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Hello! Its nice to talk to someone with a different point of view. I really love debating now. Well I see points like this often and I can counter it easily.

Let me explain. The reason Sakura thought of Sasuke first is because she thinks she still loves Sasuke. To be honest, Sakura's feelings for Sasuke never seemed like love to me. More like idol worship/admiration/fangirlism. But the point is, I believe she mistook those feelings as love(selfish, imature love.). Either that or Kishi portrays love very poorly which doesn't seem to be the case if we take a look at Naruto's selfless love for Sakura. Anyway, when it comes to romantic feelings, Sasuke is always the first that comes to mind. Why did Sasuke show up instead of Naruto? The answer is simple. She knows for a fact that she still has feelings for Sasuke and she's ashamed of them but when thinking of her feelings for Naruto, her mind is a blank slate. Everytime Sakura thinks of her feelings for Naruto or she questions herself " Do I love Naruto?, her mind is in a chaos of confusion and uncertainty. Sakura doesn't know anymore if her love for Naruto is platonic, brotherly, or romantic. How I got this conclusion? Reference to Third Databook, considered straight from Kishimoto. "What are Sakura's feelings for Naruto? Sakura still hasn't found an answer." That's a canon fact and she will figure it out eventually.

Hinata's confession. (* sigh*) This is always brought up as PRO NARUHINA. Why? Because of her so-called " selfless, moving confession" Naruto has to love her after that when, realistically, you don't love or like someone just because you know her feelings. You forget that Naruto was already in love with Sakura at this time so why would his feelings switch to the "girl of his dreams" to a "shy girl he barely knows?" They don't and I see no returning feelings from Naruto's side. Its still canonically one-sided. Sakura and Naruto have been separated lately, but rest assured there will be another NaruSaku moment soon. That I'm certain of.

Hinata's confession Part 2. She truly didn't do that much for him when he most needed help. All she did do was a "selfish confession"(Her words, not mine.) to Naruto and recklessly attacked Pain, knowing full well she was no match and would likely die. Tell me, how does that help Naruto in his current situation? Answer: It didn't. Before you bring up Hinata's confession in the anime, think wisely. You do realize almost that whole Hinata-centric episode was filler right? Her flashbacks of Naruto beating up her bullies? Filler. Hinata actually putting up a good fight and getting hit but getting back up? Filler. Hinata actually attempting to pull the chakra rods out of Naruto and repeating her nindo? Filler. Filler doesn't count as pairing proof or anything else proof. The manga happened before the anime so everything in it is drawn by Kishimoto which is valid material. The filler in the anime is basically for filling out episodes but sometimes, Hinata's confession being an example, its blown out of proportion for Hinata fanservice and making her look less pathetic than what she actually is. Studio Pieret are huge Hinata fans. If filler counted, I could count Naruto Shippuden episode 235 is a confirmation of Naruto's feelings for Sakura but as much as I want to, I don't because it didn't happen in the manga.

Hinata being better than Sakura. That's your opinion. I find Sakura way better than Hinata. Hinata did more for Naruto than Sakura did? This is completely wrong. If anything, its the opposite. Sakura does way more for Naruto than Hinata ever did. Also, name one thing Hinata did for Naruto that Sakura didn't. I'm curious.

EDIT: I'm not trying to be rude, but can you try to spell better? Its hard making out your posts. But if it can't be helped then fine.

If you would like to debate me, I'd like that. Debating is so fun! Romance Girl (talk) 00:32, February 15, 2012 (UTC)Romance Girl

NaruHina Likelihood

Well I'm glad you didn't include filler. I'm sorry for immediately assuming that but I've seen many NaruHina fans who take filler as fact, when in reality, its useless. The manga I will gladly talk about. I also assumed that because you acted like Hinata DID SO MUCHduring the confession(which she did in the anime) when she really didn't in the manga.

