up inside the dome, setting the situation for a one-on-one fight. Furthermore, it functions as a easy shelter against the enemy's long-distance attacks, like shuriken and kunai. It certainly is an all-purpose wall.

[pictures of the wooden beams closing over Yamato]

↑ While locking up the enemy, it also acts like a protective wall…!! Since its size can be adjusted at will, it has the ability to save a great number of people!!

Moku Bunshin no Jutsu (p. 309)

Wood Clone Technique (木分身の術, Moku Bunshin no Jutsu)

  • Ninjutsu, Kekkei Genkai, No rank, Supplementary
  • User(s): Yamato

The protean Wood Clone, reflecting one's whole soul!!

A clone created by altering one's own cells with chakra. It has more endurance than the normal Shadow Clone and doesn't disappear when hit by the enemies' attacks. Moreover, since it has the ability to merge with plants and trees, it is also great reconnaissance missions!!

[picture of the Wood Clone sprouting from Yamato's body]

↑ A Clone created by using chakra and one's own cells!!
→ The clone can also enter the battlefield on its own, being endowed with plenty of offensive and defensive power.

[picture of the Wood Clone pursuing Orochimaru, Kabuto, and Sai]

100 Leafs Collection #46: The Technique Falsely Similar to the Shadow Clones

Konoha One Hundred Leafs Collection ~ Number Forty-Six

—The Technique Falsely Similar to the Shadow Clones—

"The information the clone possesses will be collected by the real body." This basic concept of the Shadow Clone Technique also applies to the Wood Clone Technique. However, the chakra-composed Shadow Clone and the cell-based Wood Clone are completely distinct techniques.

[picture of Yamato transforming his Wood Clone]

← By directly touching the Wood Clone with his hand, Yamato absorbs the information it gathered and changes the shape of the clone.
↓ When it is changed into a seed, it becomes a transmission device that resonates with Yamato's chakra.

[picture of Naruto holding a chakra seed]

The Wood Clone is made up of Yamato's own cells, transformed into vegetation. Because of this, when it is changed into a seed and taken into the body, it can be used as a "transmission device". This and all other uses make this technique extremely convenient.

Yamata no Jutsu (pp. 310–311)

Eight Branches[86] Technique (八岐の術, Yamata no Jutsu)

  • Ninjutsu, S-rank, Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
  • User(s): Orochimaru

An eight-headed colossal serpent[87] spanning eight mountains. It's wicked excellence is the reincarnation of long-standing resentment!!

Captured inside Sasuke Uchiha, Orochimaru took his chance when Sasuke had used up his "suppressing chakra" to use the power of his final moments and unleash this secret technique. Using the "power of reincarnation" possessed by the White Snake as an intermediary, Orochimaru appeared out of Sasuke's Cursed Seal, transformed into a white snake white snake with eight heads and eight tails. Trampling down the Uchiha hideout by merely crawling on the scales of his abdomen, this could only be Orochimaru's greatest, strongest technique; the incarnation of his far-reaching tenacity…!!

→ Boasting a giant body, even larger than that of Manda, who is feared as the "strongest colossal serpent," it has a sinister appearance as it bares it ferocious fangs. Having transcended the "Orochi,"[88] it became like a "Dragon God"…!!

[picture of a close-up of one of the Yamata's heads]

Manifested is the single desire of the Orochi…!!

That ambition hasn't broken yet!!

No matter how far he crosses over the threshold of death, Orochimaru will find a way to "reincarnate". The origin of this tenacity is the power of the "White Snake" that governs "good luck and rebirth." After many years of research, Orochimaru obtained the reincarnation ability of the "White Snake".

→↓ The symbol of "reincarnation" that he held in his hands in his younger days gulped him down into an obsession with "immortality" and a "darkness" called insanity.

[picture of a young Orochimaru holding the skin of a white snake] [picture of Orochimaru's eye as his soul is about to be overtaken by Sasuke]

Raiton: Gian (p. 312)

Lightning Release: False Darkness[89] (雷遁・偽暗, Raiton: Gian)

  • Ninjutsu, B-rank, Offensive, All ranges
  • User(s): Kakuzu

A great spear of lightning shoots out from the strange mask!!

A Lightning Release technique fired by the monstrous being inside Kakuzu's body. The converged lightning is shaped like a sharp spear and pierces the enemy. Hiding an astounding destructive power great enough to even pierce rock, this is a technique with an extremely high killing ability.

