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Re: Editing your post

I removed the part about Hiruzen because it was literally just after I'd said that there was to be nothing more about him. I'll be honest, I considered leaving that part in, mostly because I agreed with it but no Hiruzen means no Hiruzen regardless of my personal opinion. That small part of your comment may have sparked others disagreeing and the whole thread would get derailed again.

In this situation, I did what I thought was right, but if you think it was unfair of me, feel free to either reply on my talk page and we can discuss it further or bring it to one of the [other mods or ops.] Regardless of this situation, as a general rule if a forum mod like AsianReaper or myself requests that something should/shouldn't be done, things go a lot more smoothly if you comply. Unless we're being unreasonable of course, we're only human ^_^

One last thing, if you're leaving a message on a talk page, please sign your post, otherwise it can be hard to know who sent it. Curse of Hatred (talk) 22:54, January 25, 2016 (UTC)

Here's the part I removed.
So the character that did the statement that hiruzen was the strongest hokage of all time,probably didn't know how strong hashirama was ,also in the databook only said that hiruzen was the strongest kage of his generation.
So yes, if I look at this comment without the context of the thread, you made no direct mention of 'prime' Hiruzen. But that's a technicality, a small one at that. Essentially, I thought this part of your comment could be a trigger for another argument about him, regardless of a direct mention. If I had left the comment as it was, it's possible nothing else would have come of it. But if the thread got derailed again then I have two choices: delete comments that mention him or close the thread - neither of which I want to do. I'm not overly fond of pulling rank in a discussion because it then means I need to make good on my warnings, but I will if I feel it's necessary. And removing that part of your comment was something I felt was necessary as a means of prevention. Curse of Hatred (talk) 00:03, January 26, 2016 (UTC)
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