I know Sakura " loves " Sasuke but I don't understand it really. I just never got the feeling of sincere love with her. Naruto's love for Sakura? Yes. I mean, at least with Hinata she has reasons to love Naruto but Sakura loving Sasuke? The only things I could ever think of as her reasons are the following: 1. Handsome good looks. 2. Talents and skill in jutsu. 3. The Bench Scene(This is a major one. She believed Sasuke complimented the one she hates about herself and was actually being nice to her. She actually almost believed he may feel the same but that wasn't Sasuke. It was Naruto.) I really can't think of good, non-shallow reason. To be honest, I think she is in love with a false image of Sasuke. Always has been. Like I said in my last post, Sakura is well aware of her lingering feelings for Sasuke(Past Sasuke, not current), but she isn't proud of it and wants to move on. That means character development for her, since Sasuke has always been a negative part of her personality. Like I said, Sakura doesn't understand her feelings for Naruto at all. She doesn't know if its platonic or romantic. Sakura will know at one point and we we'll finally have an answer. Kishimoto confirmed her confused feelings. Does that mean she loves him unconciously? I think so but I may be wrong.

Hinata's feelings were brought up again but does this really mean it will go anywhere? No it doesn't. Hinata's feelings for Naruto we already knew.This isn't something new. I'm annoyed with Hinata still trailing after Naruto like a lost puppy. That's all she's ever been. Whenever I or anyone else mentions her the first thing that pops in our head is "Oh you mean that girl that likes Naruto?". Since her confession, she hasn't grown as a character. Once she only sees him as a role model, then she can progress. But its understandable that she still loves him. First of all, Hinata believes she still didn't get closure for her confession(I think she did already but she doesn't.) and Kishimoto knows how many NaruHina fans read just for the pairings so he wouldn't just drop her feelings right away or he would lose fans. Its a scheme to make money. Simple as that. Also, you act like Naruto and Hinata interacted so much since her confession. They didn't. Naruto saved her recently but as far as I could tell, their was no romance on Naruto's side. In fact, in his own way, I think he was hinting he didn't feel the same.

Sakura's confession. This is always brought up as ANTI NaruSaku which it isn't. Sakura was trying to protect him and shield him from the Sasuke elimination they all agreed on. Also, she was trying to lift the PoaL from his shoulders because Sai revealed to her how pained he is when it comes to "The Promise of a Lifetime". Was guilt a part of it? Yes. But the fact remains that she was doing the best she could for Naruto's well-being at the time. Also, the fact that she could confess and hug him in front of people is amazing. Naruto denied her confession(Denied. He didn't reject her feelings. He still loves her. He was very confused.) Also, Sakura shouted at him for claiming to know how she feels, when she herself does not. When she mentioned Sasuke, her expression was definitely forced. But when talking about Naruto and why she loved him, Sakura was blushing and looked sincere. Which leads me back to her loving him unconsciously.

NaruSaku proof. There is just so many for me to list them all and I don't exactly know the chapter numbers on most of them but can still list them.

Part 1 NaruSaku Proof:(yes there are slight moments in Part 1 on Sakura's side)

1. Naruto acted out her perfect fantasy in the form of Sasuke but still said her exact thoughts("Your forehead is so wide and charming. Makes me want to kiss it"), showing he loved her most hated aspect. (Chapter 3) 2. During the Zabuza Arc, Naruto was being cool for once and impressed her making her blush.(Quote: "What is this feeling?...This is Naruto...") Not much but something. 3. During one of the missions, Sakura was supporting Naruto who was worn out and gently scolded him for being so reckless. 4. During Chunin Exams written exam. She saw him cracking under the pressure and though she admitted being Hokage was an "Impossible Dream of him", Sakura was going to raise her hand so their team could be disqualified, stating " I don't want that dream crushed!" The amazing thing about this was that she was unconsciously only thinking of Naruto and not how Sasuke, her crush would feel. When he refused to give up, she thought " Yeah. You're that kind of idiot." but thought it fondly. 5. During Chunnin Exams in Forest of Death. Sakura saved Naruto from falling and defended him, calling Sasuke a coward. 6. During Sakura's fight against Ino. Ino had her under the Mind Transfer jutsu but Naruto's shouting reached Sakura and she was able to force Ino out of her mind thanks to him. 7. Sakura was geniunely grateful for what he did in her fight and in return during his fight with Kiba, she was loudly cheering him on, having more faith in him than Hinata did. 8. During Naruto's fight with Neji, she was happy that he won and thought that "Watching him made her want to try harder." 9. Sakura thanked Sasuke for saving her from Gaara but he revealed Naruto saved her. Sakura didn't believe it first but Sasuke insisted. Then Sakura looked at Naruto with a fond, grateful smile. 10. Sakura came to him about her worries over Sasuke and he encouraged her that he would never turn to Orochimaru for power. She still had doubts but later when thinking of what Naruto said, she was smiling and blushing. 11. The dreaded "Promise of a Lifetime." Sakura was torn apart after Sasuke's betrayal and came to him with a favor to bring Sasuke back to her. Naruto was seen clearly pained and hurt but put aside his feelings for Sakura's happiness. He then promised her he would bring Sasuke back. This caused her to cry even harder and took back her negative opinion on him that she said in the beginning. Quote: (" He always knew.. he always helped me.") 12. When Naruto got back and failed to bring Sasuke back, Sakura was hurt and pained but covered up her feelings for Naruto's sake. After his insistence to keeping his promise, she smiled at him again warmly. 13. At some point during this time, Sakura thought "Naruto, I trust you completely." 14. Naruto became part of her reason to train under Tsunade for she didn't want to be a burdan.(Quote: "Next time, we'll do it together.")

