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Editin things incorrectly...ur addin things that r not true....if u keep on doin this im goin 2 have 2 tell sum1 2 ban u 4 adding false information

I didn't believe that I was adding wrong things, I'll stop right away. I'm very sorry, please forgive me.

Well i never heard ny1 thinkin that Anko was Naruto's mom...Madara is not Zetsu's, Hashirama's or Izuna's partner.....n Hashirama's partners are not Tobirama n Hiruzen...n Kakashi was nvr Yamato's partner--Moiz1224 (talk) 03:21, 1 September 2009 (UTC)

You sure, I've seen alot of people say they were related because of their similar attitudes. To say she's his mother is a stretch but his sister or something to many would make sense. I've seen Zetsu accompany Madara everywhere so I think they could be. Madara as Hashirama's partner, maybe not but Izuna's yes because they led the Uchiha clan together. I think Hashirama was partners with Tobirama as they trained Sarutobi together. And Kakashi was Tenzo's partner in ANBU, he was his captain.

No they're not similar so dat wood be stupid 2 add. Zetsu is told everything cuz he records n it tells the Leader (which wood be Madara and/or Pain). Maybe Izuna, fine i agree but still dont add it just let sum1 else or ask 1 of those high ppl dat work here like Snapper2, AlienGamer, ShounenSuki, Jacce, ect... No Tobirama was the leader as it was Team Tobirama. N Kakashi was the captain of the ANBU squad dat Yamato was in so dats like sayin Kakashi is partner wit Naruto or Asuma is partners wit Ino ect....

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