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Re: Shadow Clone Page

Because there's nothing in that chapter actually suggests that. One of the clones tapping into Kurama's chakra at that only means that the specific clone got angry/frustrated enough that it drew on the tailed beast chakra. We've seen even earlier what when he first fought Deidara that other clones can feel when one taps into that chakra. There's a resonance between the clones, as explained by Tobirama when he compares Naruto sharing Kurama's chakra with the Allied Shinobi Forces with the workings of the shadow clone technique. What happened in 329 was merely the chakra coming through the path of least resistance. The entire point of shadow clones is evenly splitting the chakra between all the clones. Omnibender - Talk - Contributions 18:12, February 1, 2019 (UTC)

As long as Kurama is sealed in Naruto, Kurama's chakra is part of Naruto, and as such it is subject to splitting through shadow clones. Of course the clones would have enough chakra to manifest tails, as they have in that moment and before. You don't need that much of a tailed beast to manifest a tail, Kinkaku and Ginkaku weren't even actual jinchuriki and could manifest version 2 cloaks. There's zero indication that tail manifestation scales linearly with chakra, so Naruto having 200 clones means nothing for them having version one tails. What I mean by path of least resistance is that since Naruto was using 200 clones, Kurama had that many more opportunities to have one of them end up angry enough or chakra deprived enough to have his own chakra leak through it and influence that clone. The "attack surface" was greater. The entire point of having Yamato also oversee the training was to deal with that, which was necessary. Gyuki's explanation means nothing, because the chakra split is even no matter now many clones there are. If Naruto makes a clone and halves his chakra, if that clone makes another 2 clones, those two aren't created with just the 50% chakra of the first clone, it's made with the chakra of the original as well. A clone of a clone of a clone of a clone doesn't have it's chakra halved with every new division, that's the same with tailed beast chakra. Gyuki's explanation was nothing really new, we already knew that if Naruto used too much of Kurama's chakra, Kurama would break free and take over, him using it through clones only means he's drawing more at once than he would be if he wasn't using clones. Omnibender - Talk - Contributions 23:35, February 2, 2019 (UTC)
And you think that if Kin and Gin had enough of Kurama's chakra to manifest those tails, you think that clones of Naruto, who is the actual jinchuriki, wouldn't? Pay attention to what I said, I said no evidence it scales "linearly". It's not a one to one comparison. Or do you actually think that 8 one tailed Narutos are as powerful as the eight tailed Naruto that broke through Chibaku Tensei? The clone thing is taken from Tobirama's explanation of how shadow clones work when Naruto sends more of Kurama's chakra to the rest of the Allied Shinobi, he compares the distribution of chakra to how shadow clones work. Because they still had a bit of the chakra that Naruto gave them earlier, Naruto could pump them more chakra later through the connection. We also knew that from way before. When Naruto fought Pain, he had to limit his shadow clone use in actual battle so as not to disturb the clones that were in Mount Myoboku gathering natural energy. Naruto wouldn't have to take that precaution if shadow clones were completely insulated from what happens to other clones or the original. You're still not getting the diagram. The risk Naruto had was that when using clones that used Kurama's chakra, Kurama had more bandwidth to drain his chakra, like adding another tap to the same barrel, the overall chakra pool of Naruto and however many clones he has at any given time. The biggest proof of that tailed beast being cloned as well is in the final Naruto vs Sasuke at the Valley. When Naruto is fully transformed, he creates 3 shadow clones, which are also fully transformed. One of them gets tossed aside, and starts gathering natural energy for Naruto. When Naruto calls for that clone, he specifically calls for Kurama, who think he gathered too much natural energy, and them disperses, sending the natural energy back. Omnibender - Talk - Contributions 17:40, February 3, 2019 (UTC)
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