↓→ If the number of lightning bolts is increased, this attack gains the ability to slaughter multiple enemies in an instant. Dodging this thunder that comes flying at high speed is next to impossible!!

[picture of Kakuzu's mask shooting out lightning]
[picture of two lightning bolts coming towards Shikamaru and Chōji]

Ranjishigami no Jutsu (p. 312)

Wild Lion's Mane Technique (乱獅子髪の術, Ranjishigami no Jutsu)

  • Ninjutsu, B-rank, Offensive, Supplementary, All ranges
  • User(s): Jiraiya

The white beast king sprints through the wasteland battlefield!!

This technique uses chakra to temporarily enhance the head's metabolism and manipulate the hair that grew longer as a result of this. There is also chakra flowing through the lengthened hair, making its hardness comparable to that of steel wire. By thickly bundling the hair, its strength is further increased, also increasing its destructive power.

↓ In an instant, the surroundings are completely covered with hair!!

[picture of Jiraiya performing this technique]

→ The attack captures the opponent and constricts tightly!! Its power so incredible, it can even crush the shell of the giant crab into small pieces!!

[picture of Pain's crab summon being caught in this technique]

Rinnegan (p. 313)

Samsara[65] Eye (輪廻眼, Rinnegan)

  • Ninjutsu, Kekkei Genkai, No rank, Supplementary
  • User(s): Nagato

The supreme eyes that appear during troubled times
Will they bring about creation or destruction——

The dōjutsu wielded by the founder of the shinobi, the "Sage of the Six Realms"[90]. Its most distinctive feature being the ripple pattern spreading out over the eyeballs, the Rinnegan are called the "most exalted eyes" among the "Three Great Dōjutsu" (三大瞳術, San Daidōjutsu), the other two being the Sharingan and Byakugan. Admired as being able to bring forth all ninjutsu, the holder of these eyes can completely master the five elemental nature transformations that form the basis of ninjutsu. It is said that in times when the world is in disorder, this person is sent down from the heavens to become either a "God of Creation" who will calm the world, or a "Destroyer" who reduce everything to nothing.

Spreading out like ripples on water
The secret of the origin of ninjutsu!!

↓ Sharing their field of vision, the Six Realms of Pain[91] boast a cooperation leaves absolutely no gaps!!

[picture of Pain's first Animal Realm body summoning a giant panda]

[picture of Pain's Preta Realm, first Animal Realm, and Human Realm]
[picture of Pain's Preta Realm's face]

←↑ The Rinnegan wielding Pain not only have a "shared field of vision," but also have "the same chakra-disturbing weapons" and "immortal bodies".

However, if these are part of the powers of the Rinnegan is still a mystery.


