Subjects which I generally focus on

  • Filler/non-main characters.
  • Techniques and Kekkei Genkai.
  • Character personalities, abilities, appearances etc.
  • Locations, especially smaller locations which does not have their own page yet are still mentioned as a subsection on related pages.
  • Clans, usually those that are not canon.
  • I will in some cases try to contribute to major character pages, it won't happen too much.
  • Equipment: tools, weapons etc.

Things which I won't be working with

  • Translations, I don't speak or read japanese and as such will generally not concern myself with matters of this nature.
  • In line with the point above, I won't contribute to the song pages.

In case of the unsigned post of 27-8-2013 on the Zabuza talkpage

I'm aware that it's against this Wikia's policy to post or edit without signing the change or contribution on a talk page, my only defence is the following: I tried to correct a mistake, I made on my own previous contribution on the same page, which unfortunately resulted in a second level two headline emerging, I have removed the spare headline and hopefully this will not cause any problems. I duly apologize in the event that it does.

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