Contray to some NaruSaku fans belief, I don't think Sakura had romantic feelings for Naruto in Part 1. This is just their development and shows that NaruSaku isn't completely impossible.

NaruSaku Proof in Part 2:(Definite romantic undertones on Sakura's side) 1. First Chapter of Part 2. Sakura was so happy and excited to see Naruto again so when she finally met up with him, she was literally checking him out. Sakura kept thinking that he was "so grown up" and probably "had gotten much stronger". Also, she openly asked Naruto "Am I more like a woman to you now?", flirting with him and blushing. And when he didn't give her the answer that she wanted, she was offended. 2. After the Bells Test. Naruto asked her out on a date and, instead of rejecting him like she used to, Sakura accepted it, as long as he was paying. Of course Naruto was low on money and Temari and Shikamaru interrupted. 3. Rescuing Gaara arc. Sakura was sympathizing with Naruto's situation as a Jinchuriki immensely. 4. Rescuing Gaara Arc. Sakura wanted to know what would happen if the beast was extracted from them, possibly wanting Naruto to be free of it. However, when Chiyo explained they would die, Sakura was openly crying very hard over Naruto's situation. Naruto had told her he would rescue Gaara, possibly not wanting her to cry over him. Sakura had said " Naruto, don't you see it you I'm-" before he cut off her sentence. 5. Fight against Sasori. When Sakura was trapped and holding her breath because of poison, she thought of Naruto and Sasuke, giving her motivation to fight more(Quote: " This time...I'll protect them both!". I see this as a slight NS moment because she thought of Naruto before Sasuke. 6. Sakura was shown to be distraught when seeing Naruto cry over Gaara's death. 7. New Team 7 Arc. Right when meeting Sai, Naruto was about to start a fight with him but was stopped. Right after, when Sai called her "Ugly" she immediately flipped out just like Naruto did, causing Yamato to restrain her(Quote: "Sakura, take your own advice!") This isn't exactly a NS moment, but it shows they have similar personalities. 8. Tenchi Bridge arc. Sai was insulting Sasuke and Naruto was about to start a fight with him again but Sakura stopped him, telling Sai to forgive Naruto. But she then punched Sai saying "But you don't have to forgive me." It was because he badmouthed Sasuke but it showed she didn't want Naruto to be in trouble. 9. Tenchi Bridge Arc. Sakura felt bad for how torn up Naruto was over Sasuke, telling Sai they were like brothers. Sai told Sakura "You're gentle to Naruto, Sakura. I don't understand feelings such as those but there was this book-" but Naruto interrupted again. This could be that Sai was pointing out possible feelings for Naruto, but the moment was interrupted again. Also, Sakura's air bubble had "....?" as if she didn't undertand what he could mean. 10. Tenchi Bridge Arc. When Naruto went into 4-tails and left her train of sight, she anxiously asked Yamato what was happening to him, showing concern. 11. Tenchi Bridge Arc. Sakura finally saw Naruto's 4-tailed state and immediately thought of the Naruto she knew. She became overemotional and had her hand to her chest, as if seeing him like this hurt her mentally. As Kabuto kept talking about Naruto turning into that just to save Sasuke, she started to cry, harder and harder. Sakura then recklessly ran towards Naruto, saying "Naruto STOP! It's okay! I'll rescue Sasuke-kun for you!" She then got hit in the process. 12. Tenchi Bridge Arc. Despite being hit by Naruto, Sakura immediately tried to heal him but it was slow at first, so she sped it up, even though doing that hurt her arm more. Sakura asked Yamato if he could teach her that jutsu he did to stop Naruto, but he said she couldn't learn it. Sakura was oddly distraught over this, saying " It's always like this. The only things I could ever do for Naruto... are the little things anyone could do!" Yamato however said " It doesn't matter whether the things you do for him are great or small. What matters most, is how much you care, really care about Naruto. I can tell, just by watching you Sakura, just how much you-" but Naruto woke up and the moment was interrupted. The famous "unfinished sentence." I believe he was going to say how much she loves him. 13. Tenchi Bridge Arc. Sakura was crying tears of happiness to see Naruto was alright. 14. Tenchi Bridge Arc. Naruto collapsed from exhaustion but Sakura was quickly there to help him, and was angry when Yamato said they would have to leave him. 15. Sasuke and Sai arc. Sakura needed to stop and rest because of her injury and Naruto was very worried about her. He tried to compliment her and Sakura was first pleasantly enjoying it until Naruto mentioned her "Brute Strength." 