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no need to be sarcastic

I'm getting chakra in general pretty well I think, the only thing that I and Seel have disagreed upon was how an affinity works, and only sorta what it is. Still, the Kakuzu hearts thingy is questionable, how do hearts of other people allow him to use 4-5 natures? Doesn't that suggest that simply even taking just an arm of someone else would work too? Because absorbing a person's chakra/having it transferred doesn't grant any ability/knowledge as how to perform natures. So according to logic of Kakuzu's technique, Kabuto also should have all natures since he dosed himself with blood of many. That's why I STILL believe that the affinity thing is determined both from a person's physical and spiritual energies rather than the chakra in itself leaning as you suggest, in means that an Uchiha's chakra is already hotter than a common folk's and that Naruto's is sharper etc. I disagree with that still despite my excuse :D My view explains why transplants work in such a way and chakra doesn't... I mean, how do you interpret the Uchiha? Was that fire affinity there since the very first of them? Doubtful, that wouldn't explain why. In my opinion it started just only as a specialization and then a tradition with the coming of age thingy, so originally they have gotten good at it thanks to common usage/skill alone. Since the children of those skilled in/at Katon and children of those children were also practicing Katon again and again, it eventually became a genetic trait over generations, this is how I understand that. So in theory, had the Uchihas chose to continuously specialize in Suiton instead, they would have gotten such an affinity. So according to my theory/interpretation, chakra affinity may even change and it's possible for someone to have 2 affinities even. So in a way, chakra affinities are hereditary, but only if someone's ancestors/family were all doing the same thing and it doesn't mean it's permanent. Do you agree/disagree?--Elveonora (talk) 12:15, May 20, 2013 (UTC)

If that was the case, then I'm sorry and thank you for being helpful. You just made it sound that just because I seemingly don't know how one thing works, I must not know everything else related to it. For me, one does not simply leave his pride and stubbornness behind and perhaps a little but of bias :P But again, I wouldn't call that confusion, I just understand it differently as I interpret the text in my own way, be it canon or not. (hopefully the former lol) I still don't think I was completely wrong, because as you say, it's a complicated matter and none of us know any better and what we "know" today might change later on. And that's why we are now discussing it more in-depth, to learn our views.

For the Obito thing, the situation is called ignorance. People just always assumed that just because Obito was 13 during 3rd War, so must have been Kakashi, which isn't true... now this ItachiHero guy brought him being 11 from nowhere. I'm not saying he is wrong, but he is wrong... xD Because every of us may possibly be wrong, but as of since whenever the 3rd databook came out, it's clear that Kakashi is almost 4 years younger. I again disagree it's the fully complete chakra in itself. Don't you think that the amount of it would have been gone eventually, once he would use up all of it, if it were true? I'm not saying the chakra doesn't "lean" in terms of nature affinity, I just disagree what the "leaning" is/means and that it already shows the nature on some nano level or something. Again, we must remember what chakra is, physical and spiritual energy merged together... to me that shows that the chakra affinity is dependent on both genetically inherited qualities/talent and mental matters, meaning the chakra paper in my opinion checks what's stored in those physical and spiritual energies rather than stating: "oh, right... your chakra is warmer, u must be Katon/it's dull, you sure are Doton" if you get what I'm saying.

Seelentau also misunderstood what I said about everyone having all five natures. Everyone can alter their nature; "can" in terms of capability. Most also likely have knowledge thus know how it's being done. It's only a matter of "can" as when talking about skill in doing so. So basically we didn't disagree with each other on this one, he just thought I meant something else. So in theory, let's say Naruto could unleash Katon, Suiton, Raiton, Doton in a dire situation if a wonder happened and had he somehow successfully managed to do so. There are only 2 explanations behind the latest chapter; either most of those wall users have Doton affinity and/or training, or it was (as Ino put it) a matter of "must" rather than "can" ... will of fire or some shit granting them powers.

And yes, it's just "information" in dem hearths rather than the natured chakra itself, that's what I'm trying to say.

For the Uchiha, the point is that it could not have been always. Their chakra started to lean and it started to be passed down to next generations only already after many generations of practicing the rite of passage thingy, meaning they in a way progressively "programmed" themselves to be Katon users.

And why not for changing affinities and why a heresy??? (lol, what a weird word have you used there) IF I'm correct with the above way of inheritance thingy, then it should be also possible to reprogram the affinity over some time. In my opinion, it's possible for someone to be born with five affinities towards all natures, but the chance is so small it's close to impossible and would require MANY eons of continual selective breeding between clans with these traits or a miracle.--Elveonora (talk) 15:21, May 20, 2013 (UTC)

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