• I was born on October 20
  • My occupation is Non-ninja medic aka Nurse
  • I am Female

Hi. I'm SummerBlossom, 19 years old. I am a die hard Sakura fan. Well, actually, that's because I can relate to her character... A LOT. I am a graduating nurse now you see. But before all this, I was nothing. I had no name or title, and, unlike most of my classmates, I do not have a well-reknowned family background nor do I come from a family of medics or from medical field. I worked my way up hjere on my own. There are times that I felt like giving up, that just being knowledgeable through hard work won't get me anywhere. But right now, I've  graduated and I feel like i'm one step closer to becoming one of the best in my field. And Kishi's inspired me through Sakura. I am even planning to serve  in  the military or air force as a nurse.

So to all you Sakura bashers out there, I prove this to you!!! And stop being perfectionists or sticking up to the resolute 'absolute' personalities in, not just Sakura, but other Naruto Characters as well. The morals and values in the story, which is Kishi's message to all of us, is to believe in people, trustpeople to become stronger and better. If you can do that for naruto (believing that he would one day be great), why not Sakura, or Sasuke, who, by the way, decided to help Konoha instead now? No one should be left out--no one. That's Kishi's message. And we all deserve second chances. Whether it's Naruto or Sakura or Sasuke... Even Kakashi still have hopes for Obito!

Ohh, and by the way, I may post with a lot of errors, but there are places where my grammar police self just can't resist itself, ok? If you get what I mean :) ==

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