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Blood Release Jutsu

Omnibender’s Elemental Recomposition Table offers Blood Release as a kekkei tōta which is a combination of Water Release, Yin Release, and Yang Release. This release would allow the user to manipulate blood, such as forming a blood clone of the opponent (which is formed from the opponent’s own blood and shares a biological link with them) and partially controlling summons. I thought the idea was interesting and had potential. Maybe it was a combination of donating blood on Saturday and going to church on Sunday (since the redeeming power of the blood of Jesus Christ is a central part of my faith), but after a recent weekend (February 18-19, 2012) I decided to come up with my own ideas for Blood Release techniques. This is simply to flex my creative muscles and provide something that other fans might find interesting. I hope it doesn’t sound morbid or anything (I’m actually something of a pacifist). Since Narutopedia also helps share and inform others about religions and culture they might not be familiar with, I’m sure no one will mind if I share a little of my own.


  • Blood Blade- This ninjutsu would allow the user to form blood into a blade such as a tanto (dagger), kama (sickle), or kamayari (straight spear with two sickle-like blades near the base of the main blade). This could allow for kenjutsu (sword techniques) and shurikenjutsu.
  • Blood Release: Blood Needles- This ninjutsu would allow the user to form needles out of blood and fire them at the opponent. This could be considered a shurikenjutsu as it involves the firing of blood-formed senbon.
  • Blood Release: Blood Wave- This ninjutsu would allow the user to create a wave of blood.
  • Blood Release: Field of Blood Geysers- This ninjutsu would allow the user to cause blood to pool underneath the ground, then shoot forth in powerful streams.
  • Blood Release: Forceful Streams- This ninjutsu would allow the user to fire two powerful streams of blood from their wrists.
  • Blood Release: Wave of Crimson Blades- The ultimate Blood Release attack, this ninjutsu would be used in conjunction with the Blood Transformation jutsu or at least a Blood Release kekkai ninjutsu (barrier ninja technique). It would allow the user to create a wave of blood which fires a wave of blood blades in as many directions as the user desires. Since the user can absorb blood, the technique could be used repeatedly as long as there is sufficient blood and chakra.
  • Crimson Disease Wave- In this Konbijutsu (collaboration technique) a Blood Release user creates a wave of blood which a Bacteria Release or Miasma Release user infects with germs or toxins. This creates a highly disease-ridden wave which devastates the opponent’s health.


  • Blood Release: Akazonae- This kekkai ninjutsu would allow the user to cover their body with a protective yet flexible layer of chakra-infused blood which serves as armor. As I found out from the Yoroi Akadō article, akazonae was the Sengoku period practice of wearing bright-red armor to instill fear in an enemy.
  • Blood Release: Blood Brain Barrier- This kekkai ninjutsu would help protect the user from the effects of poisons and genjutsu. The name is a reference to the blood brain barrier, the protective lining of the brain’s blood vessels which acts to protect the brain from the toxic reaction of substances (such as drugs) in the blood. Many experts say that the faster a drug can penetrate the blood brain barrier, the more addictive it is (For instance, heroin is more addictive than morphine).
  • Blood Release: Holy Blood Shield- The ultimate Blood Release defense, this kekkai ninjutsu would allow the user to form a force field out of chakra-infused blood to protect against any kind of damage. It’s inspired by the Jewish Passover as well as the ancient Jewish practice of animal sacrifice. It sounds horrible to kill animals and use their blood in purification rituals, but that was the point. It was intended to show how ugly sin was and how terrible its results could be.


  • Blood Release: Divine Cleansing- The ultimate Blood Release healing technique, this medical ninjutsu would allow the user to exude their chakra-infused blood from the pores of their skin and use it to heal someone, purge poisons from their system, and alleviate their emotional trauma (meaning it could help someone recover from the effects of Tsukuyomi). It is more effective than Blood Release: Healing Needles and does not involve injecting blood. It’s about like a tensei ninjutsu (reincarnation ninja technique). I imagine it as a kinjutsu (forbidden technique) which would leave the user near-death until they rest sufficiently. This was inspired by the Christian doctrine that the blood of Jesus Christ was the atonement for the sins of mankind, providing salvation. The doctrine holds that the blood of Christ purges one from sin and that one does good works not to obtain salvation, but to retain salvation, glorify G-d, and serve mankind. The blood coming from the sweat glands is a reference to Luke 22:44, which states that Jesus was in such agony about His upcoming death that He actually sweated blood.
  • Blood Release: Healing Needles- This medical ninjutsu would allow the user to create two strands of chakra-infused blood, one from each wrist. These tube-like strands end in needles which are jabbed into someone, allowing the user to heal them by injecting blood and chakra.
  • Blood Release: Transfusion- In this medical ninjutsu the user would combine the Blood Release: Draining Needles jutsu and the Blood Release: Healing Needles jutsu in order to perform blood and chakra transfusions from one person to another.