  1. Sōen (操演) literally means manipulating performance. This obviously refers to puppets being manipulated in a show. I simply translated this into puppet performance which, together with hyakki (百機, a hundred puppets), became performance of a hundred puppets.
  2. Eight Gates (八門, Hachimon). They are in order: the Opening Gate (開門, Kaimon), the Rest Gate (休門, Kyūmon), the Life Gate (生門, Seimon), the Wound Gate (傷門, Shōmon), the Limit Gate (杜門, Tomon), the Spectacle Gate (景門, Keimon), the Fright Gate (驚門, Kyōmon) and the Death Gate (死門, Shimon). Guy opens the first six.
  3. The tiger is well-known for its ferocity and watchfulness. It keeps a very close guard on its cubs, watches vigilantly for an opportunity to catch its pray, and walks huge distances to patrol its territory.
  4. 4.0 4.1 Oiroke (お色気) indicates sex appeal or interest in (the opposite) sex. It also indicates seductiveness and sensuality. Oiroke no Jutsu (おいろけの術) is usually translated as Sexy Technique, so I decided to keep the sexy translation here.
  5. 5.0 5.1 Dōshi (同士, 同志) means comrade, or companion. It can also be used to indicate homosexuality (specifically a homosexual couple). Dansei dōshi (男性同士, male comrades), otoko dōshi (男同士, man comrades), otokonoko dōshi (男の子同士, boy comrades), and shōnen dōshi (少年同士, boy comrades) specify male homosexuals. Josei dōshi (女性同士, female comrades), onna dōshi (女同士, woman comrades), onnanoko dōshi (女の子同士, girl comrades), and shōjo dōshi (少女同士, girl comrades) specify female homosexuals.
  6. The word used here is 婦女子 (fujoshi, woman). This word is pronounced the same as 腐女子 (rotten girl), a slang word for a girl who is a great fan of comics featuring male homo-eroticism (a yaoi fangirl).
  7. The Japanese name for cherry is sakura.
  8. 8.0 8.1 Rasengan (螺旋丸) means Spiralling Sphere
  9. The kaiwan (怪腕) in Kaiwan no Hiya can be translated in two ways. The first and most common way is the idiomatic way: an amazing or remarkable ability. The second way is by translating the kanji directly: mysterious or suspicious arm, making the name a pun.
  10. The Japanese word for frog () is pronounced the same as the Japanese word for changing (変える): kaeru.
  11. The Japanese word for "tree frog" is amagaeru (雨蛙). The kanji for this word literally mean rain frog, a pun on Yūdachi being from Amegakure: the Hidden Rain. Male tree frogs are also widely known to come out to sing before evening showers. The Japanese word for evening shower is yūdachi (夕立).
  12. Kagura (神楽, divine entertainment) is a type of Japanese theatrical dance, said to have been developed by the goddess Ame-no-Uzume. Its roots lie in certain kinds of divination and pacification of the spirits.
  13. A ri () is an old unit of distance. It used to be about half a kilometre —and still is in China, where it is called a — but elongated over time until it was fixed on 3927,27 metres during the Meiji period (1868–1912). A thousand ri is used as a general measurement for a very long distance. There is a well-known saying by the famous Chinese philosopher Lǎozǐ that goes "a journey of a thousand lǐ begins with a single step" (千里之行,始于足下, Qiān lǐ zhī háng, shǐ yú zú xià).
  14. Yose (寄せ, gathering) is also the Japanese term for endgame. That is, the final moves in strategy games like chess, shōgi, or go. This translation is almost as perfect as gathering in this case, since this technique was the final move in Shikamaru's shōgi-themed mission.
  15. Mayflies are insects, well-known for having a very short lifespan. Adult mayflies only life for half an hour to a day, depending on the species. Kagerō may also be short for usubakagerō (薄羽蜉蝣), the Japanese name for the adult antlion (these adults have no wide-spread name in English). The larvæ of this insect, the antlions proper, are well-known for burrowing sand pits in which they trap ants and such. These larvæ —and the pits they dig— are called arijigoku (蟻地獄, Literally meaning: ant hell) in Japanese.
  16. 16.0 16.1 Cumulonimbus clouds are large, dark-grey rain clouds involved in thunderstorms and other intense weather.
  17. The names of Kakuzu's techniques don't make much sense at first sight. This is because Kishimoto-sensei took the names from the legendary mecha anime Mobile Suit Gundam (機動戦士ガンダム, Kidō Senshi Gandamu), slightly altered them in some cases, and thought of kanji for them. Zukokku comes from the MSM-07 Z'Gok (ズゴック, Zugokku).
  18. The Five Basic Elemental Natures (五大基本性質, Godai Kihon Seishitsu) are Earth (, Tsuchi), Water (, Mizu), Fire (, Ka), Wind (, Kaze), and Lightning (, Kaminari). They are named after, and based on, the Five Elements from Japanese philosophy (五大, Godai, Literally meaning: Great Five): Earth (, Chi), Water (, Sui), Fire (, Ka), Wind (, ), and Void (, ), which in turn are derived from Buddhism. They differ considerably from the more well-known Chinese Five Elements (五行, Chinese: Wǔxíng, Japanese: Gogyō, Literally meaning: Five Movements): Metal (, Chinese: Jīn), Wood (, Chinese: Mù), Water (, Chinese: Shuǐ), Fire (, Chinese: Huǒ), and Earth (, Chinese: Tǔ).