16. Sasuke and Sai Arc. When they lost Sasuke again, Naruto was crying over his failure. Sakura, though sad and crying as well, attempting to comfort him, saying they can both be strong together. 17. Hidan and Kakuzu Arc. Naruto had broken his arm and Sakura was the one to heal him and fix him. She was angry with him for being so reckless and worried over his wound. During this, Naruto admitted he liked it this way, saying they were both getting closer to Sasuke, and Sakura was touched yet shocked. Though I still believe he meant it in another way as well: He was just glad to spend time with her. 18. Hidan and Kakuzu Arc. When Naruto couldn't eat his ramen because of his broken arm, Sakura offered to feed him, giving him a strange look if you look at the panel. Naruto was blushing and suprised at this action, but Sai ruined it, causing Naruto to yell at him. If you look closely, Sakura's fist was clenched together as though she was angry at Sai for ruining it. This is a big moment, because in Japan, that is considered romantic. 19. Finding Sasuke Arc. When Naruto was fighting Tobi and he got hit, Hinata immediately worried for his safety, yet Sakura called her out on it, saying she should focus and he couldn't get beaten that easily. Again, another example of how much more faith she has in Naruto that Hinata doesn't. 20. Naruto finds out Jiraiya dies, she was worried over him and wanted to help him but was stopped by Kakashi. 21. Pain Arc. When Konoha was in ruins, Sakura shouted "Naruto! Come home!" in a moment of helplessness. 21. Pain Arc. When Naruto finally arrived, Sakura kept asking a Byakugan user if Naruto was alright. 22. Pain Arc. Sakura is healing Hinata after getting struck down by Pain, and states in her thoughts "Hinata loves Naruto." with an unhappy expression. Its almost like it bothered her. 23. Pain Arc. Naruto saves the village from Nagato and Sakura goes up to him. She then hits him on the head, because of her anger and worry over his recklessness, but soon after hugs him. The first known time she has. He is shocked by this and Sakura murmurs "Thank you." This is considerated romantic because Japanese people are against public displays of affection. Also, everyone behind them were blushing, even Kakashi who looked startled at this. 24. Naruto was seen worrying over Tsunade but Sakura quickly comforts him, stating she was strong. Privately, she is seen wondering why she's helping him when she needs comfort too. 25. In a flashback of Sai's, it is revealed that he asked Naruto if he loved Sakura and did he tell her how he feels. Naruto replies "How can I? I can't even keep my promises to her." This seems to hint that he plans to tell her his feelings after Sasuke is resolved. 26. Sai tells Sakura that Naruto is in love with her. Sakura is shocked and begins to cry as she thinks back to that promise, knowing it was true. Sai tells her everything about Naruto's pain and she starts sobbing even harder. 27. Shikamaru reveals their plans to kill Sasuke but instead of objecting, she's only thinking about Naruto. 28. Sakura's Confession. She tells Naruto she loves him and tries to relieve his burdan. Naruto is in shock but then starts thinking "Why now?" She tries to convince him that she doesn't care for Sasuke anymore and gives him a hug. She states why she loves him, looking sincere and becomes angry for Naruto stating she was lying to herself. Sakura says he should stop chasing after Sasuke and "think about himself for a change." She then becomes so furious that she leaves, leaving Naruto confused, hurt, and angry. 29. Sai's revealtion. Sai states that she confessed to relieve his burdan and was only considering his feelings. 30. Kage Sumit Arc. When Sasuke badmouths Naruto, she becomes angry and defends him, saying that he's still his friend. 31. Kage Sumit Arc. When Sasuke and Naruto charge each other, Sakura unconciously shouts out Naruto's name in worry. 32. Kage Sumit Arc. Sakura's poison kunai gets Naruto and she becomes guilty and concerned. 33. Kage Sumit Arc. When Naruto falls asleep, she is seen smiling fondly at him. 34. Nine-tail's chakra contol Arc. Kushina says to Naruto, "You'll want a girlfriend someday. Just don't fall for a weird one! Find someone like me!". This was obvious NaruSaku foreshadowing to me because Sakura is like Kushina in terms of personality. 35. War Arc. Naruto saved Sakura, looked directly at her, and smiled at her, asking if she was alright. 36. War Arc. Sakura wants to be by his side and help him, no matter what he says. This shows her desire to be with him again.

