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They only ever say that Asuma 'holds' the Wind nature. They never specify if it's his affinity. Come to think of it, do they ever even use the word 'affinity' in the manga? —[[User:ShounenSuki|ShounenSuki]] <sup>([[User_talk:ShounenSuki|talk]] | [[Special:Contributions/ShounenSuki|contribs]] | [[User:ShounenSuki#Translations|translations]])</sup> 15:41, July 27, 2011 (UTC)
They only ever say that Asuma 'holds' the Wind nature. They never specify if it's his affinity. Come to think of it, do they ever even use the word 'affinity' in the manga? —[[User:ShounenSuki|ShounenSuki]] <sup>([[User_talk:ShounenSuki|talk]] | [[Special:Contributions/ShounenSuki|contribs]] | [[User:ShounenSuki#Translations|translations]])</sup> 15:41, July 27, 2011 (UTC)
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Can you delete [ this] and []? I thought we don't do pages that redirect to images. '''—[[User talk:Fmakck|Fmakck''']] ''<sup>([[User:Fmakck#Images I've Added|Images]] | [[Special:Contributions/Fmakck|contribs]])</sup>'' 08:57, July 28, 2011 (UTC)

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Hi there, it's my again. I have a question about Henge no Jutsu (Transform or something like that). Can ninjas transform themselves into birds and fly? It's kinda strange how they all are moving so slow on the missions, and they aren't using this technique. Hope you have a time to answer. :I ^^

Homunkulus7 (talk) 15:15, June 14, 2011 (UTC)


Thanks, Jacce-san, for blocking that creep Hawkara! And for reverting his/her's edit on userpage! I know I can always count on you!--NinjaSheik 19:13, June 16, 2011 (UTC)

You're so sweet! ^__^--NinjaSheik 19:19, June 16, 2011 (UTC)

Thanks for the link.--NinjaSheik 19:42, June 16, 2011 (UTC)

Thank you for helping me!--NinjaSheik 19:59, June 16, 2011 (UTC)

Tee-hee! It seems like I'm thanking you a lot today, Jacce-senpai! ~__^--NinjaSheik 20:07, June 16, 2011 (UTC)

I'm glad that the Narutopedia have users like you keep it safe from troublemakers!--NinjaSheik 20:15, June 16, 2011 (UTC)

Re: Block

I think you have missed 2-3 times. But that's fine. ^_^ --Ilnarutoanime 19:36, June 16, 2011 (UTC)


The Sha no Sho clearly show that the masked one is the second Kazekage and not the first. I don't care what the picture shows, who said that they're in the correct order? Also, this could be a past mistake that Kishimoto corrected later, like Jūkenhō and Jūkenpō. Seelentau 愛 16:10, June 19, 2011 (UTC)

Yeah, and it would be even more logical to put them into correct order in the Databook. Ask ShounenSuki about it, let's see what he's to say. Seelentau 愛 16:19, June 19, 2011 (UTC)
It seems Seelentau was right. The Third Databook really does claim the masked man is the Second Kazekage and the bald man is the First. Somewhere there's a mistake, and I'm more willing to believe it's the databook that's correct. Maybe the kazekage will get summoned so this situation can be cleared up. —ShounenSuki (talk | contribs | translations) 17:20, June 19, 2011 (UTC)

That range block

I think it might be time to reactivate it. Your thoughts? Omnibender - Talk - Contributions 23:25, June 20, 2011 (UTC)

Eyooo~ :D

How are youuuu~ it's been too long! I've been busy doing everything else XD Might get more active here now! Me sees you're still the Block meister with that Block headline on top and all :D Hey, I was looking through the (still tiny, yay!) candidates for deletion pictures, and I came across this one. I haven't watched the anime for a long time, so I don't know the filler characters (I can only presume that's where he's from). Could you fill me/it in? Thanks~ ~Hakinu (talk | contribs) 22:48, June 21, 2011 (UTC)

Edit: Phail detected. 23:44, June 21, 2011 (UTC)

Ohhh. Didn't recognize him. Thanks :3 Wow, omnibender has become sysop now? When's my turn dimmit! (jk) ~Hakinu (talk | contribs) 08:19, June 22, 2011 (UTC)


i think narutos skill sats should go up since he is really powerful he iz more powerful then sakura and kakashi—This unsigned comment was made by Giodude411 (talkcontribs) .

Shippuden Home

Hey. I don't want us to become friends or anything. I just wanna tell ya that I made a siet for Naruto and I want to get more members. It's really cool so join it. The address is:—This unsigned comment was made by (talkcontribs) .

Madara Uchiha

Please give evidence of why are you reverting my edits on the Madara Uchiha article. ):< PitfulRevenge (talk) 16:14, July 2, 2011 (UTC)

I understand what you're trying to say. I said he is the main antagonist because of what he did during the Nine Tail's attack on the Hidden Leaf Village, and is responsible for why the Akatsuki took a more active role in Part II. I know about the series too, so don't run your damn mouth at me... O:< PitfulRevenge (talk) 16:35, July 2, 2011 (UTC)

I know Madara is one of the antagonists, but he is the MAIN one. The others are different from him so why can't you understand my intentions and theories? You silly bastard. PitfulRevenge (talk) 16:38, July 2, 2011 (UTC)


Jacce-senpai, I need your help with something! PitifulRevenge is stalking me! He went to the Danny Phantom Wiki, a wiki I don't even go to anymore, just to insult me! Look at this.

