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  • I live in In Yamayka
  • I was born on April 22
  • I am Male

Hi to everyone, my wiki name is Supper Sasuke. I was born in Serbia, practical in the city Belgrade, but I live in Novi Sad. As regards of my real life, I like sport (Football, Basketball...), ride a bike, programming and do some random stuffs. Also, I'm very good in speaking English, German, Spanish, Russian and Polish languages.


I started to watch Naruto when I was 11 year old, but honestly, the first few episodes have been boring to me - however, later I watched every episodes. P.S. I read all the chapters of manga, and now I currently watch a new episodes of Shippūden.

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  • Date of joining; 20th January, 2015
  • Edits; mostly articles based on characters (also some infoboxes)
  • Message; feel free to leave me a message on my talkpage if you need anything.


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