All the NaruSaku moments I can think of. You said you wanted proof of NaruSaku and I just gave you it. Tell me: Will Kishimoto throw away this development for NaruHina? Highly unlikely. I'm sorry for the super long post but its what you wanted Romance Girl (talk) 08:50, February 16, 2012 (UTC)Romance Girl

I just brought up Part 1 moments because, while not nessessarily romantic, they count as development because Sakura went from hating Naruto to actually respecting him and being fond of him. Naruto's love for Sakura was one-sided then of course.

Now I had listed many Part 2 moments up to 35. That was where Sakura's feelings were shown to be changing and possibly be romantic. That can not be denied, especially because of scenes such as Their reunion, The feeding scene, Yamato's unfinished sentence and two hugs. You're right that Sakura understands and knows Naruto's abilities better than Hinata but even now it seems, Hinata feels he needs her protection. Again. Lack of Faith. Sakura being scared of Kurama? Of course she was. Naruto during the Tenchi Bridge had completely lost control and couldn't stop himself. Sakura had good reason to be scared. But now, Naruto learned how to control the Nine-Tails chakra and, more than that, made a pact with Kurama himself. You act like Sakura doesn't accept Naruto as a Jinchuriki. She does and has for a while. Hinata is somehow more excepting of him? That is wrong. If anything, both Hinata and Sakura accept it easily and equally. Once she learns that Kurama is being peaceful with them, she can learn to love him as well as Naruto. Kushina's words. You are right that what his parents say doesn't show who he'll end up with but you forgot something: Naruto is already in love with Sakura. So really, what his mother said wouldn't matter, whether she was against it or not. Also, Hinata being like Kushina in terms of appearance? That is completely wrong. Hinata looks NOTHING like Naruto's mom. Face shape, eye shape, eye color, clothing all completely different. And don't say they both have long hair. Kushina's is WAY LONGER and Sakura at one point had long hair as well. They look nothing alike in any way whatsoever.If anything, Kushina looks similar to Sakura in some ways. Somewhat similar but not overboard. Face it: Hinata is not like his mother, personality-wise and appearance-wise. It really is quite obvious NaruSaku foreshadowing was involved the moment Kushina showed up. No PRO NARUHINA anywhere in that arc.

