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Why did you remove my edit on haku ??????!!!!

Think Next time when you remove Edits ......


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hashirama's wood release is because he was born with special chakra relating to LIFE wood is the essence of life because of the mixture water+earth+hashirama special chakra= wood this is also why itachi says the life span of shisui's mangekyo eye could be reduced if you had hashirama's chakra madara's chakra was also special as he said because he could activate the all the basic uses of the mangekyo sharingan like "kamui" which he uses to go into dimensions. sasuke and karin were in one of them.his chakra was more sinister and stronger than even the kyuubi but the kyuubi obviously had more chakra. tobirama was not born with special chakra but as a senju who inherited the body of ridoku sennin "nature" his and the rest of the senju clan's power in nature releases is extraordinary.

senju specialties earth and water and wind

uchiha specialties fire and lightning

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