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Re:Otsutsuki edit

So, to respont to your message properly, it seems like I should point out on some of your mistakes.

  • Firstly, Kaguya never possessed the Rinnegan, she awakened the Rinne Sharingan from the very moment she's eaten the Chakra Fruit. Also, we've never got to know how Momoshiki gained his own Rinnegan, so it doesn't suggest that Kaguya had a one (and Kinshiki wasn't even shown with the Rinnegan, so he didn't possess it).
  • Secondly, you should know that Tenseigan (as a doujutsu) and Tenseigan (Energy Vessel) (as Energy Vessel) aren't the same thing. The first one is a doujutsu which can be awakened by combining Hamura's bloodlines, as Tonri did after implanting the eyes of Hanabi (the member of Hyuga clan, who also descended from Hamura) and combining it with his own Ootsutsuki chakra (the main descendants of Hamura). It has nothing to do with the multiple Byakugans sealed in the Evergy Vessel - which was also called a Tenseigan, but is something completely different. It uses the sealed Byakugans' power to act as a power source for all the constructs within the Moon (for the puppets, for example) and also could move it to crash onto the Earth. So doujutsu Tenseigan can be awakened by any descendant of Hamura that way: "Ootsutsuki chakra + Hyuga Byakugan".

Besides, I don't know if you read the manga/databooks or not, but the events leading to Ten-Tails vs Hagoromo/Hamura battle are described there differently than it was shown in the anime, so if you add the anime version of events, do not delete the manga version, since it's still above anime in terms of canonicity. Ravenlot 27 (talk) 10:32, August 31, 2016 (UTC)

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