Again, you act like we know Naruto loves Hinata. We don't and do you really think he would even think of her that way when is heart belongs with Sakura? Answer: He wouldn't. Naruto and Hinata don't even have enough panel time to be together. Could Kishimoto do it? Of course but that would take so much time for NaruHina to achieve as much development as NaruSaku and to actually be realistic and make sense.. It would take another 570+ chapters to get close to that and he already stated he wanted to end the series soon. He spent so much time building up NS so why switch to NaruHina? I see no proof he will or is doing that. That interaction with Naruto and Hinata wasn't romantic. It was one-sided still. Don't you realize that? The creator of Naruto confirmed Sakura's confused feelings. I've stated this three times. That's why she thought of Sasuke first. She doesn't know she loves Naruto. I admit some NaruSaku moments I've listed could be brushed off as platonic or ambigious, but some where definite romantic ones.

Hinata's character development. You misunderstood me. She has definitely grown as a character since Part 1. But for her character to be completed, she needs to let go of her feelings for Naruto which Kishimoto will do. Rest assured.

Tell me: With all the NaruSaku moments I've listed in my last post, what mutal NaruHina moments throughout the manga have been shown that could hint to that pairing? I see almost none. Romance Girl (talk) 03:23, February 17, 2012 (UTC)Romance Girl

You are right. We will have to wait and see what happens. Who will win? NaruSaku or NaruHina? There is no clear answer. Of course we will know when the time comes.

I don't like the way Kishimoto is handling Sakura's character either. She has so much potential yet I never see her training and I'm annoyed with him for leaving her behind. She should know the summoning jutsu already. On top of that, he portrays her as still loving Sasuke which is something that should already gone.

I really don't hate NaruHina. Not like how I hate SasuSaku. It is an alright pairing and Hinata does deserve to be with someone who loves her and she loves as well. But so far getting with Naruto and him loving her seems to be an impossible dream of hers. I just don't see romance from his side. Their recent interection was meaningful for sure but does it show he loves her? Not really. Is it possible for NaruHina to happen? Yes.

Naruto and Hinata had development for sure. He went from this "Hinata Hyuuga. A weird girl who looks away every time I look at her. A shy and dark girl.", to respecting her feelings and seeing her as a dear friend. Friendship development yes but there has not been moments that seem to imply more than romantic feelings from his side. That is all I'm saying. Also, the reason Hinata has been seen more is because she has a purpose in the story sooner than Sakura. But does that mean winning Naruto's heart? No.

I am just saying that as of now and the way the manga has been heading, as well as tons of development and more NaruSaku moments than NH, NaruSaku seems to be the most probable compared to NaruHina and SasuSaku combined. But even I don't know the ending. So we will see who is right soon.

When the next NaruSaku moment or NaruHina moment comes up, we can debate then as well. Romance Girl (talk) 01:23, February 18, 2012 (UTC)Romance Girl

Naruto Predictions

Sakura's feelings for Naruto will be revealed at one point it the future. Yes Sasuke is definitely a problem. You know, he used to be a favorite character of mine until he find out Itachi's true intentions. Now Sasuke is stupid, unreasonable, blinded by revenge and anger but also evil. I really hope Naruto beats the crap out of him soon. Sasuke deserves to get beaten up. What is your opinion on Sasuke? I personally wouldn't say I'm one of his haters because I don't want him to die. I like "the Old, True Sasuke" that Naruto knew. I miss that Sasuke. I don't think he'll stay evil or even die.

I really hope he runs into Itachi soon. That reunion has to happen. I want to see it so badly. And Sasuke better not kill any Leaf ninja, especially the Konoha 11. That's so messed up. None of them are any match for him at his current level. They are all strong in there own ways but Sasuke will just destroy them. The only people that are a match for Sasuke is Naruto and Itachi but that's it. Romance Girl (talk) 02:55, February 19, 2012 (UTC)Romance Girl

I like both the Anime and manga but the manga can be better. I know! How come we have seen no fighting from the Kages vs. Madara???? I really want to know what's going on! i just hope Tsunade doesn't die... Romance Girl (talk) 03:00, February 19, 2012 (UTC)Romance Girl

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