  • Blood Clone- This bunshinjutsu (clone technique) would allow the user to create a clone made of blood.
  • Blood Clone: Piece of Your Heart- This ninjutsu would allow the user to form a blood clone of the opponent using the opponent’s own blood. The opponent and blood clone are biologically linked so that any damage done to the clone will be done to the opponent as well. The name is a reference to the Janis Joplin song “Piece of My Heart”.
  • Blood Release: Dominating Needles- This ninjutsu would allow the user to create two strands of chakra-infused blood, one from each wrist. These tube-like strands end in needles which are jabbed into the opponent. The user then infuses the opponent with their chakra-infused blood, allowing them to control the opponent in a manner similar to a juinjutsu (cursed seal technique) like the Puppet Curse, or like Bloodbending (in Avatar: The Last Airbender). The user has the most control when the needles are still in the opponent. After the needles have been removed, the target is still partially under the user’s control until the blood has been purged or metabolized from their system.
  • Blood Release: Draining Needles- This ninjutsu would allow the user to create two strands of chakra-infused blood, one from each wrist. These tube-like strands end in needles which are jabbed into someone, allowing the user to absorb their blood and chakra (essentially making this a chakra absorption technique). The user could use this for self-healing, though it might backfire if the opponent had contaminated blood.
  • Blood Transformation- This ninjutsu would allow the user to transform their body into blood, similar to the Hydrification/Hydration Technique. The user can then absorb any blood on the battlefield, allowing them to grow larger and use the blood as an extension of their body.
  • Demonic Illusion: Red Death Masque- This genjutsu would cause the opponent to see blood-red phantoms. A figure wearing grave bandages and a corpse-like mask, both dabbled with blood, steps forward. After approaching the opponent, the figure takes off its mask, turns into a red mist, and flies into the opponent’s face, leaving its costume empty on the ground and the opponent feeling horrified and ill. A masque is a masquerade, usually defined as a party in which people wear masks. The name is a reference to “The Masque of the Red Death” by Edgar Allan Poe, who is considered by many to be one of the best horror writers of all time.
  • Red-Out Blood Illusion- This genjutsu would obscure the opponent’s vision by causing it to become red and cloudy. The name is a reference to the term “red-out”, which is a condition a pilot may experience when flying certain maneuvers (such as outside loops and spins). Blood rushes to the head and floods the eyes, face, and brain, resulting in cloudy red vision.
  • Summon Domination- This ninjutsu would allow the user to control the opponent’s summons to some extent by controlling the required blood sacrifice.
  • Wilderness of Edom Blood Illusion- This genjutsu would cause the opponent to see a bloody field. The name is a reference to II Kings 3, particularly verses 21-24. After the Lord delivered the armies of Judah, Israel, and Edom from thirst in the wilderness of Edom by causing pools of water to form, their opponents saw the pools of water as blood. This caused them to think the three armies had slain each other. They came to collect the spoils and paid a heavy price for their overconfidence.

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Suggested Natures List

Per request, here is a list of suggestions made on the talk page of Omnibender-senpai’s Elemental Recomposition Page. I apologize for not including names and dates, and I apologize if it’s not complete. For hypothetical natures in which one element is greater than the other, review the archives (especially number 7) and visit GoDai-senpai's page. Also visit Omnibender-senpai’s page and DarkBlueFlow-senpai’s page to see what they have.