  19. The Japanese for this sentence is 「油断大敵粘着弾」 ("Yudan Taiteki Nenchakudan"). Nenchakudan means sticky bullet. Yudan Taiteki is a Japanese proverb, meaning unpreparedness is one's greatest enemy. There's a pun involved here: Yudan (油断, unpreparedness, negligence) is written with the kanji for oil and failure and is pronounced the same as oil bullet.
  20. Kamui refers to the power, might, and authority of the Gods. That which makes the Gods gods. Kamu () comes from kami, meaning god or gods. I () is a kanji with a complex meaning. The dictionary I use describes it as 「人をおそれ従わせる力。」 ("the power to compel people to do one's bidding through fear"). It also describes it as 「威厳があってしかも荒々しくない。君子の理想的な人柄をいう。」 ("dignity without roughness. The ideal personality of a man of virtue"). I believe it would be best translated as authority, majesty, or might.
  21. 21.0 21.1 Katsu (, scold) is a shout used in Zen Buddhism to express one's own enlightened state and to induce another person to move beyond rationality and logic and possibly even achieve an initial enlightenment experience.
  22. "Art is a bang" (芸術は爆発だ, "Geijutsu wa bakuhatsu da") is actually a quote by the famous Japanese artist Tarō Okamoto (岡本太郎, Okamoto Tarō). A lot of Deidara's character and art style is based on Okamoto-sensei and his works.
  23. The dragon meant here is the Western-style dragon (ドラゴン, doragon), not the Japanese (or more generally Asian) dragon (, Ryū).
  24. 24.0 24.1 24.2 24.3 24.4 A fuda (, label, tag, talisman, ticket), or o-fuda (御札) is a kind of talisman or charm, made of paper. It is placed on walls, pillars, doors , and windows as a guard against evil spirits and such. They are often seen in manga and anime as a kind of mystical weapon. The exploding tags in Naruto are fuda, for example.
  25. The kirin (Qílín in Chinese) is a creature appearing in various East-Asian mythologies and is said to punish the wicked. It is also known as the Chinese unicorn. It is said to be a deer-like, hoofed animal with scales and horns and it ranks third highest in the hierarchy of mythological creatures. Only the dragon and phoenix are ranked higher. All three, together with the lion —another important animal in East-Asian mythology—, are used in the names of Sasuke's techniques. Kirin is also the Japanese name for the giraffe. This is because when the famous Chinese explorer Zhèng Hé (鄭和) brought back two giraffes from Africa in 1414, they were thought to be kirin. This is most likely because it vaguely resembles a deer in shape, has horn-like protrusions on its head, and has spots that could be mistaken for scales.
  26. Kūsa, when written as 空佐, is a rank in the Japan Air Self-Defence Force. It is about equivalent to the rank of colonel.
  27. The Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi (草薙剣) is sword from real-life mythology. It is as important to the culture and history of Japan as Excalibur is to Britain's. After defeating the great snake Yamata-no-Orochi (八岐大蛇) by getting him drunk on sake, the god Susanoo-no-Mikoto (須佐能乎命) discovered the Kusanagi in one of its tails, after breaking his own sword, the Totsuka-no-Tsurugi (十拳剣), on it. He called the sword Ama-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi (天叢雲剣, Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven) and would later give it to the sun goddess Amaterasu-Ōmikami (天照大神) as an apology. Amaterasu later gave it to her grandson Ninigi-no-Mikoto (瓊瓊杵尊) when she send him to pacify Japan. Through him, it eventually came into the hands of his great-grandson Emperor Jinmu (神武天皇, Jinmu Tennō), the first emperor of Japan. It is still considered one of the imperial regalia of Japan, together with the mirror Yata-no-Kagami (八咫鏡) and the jewel Yasakani-no-Magatami (八尺瓊勾玉). Generations after Emperor Jinmu, the great warrior prince Yamato-Takeru-no-Mikoto (日本武尊) used the sword to save his life by cutting down grass that had been set on fire by a treacherous warlord. This is how it got its most famous name Kusanagi, meaning Grass Cutter.
  28. 28.0 28.1 28.2 28.3 Chidori (千鳥) means a thousand birds. It's from a story about a sixteenth-century military commander named Tachibana Dōsetsu, who owned a sword named the Chidori. One day, he was struck by lightning while sitting under a tree. Acting quickly, he drew his sword and cut the Thunder God riding the lightning. This saved his life and after this incident, he changed the name of his sword from Chidori to Raikiri (雷切, Lightning Cutter).
