Real Name: Jun

Eye Colour: Teal

Sex: Male

Birthday: 1st November

Hair Colour: Was Light Brown at birth to a young age, lightened to Blonde over the years.

Ethnicity Colour: White

Favourite Naruto Characters

Female: Karin

Male: Danzou


I tend to edit minor things such as spelling and English grammar. If something is clearly wrong with a title or sentence I won't hesitate to re-order, edit/change things to make it that much more coherent to viewers. I go on several other Wikia's which I don't know if I'm allowed to name here (you can see them on my recent visits I think).

If I am unsure about a sentence structure then I usually type it in edit summary, whilst trying my best to make it better. If it is much larger however I would probably put it in the pages' talk.

I make contributions on forums for sharing ideas.

I also help with Translations for Manga pages, sites and anything else with Japanese to English.

Sometimes I might edit links and sources, for example Hidan's page where I correct sources such as manga pages and directs.

Recently, I have uploaded photos for Metal Gear Wiki (requested), I may upload things (unspecified) for this Wiki too upon request although it's still rare for me to do so since my camera embedded into my laptop (eye) which means it's inconvenient.

Happy to upload screenshots upon request any time I'm on and I see the message.

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