He's out of control. And I want him off my back. What do you think I should do? I need help here!

EDIT: Okay, that's it! That Pitiful Revenge is coming to all the wiki I go to, and stalking me and leaving me crude messages. My KH Wiki one, only and new! Jacce-san, I don't think it's a good idea if he ever comes back at all. In the end results, is what you choose. I won't make you do anything you don't think is right, I had to tell you--NinjaSheik 22:10, July 3, 2011 (UTC)

You can call me all sorts of names all you want just like that bitch NinjaSheik...But why the fuck is your ass helping her get me banned from Wikia forever? PitfulRevenge2 (talk) 16:31, July 4, 2011 (UTC)

u should get banned from the internet forever you pitiful excuss for a person. stop stalking her you weirdo.—This unsigned comment was made by (talkcontribs) .


Uhm I'm not sure what happened but earlier today I was editing Might Guy's article and I got a warning message that said what I was doing was consistent with vandalism and something about profanity as well as I'd lose my "auto-confirmed user" status. So I scoured the page and found no profanities and tried again. So I just checked some semi-protected pages and apparently now I have been de-listed as an auto-confirmed user. Help?--Cerez365 Hyūga Symbol 15:02, July 6, 2011 (UTC)

Oh ok, i'll let him know though. Thanks much--Cerez365 Hyūga Symbol 15:39, July 6, 2011 (UTC)

Hi erm im Hawkara and i have once editied the magnet release to incorperate that the gold dust technique seems to be linked to it but fishboy osmthing keeps deletign it and i dont knwo how to report it and dotn want to keep editing it as i dotn want to get blocked or anything can you please help as you know a lot about the release and stuff ??—This unsigned comment was made by Hawkara (talkcontribs) .

Re: Removing Content

Honestly, I have no idea what's happening :s All I did was add this image to the articles.--Cerez365 Hyūga Symbol 14:24, July 7, 2011 (UTC)

Hanzo Water Release.


Hey bro, isn't there something missing on hanzo's page (jutsu).

THANKYOU08:38, July 10, 2011 (UTC)Small brother (talk)

Re: Hanzo Water Release 2


really? it wasn't the water clone techqniue? bro.

THANKYOU18:31, July 10, 2011 (UTC)~

Re: Hanzo Water Release 3


oh, is that so?

then okay, thank you so much, bro.

THANKYOU21:54, July 10, 2011 (UTC)~~

Shame on you

Jacce, it has come to my attention through an automatic message written by yourself and delivered to my talk page automatically... Bad, bad! How dare you say 'Believe it!' and acknowledge Datebyo's massacre of the Naruto anime! (Including their start of that ridiculous fan-subbing!) Naruto has NEVER, EVER said 'believe it'! Not in the Japanese anime, Japanese manga or english translated manga! Bad, bad! Foreborn (talk) 06:35, July 11, 2011 (UTC)

The above statement was aimed as a jest, I hope you gathered that. ;) However taking it as a serious subject, the manga english adaption found a way around Dattebayo, the anime should have done the same. But I guess that's too much to ask from those morons and their talentless voice actors... Foreborn (talk) 07:37, July 11, 2011 (UTC)

Re: Browse Jutsu

Contacted staff months ago. SimAnt 04:29, July 12, 2011 (UTC)

Re: V2

Yeah... it's me. I had to change my name and use create another account to be able to edit the Naruto Fanon Wiki. I couldn't do it as "Kai Maciel" because my hotmail account never recieved the confirmation code they needed. I so I had to create another one, with a new name, and a new email as well. I hope it's not against the rules of this wiki... sometimes I forget that "V2" is logged in and I just edit. --Kai Maciel (talk) 15:48, July 12, 2011 (UTC)


Hi Jacce....

Introduce my name is Shinobi of Konoha 07 I have recently joined the Naruto Wiki Actually I already know that Naruto Wiki is a site that contains about Naruto Animation. Starting from the origins of the story until the character Naruto Anime Naruto itself. And I believe all of what is written here.

My purpose to discuss ending Naruto Shippuden Yokubo Sakebe o! is simply to want to know the original lyrics of the song itself. That I discussed earlier is the result of the way I listen to the song ^ _ ^

All I ask, when the original lyrics of the songs from Yokubo o Sakebe! will be released?

I hope you can answer it Nice to meet you ..... ^ _ ^—This unsigned comment was made by Shinobi Konoha 07 (talkcontribs) .


Oh ... okay. I'll wait for the actual lyric here ^ _ ^

Jacce, I always look forward to news or articles related to Animation Naruto here.

Thank you for your concern, Jacce ^_^ --Shinobi Konoha 07 (talk) 16:55, July 17, 2011 (UTC)

Re: Seals

I'm sure if there is a setting for speed in the wikia gallery slideshow, but i'll look into it. SimAnt 03:36, July 23, 2011 (UTC)

Re: Asuma's affinity

They only ever say that Asuma 'holds' the Wind nature. They never specify if it's his affinity. Come to think of it, do they ever even use the word 'affinity' in the manga? —ShounenSuki (talk | contribs | translations) 15:41, July 27, 2011 (UTC)


Can you delete this and [1]? I thought we don't do pages that redirect to images. Fmakck (Images | contribs) 08:57, July 28, 2011 (UTC)

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