  29. A katana is a type of Japanese sword. It has a slender, curved blade with a single edge and a grip long enough for two hands. It's renowned for its extraordinary sharpness. The blade of the katana is longer then about 60cm. Similar swords with shorter blades are called wakizashi (脇差)
  30. The ryō () is the currency used in the Naruto world. It's based on an old coin used in Japan before the Meiji Restoration. One ryō is worth ten yen.
  31. Rashōmon (羅生門, Literally meaning: the gate leading to the outer castle precincts) was the name of two, now destroyed, gates. One used to be in Kyoto and the other in Nara. It's possible a third Rashōmon was located in Kashihara. The Rashōmon was one of two main gates leading into the castle precincts. The most famous Rashōmon is the one that used to stand in Kyoto. It was the grander of the two city gates built during the Heian period (794–1185). It was built in 789, but had fallen into disrepair by the twelfth century. It had become an unsavoury place, with a reputation as a hideout for thieves and other disreputable characters. People would abandon corpses and unwanted babies at the gate. It became most famous after the ruined gate became the central setting in the eponymous 1950 film, directed by the famous Akira Kurosawa.
  32. The blade is usually translated as sword. However, this sword should not be interpreted as merely meaning sword. The meaning extends to practically all sharp weapons. Even shuriken fall under this (the last kanji in shuriken is the same as the kanji for sword in this name). I chose to translate it as blade to capture the broader meaning. Also, the exact meaning of this name would be Lightning Flash sword-ification. With the lightning flash referring to the speed at which it happens.
  33. () means law, method, or ritual. Jin () means formation or encampment. Hōjin (法陣) is the word used for, for instance, the circle diagrams used in alchemy.
  34. A magic lantern is an archaic type of projector and the ancestor to the modern slide projector.
  35. 35.0 35.1 35.2 Iron sand, or black sand as it is also known, is sand with high concentrations of metals like magnetite. It is dark-grey to black in colour and magnetic.
  36. Like most names of Gaara's techniques, this one contains a pun. Sabaku, when written as 砂漠, is the Japanese word for desert. The first kanji literally means sand, while the second kanji literally means vast, vague, or obscure. In the name of this technique, the second kanji is replaced with the kanji for bind (), which is pronounced the same.
  37. 37.0 37.1 The Three Jewels or Three Treasures (三宝, Sanbō) are a concept from Buddhism and refer to the Buddha (, Butsu), the Dharma (, ) and the Sangha (, ). The Buddha refers to either the Gautama Buddha or the concept of the Buddha nature, the Dharma refers to the teachings of the Buddha, and the Sangha to the community of those who have attained enlightenment (or more broadly to all practising Buddhists).
  38. This name, as well as the names of Deidara's other types of explosive clay, come from the real-life lineage of RDX-based plastic explosives going from the WWII-era C to C-4 in the 1960s and present-day.
  39. Sublimation is the transformation from solid form directly into a gas, without first becoming liquid. However, it can also mean to transform into a purer or idealised form and carries the meaning of transcending the ordinary world.
  40. The names of Kakuzu's techniques don't make much sense at first sight. This is because Kishimoto-sensei took the names from the legendary mecha anime Mobile Suit Gundam (機動戦士ガンダム, Kidō Senshi Gandamu), slightly altered them in some cases, and thought of kanji for them. Jiongu comes from the MSN-02 Zeong (ジオング, Jiongu), a mecha that can detach its arms for ranged attacks. The arms remains attached to the main body with wires.
  41. Shikigami, when written as 式神, refer to a kind of spirit summoned to serve an Onmyōji (a kind of sorcerer). These spirits are often depicted as changing into small pieces of paper once harmed or finished with their task. In the name of this technique, the kanji for god (, kami) has been replaced with the kanji for paper (), which is pronounced the same. This is likely done to emphasise the paper nature of Konan's shikigami and to point out the subtle difference between them and traditional shikigami.
  42. Jubaku is really just a Japanese word for spell, or curse. However, the kanji literally mean spell/curse bind. Since this is a restraining technique, I decided to emphasize the bind part of the word. The glare part of the name also has the additional mean of keeping someone down with fear.
