Hello, I am from New York in America. I am a big fan of Naruto, and other classic manga, like Dragon Ball. (Well, who doesn't like it?). I am also an artisit, and my art style was inspired from a mix of Kishimoto's and a style of realism.

I write my own story. It was inspired from Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, and Avatar: The Last Airbender, and of course my own original themes. Unfortunately, it's all in my head. :P

I've been informally learning Japanese for about a year now, and I'm not so bad at it. I also study many different types of mythology, especially Shinto. I love Japan and everythng about it.

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I have contributed several pictures to the Wiki. I also try to revert any joke edits. I forget to log in a lot, so most of my contributions are by my IP Adress.

Images I Have Contributed


I made more, but they ended up being replaced. XD The rest of my contributions.

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