  43. Jujutsu is usually translated as sorcery, or incantation. The kanji separately mean curse technique, or spell technique. I chose the more literal translation of curse technique as it is more fitting.
  44. This comes from the Japanese proverb "he who curses someone else will see two graves" (「人を呪わば穴二つ」, "Hito o onowaba ana futatsu"). This is the Japanese equivalent of the English proverb "curses like chickens come home to roost". It basically means that if you do something bad to someone else, it will come back at you.
  45. The kanji for shōten (象転) literally mean shape, imitation and shift, revolve, respectively. Shapeshifting is a perfect translation for these kanji, but shōten isn't the word normally used as the Japanese translation for shapeshifting, which would be henshin (変身).
  46. 46.0 46.1 Chikamatsu Monzaemon (近松門左衛門) (1653–1725) is a famous Japanese playwright, sometimes called the Shakespeare of Japan. He's most famous for the plays he wrote for Bunraku, the traditional Japanese puppet theatre. Both mons in Monzaemon are written with the kanji for gate (), explaining the crests on the scroll.
  47. Suika (水化) is the Japanese term for hydration, which is basically adding water to something. However, since Suigetsu actually changes into water, I used a neologism that signifies this: hydrification, which would mean "the process of turning something into water."
  48. Mizuame is a Japanese sweetener made by converting starch to sugars. It takes the form of a clear, thick, and most of all sticky liquid. It can be literally translated as Water Candy, emphasizing its likeness to water and explaining why it is used in a Suiton technique.
  49. Susanoo (須佐能乎, Literally meaning: [He] with the ability to help by all means) is short for Susanoo-no-Mikoto (須佐能乎命), the name of the Japanese god of the sea and storms. He is the brother of the sun goddess Amaterasu-Ōmikami and the moon goddess Tsukuyomi-no-Mikoto. According to legend, he defeated the giant, eight-headed, eight-tailed snake Yamata-no-Orochi (八岐大蛇, Eight-Branched Giant Snake) with his sword the Totsuka-no-Tsurugi after getting the snake drunk on sake. While cutting up one of the snake's tails, he broke his sword on the Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi hidden within. He took the sword and gave as a present to his sister Amaterasu-Ōmikami. The Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi would later be passed down to Emperor Jinmu (神武天皇, Jinmu-Tennō), the first emperor of Japan, and become one of the Three Sacred Treasures. The fight between Itachi and Orochimaru obviously parallels this legend. Itachi defeated Orochimaru with Susanoo and the Totsuka Sword, which is kept in a sake bottle, while Orochimaru used the Yamata Technique and has the Kusanagi inside of him.
  50. 50.0 50.1 Amaterasu (天照, Literally meaning: [She] who illuminates Heaven) is short for Amaterasu-Ōmikami (天照大神), the name of the Japanese goddess of the sun. She is the sister of Susanoo-no-Mikoto and Tsukuyomi-no-Mikoto.
  51. Tsukuyomi (月読, Literally meaning: [She] who reads the Moon) is short for Tsukuyomi-no-Mikoto (月読命), the name of the Japanese goddess of the moon. She is the sister of Amaterasu-Ōmikami and Susanoo-no-Mikoto.
  52. 52.0 52.1 The Japanese crown jewels are called the Three Sacred Treasures (三種の神器, Sanshu no Jingi). They consist of the Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi (草薙剣, Grass-Cutting Sword), the Yata-no-Kagami, and the Yasakani-no-Magatama (八尺瓊勾玉, Eight Shaku Red Magatama, [a shaku is a unit of length, about 30cm long. A magatama is a jewel roughly shaped like a comma or tomoe]).
  53. The Totsuka-no-Tsurugi (十挙剣, Sword of Ten Actions, With other kanji often translated as Ten-Hand Sword, referring to its length) is a legendary sword like the Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi, only less famous. It used to belong to the Japanese creator deity Izanagi-no-Mikoto (伊弉諾尊), but eventually came into the hands of Susanoo-no-Mikoto, who broke it while slaying the Yamata-no-Orochi.
  54. The Yata-no-Kagami (八咫鏡, Eight-Span Mirror) is one of the Three Sacred Treasures. After Susanoo-no-Mikoto greatly infuriated Amaterasu-Ōmikami by doing such pleasant things as throwing excrement into her shrines and palace and killing her handmaidens, Amaterasu-Ōmikami hid herself in the cave Ame-no-Iwato (天岩戸, Heavenly Rock Entrance), covering the world in darkness. She was lured out again when the other gods gathered outside the cave and started cheering at the erotic dance of Ame-no-Uzume-no-Mikoto (天宇受売命), the goddess of the dawn and revelry. Once outside, she saw her face in the Yata-no-Kagami that was placed in front of the cave. Fascinated by her appearance (narcissistic much? apparently she called out the words omo shiroi, [面白い] meaning white face. A phrase now meaning interesting, amusing), the other gods managed to close the cave behind her, forever bringing back the sun.
  55. 55.0 55.1 Zessen is written with the kanji for tongue and battle. It can be translated as to battle with tongues. I decided to lay the emphasis on the use of tongues, turning it into fighting tongue. In normal use, however, it means war of words, or verbal dispute. Just like Fukasaku and Shima are having all the time.
  56. The bu () in Sōbu can be translated as both military force and the art of war.
  57. Sennin (仙人, sage, hermit) are a kind of immortal super-humans from Chinese and Japanese mythology. They are basically humans (or the spirits of humans) that have lived as hermits and have become so great that they gained the power to perform certain miracles and became immortal. One of the most famous Sennin is the Gama Sennin, or Toad Sage, from whom Jiraiya got his nickname.
  58. contract seal of blood (契約の血判, Keiyaku no Keppan): the blood one needs to sacrifice before summoning something.
  59. Sennō, when written as 洗脳, means brainwashing. The first kanji means wash and the second means brain or memory. In this technique's name, the first kanji has been replaced with the kanji for conceal, hide, emphasising the fact this technique doesn't actually wipe one's memories, but merely conceals them.
  60. Sōsa, when written as 捜査, means investigation.
  61. 61.0 61.1 Senbon are a special kind of needle, used, for example, in acupuncture. Haku fought using these.
  62. Goemon comes from the legendary sixteenth-century ninja Ishikawa Goemon (石川五右衛門) who was boiled alive in oil after a failed assassination attempt on the daimyō Toyotomi Hideyoshi (豊臣秀吉).
  63. Sōen (操演) literally means manipulating performance. This obviously refers to puppets being manipulated in a show. I translated this into simply puppet performance.
  64. When written as 人身御供, hitomi gokū means human sacrifice, or sacrificial victim. This gives a somewhat dark, deeper meaning to the name of this technique.
  65. 65.0 65.1 Samsara, or Rinne (輪廻) in Japanese, is the endless cycle of death and rebirth in Buddhism. This term is also used in Pain's Rinnegan.
  66. Jigoku no Banken (地獄の番犬, Watchdog of Hell) is the Japanese term used to refer to the three-headed Cerberus of Greek and Roman myth.
  67. The name of this technique comes from a famous set of picture scrolls called the Wildlife Caricatures (鳥獣戯画, Chōjū Giga). Consisting of four parts, it features anthropomorphic animals and is considered one of the national treasures of Japan. It is sometimes called the oldest work of manga.
  68. A Harite is a technique from Sumo wrestling where one slaps the opponent with their open hand.
  69. Dochū means underground. Senkō means submarine voyage. The kanji for Senkou separately mean submerge and navigate or voyage. So together they mean A voyage while 'submerged' under the earth. Or in better English: Subterranean Voyage.
  70. The names of Kakuzu's techniques don't make much sense at first sight. This is because Kishimoto-sensei took the names from the legendary mecha anime Mobile Suit Gundam (機動戦士ガンダム, Kidō Senshi Gandamu), slightly altered them in some cases, and thought of kanji for them. Domu comes from theMS-09 Dom (ドム, Dom).
  71. Attacks involving the use of one's own body as a direct weapon. E.g. punches.
  72. If I'm not mistaken, dragon veins are a concept from Fēng Shuǐ. They are similar to the concept of ley lines, I think.
  73. The kanji for mole (土竜, mogura) literally mean earth dragon. Yes, the Japanese decided to call their moles earth dragons. It probably comes from the verb moguru (潜る, to dive, to get in, to go underground), though, but why let etymology stand in the way of a bad-ass name? I love this language more with every minute.
  74. The Eight Trigrams (Bāguà in Chinese) come from Taoist cosmology and are closely related to the concept of Yin-Yang. There is a Chinese martial art based on this concept: Bāguàzhǎng (八卦掌, Hakkeshō in Japanese), literally meaning Eight Trigrams Palm. It's an internal (內家, nèijiā) martial art, like Tàijíquán. The Hyūga-style taijutsu is obviously based on this martial art. Not only is this evident from the names of their techniques, but also from the symbolism surrounding them. E.g. when Neji does the Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms, a Bāguà diagram appears beneath him.
  75. The kanji for Kikaichū (寄壊蟲), the name of Shino's insects, literally mean Gathered Destruction Insects. The first kanji is most likel short for 寄生 (kisei, parasitism), though, hence my translation. Kikai is also pronounced the same as the Japanese word 奇怪, meaning strange, mysterious.
  76. The gen in Genryū is the same as the "gen" in genjutsu. It means phantom or illusion and although it is usually translated as illusion, I went with phantom here since it fits better in my opinion; although the dragons are ethereal, they are not illusionary.
  77. Kannon is the bodhisattva of compassion. She is also widely known under her Chinese name, Guānyīn.
  78. In my opinion, the way this name is written, with the kanji for technique absorption placed between the two kanji used to write seal, emphasises the blocking and stopping aspect of the seal. Technically, it could also have been translated as Sealing Technique Absorption Seal, but that felt a bit redundant.
  79. The names of Kakuzu's techniques don't make much sense at first sight. This is because Kishimoto-sensei took the names from the legendary mecha anime Mobile Suit Gundam (機動戦士ガンダム, Kidō Senshi Gandamu), slightly altered them in some cases, and thought of kanji for them. Atsugai comes from the MSM-04 Acguy (アッガイ, Aggai).
  80. Meridians are the pathways connecting the vital points in the body, as used in acupuncture.
  81. This name requires a lot of explanation. First of all, I'll explain the "jijun" part. This is the Japanese term for a man's sixtieth to sixty-ninth age. It comes from a saying by Confucius: 六十而耳顺 (liùshí ér ěr shùn). It has a variety of interpretations, but the most popular one is that of master Nán Huáijǐn: "At sixty I was able to listen to everything without feeling unhappy". The reasoning behind this is that at sixty, one is able to know clearly the difference between good and bad, allowing one's mind to become calm and thus allowing one to be able to listen to everything without feeling unhappy. However it can also be interpreted as "at sixty, my ear was an obedient organ for the reception of truth," and "at sixty, I heard them with docile ears," which might be a bit more relevant to this technique. Next is the last part of the name: Kakuan Nitten Suishu. Nitten Suishu comes from comes from a famous series of short poems and accompanying images, called the Ten Bull Pictures (十牛図, Jūgyū-zu; Chinese: Shíniú-tú). The pictures and poems are intended to illustrate the stages of Zen discipline. They were drawn by a twelfth-century Chinese Zen master called Kuòān (廓庵, Kakuan in Japanese). The tenth poem talks about how the fully-enlightened herdsman returns to the city to help others reach enlightenment. This poem is called Rùchán Chuíshǒu (入鄽垂手, Nitten Suishu in Japanese), which can be translated as "entering society with bliss-bringing hands" —i.e. hands that teach how to reach enlightenment.
  82. This kanji is probably short for the term "osuwari" (お座り), meaning "sit down". This is the order given to dogs when they are told to sit in Japanese.
  83. When written as 輪唱, rinshō means to sing in canon.
  84. Stone Sword (石剣, Ishiken)
  85. Mandara is the Japanese pronunciation of the word mandala, a concentric diagram with great spiritual and ritual significance in both Buddhism and Hinduism. It's written as 曼陀羅 in kanji. The first kanji is pronounced the same as the kanji for ten thousand () and actually overlaps somewhat in meaning. The second kanji bears a strong resemblance to the kanji for snake (). The last kanji is the same in both words and means silk, or gauze. It is only used for its sound, though.
  86. The eight branches (八岐, yamata) comes from the legendary snake Yamata-no-Orochi (also ultimately the source of Orochimaru's name). This snake was defeated by the god Susanoo-no-Mikoto, who got him drunk on sake and cut him up using the Totsuka-no-Tsurugi. Cutting up one of the Yamata-no-Orochi's tails, he broke his sword on the Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi, which he then took and gave as a present to his sister Amaterasu-Ōmikami.
  87. The word used here for "colossal snake" is "uwabami" (蟒蛇). It is often translated as "python" or "anaconda," but really means neither. It is a somewhat poetic name for a very large snake and may even be another name for the Yamata-no-Orochi. It emphasises the hugeness of the snake more than "orochi," so I translated it as "colossal serpent".
  88. Orochi (大蛇) literally means "big snake". See above for the tale of the Yamata-no-Orochi.
  89. The names of Kakuzu's techniques don't make much sense at first sight. This is because Kishimoto-sensei took the names from the legendary mecha anime Mobile Suit Gundam (機動戦士ガンダム, Kidō Senshi Gandamu), slightly altered them in some cases, and thought of kanji for them. Gian comes from the YMS-15 Gyan (ギャン, Gyan).
  90. Sage of the Six Realms (六道仙人, Rikudō Sennin). See before for an explanation of the Six Realms of Samsara.
  91. Six Realms of Pain (ペイン六道, Pein Rikudō). A direct pun on the Six realms of Suffering explained before.
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