  • All five elements- Dark
  • 2+ elements chemically combined- Dark
  • Crystal + Yang- Mineral
  • Crystal + Yin- Diamond
  • Dirt Release- another name for standard Dust Release
  • Earth + Earth- Steel
  • Earth + Fire- Crystal, Hearth
  • Earth + Lightning- Crystal, Explosion, Iron, Iron Sand, Magnetism, Metal, Steel
  • Earth + Wind- Crystal, Erosion/Weathering, Gravity, Magnet, Mineral, Pressure, Sand, Swift, Weathering, wind which can make anything it touches brittle, soft, dull, pliable, or hard
  • Earth + Yang- Crystal, Steel
  • Earth + Yin- decaying nature, Steel
  • Earth + Fire + Lightning- Crystal, Metal, Rubber, Steel
  • Earth + Fire + Water- Clay, Cool (removes heat), Crystal, Glass, Oil, Tar
  • Earth + Fire + Yang- Comet, Eruption, Igneous, Plastic, Salt, Sugar, Sulfur, Volcano/Eruptive Earth
  • Earth + Fire + Yin- Igneous, liquid metal
  • Earth + Lightning + Water- annihilation, magnetic rocks (joke), Mercury, vaporization
  • Earth + Lightning + Wind- Crystal, explosive air, Magnet, Sprite (discharges)
  • Earth + Lightning + Yang- Aether (Ether), Alkali, Amber, animation, Battery/Enhance/Store, Burst, Diffuse, Dirty Thunderstorm/Volcanic Lightning, earth/stone with the speed of lightning, Electrical Discharge, Ferment, Friction/Static, Glow/Waste, Gravity, grounding, Holy/Sacred, Judgment/Heaven, lightning with the hardness/form of earth, Metal, Nuclear, Quake, Sharp, Shockwave, solid light, Static, Steel, Sublimation, Truth/Reveal, Vein/Alchemy
  • Earth + Lightning + Yin- Agent/Auto/Control, Battery, grounding, Heat, Implosion, Inertia/Slow, Leyden Jar, motion/acceleration, Nuclear, Prism, Shatter, Smelting/Welding, solid, glowing lightning, Sprite (discharges), Structure/Build/Bonding/Clump, Transition/Form/Matter/Energy/Material/Convert, Tremor, Weld/Welding
  • Earth + Water + Wind- Bubble, Clay, Crystal, Erosion/Weathering, Glacier, Mud, Paper, Stone
  • Earth + Water + Yang- Forest, Island, Nature/Flora, Nutrient, Ocean, Photosynthesis (make chakra with sunlight), Pressure, Superfliud, Supersolid
  • Earth + Water + Yin- Crystal, Disease, Empathy, Flora, liquid crystal, Poison, Superfliud, Supersolid, Swamp/Bog/Marsh, Wave
  • Earth + Wind + Yang- Animate/Vital/Spirit, Density, Desert, Dry/Arid, free radicals/free radical oxygen, Gem, Miasma, Salt, smashing, Sugar, Vajra, Weathering
  • Earth + Wind + Yin- Density, Desert/Age, Dryness, free radicals/free radical oxygen, Malfunction/Break/Glitch/Flaw, Pressure/Weight, Salt, strong-structured crystal
  • Earth + Yang + Yin- Steel
  • Earth + Fire + Lightning + Water- Concrete
  • Earth + Fire + Water + Air- Ether
  • Fire + Fire- Blaze
  • Fire + Lightning- Blaze, Explosion, Flash/Swift, Light, Plasma, Radiation, Sear, Spark
  • Fire + Wind- Ash, Blaze, Dark, Heat, Hot Air/Hot Wind/Steam, Plasma, Poison Gas, Smoke
  • Fire + Yin- Blaze
  • Fire + Lightning + Water- Bite, Chaos, Entrophy, fire with Storm Release-like properties, Heaven, holiness, Plasma, Purification, superconductive liquid which corrodes and channels electricity
  • Fire + Lightning + Wind- Blaze, Energy, Ion, Plasma, pyrocumulus clouds, Star
  • Fire + Lightning + Yang- nuclear explosions
  • Fire + Lightning + Yin- Blaze, Blaze with an electromagnetic charge, or even solar flares
  • Fire + Water + Wind- Cloud, Gas, Miasma, Smog, Smoke, Steam, Temperature, Vapor
  • Fire + Water + Yang- Steam, supercritical fluid (extremely hot with lots of pressure)
  • Fire + Water + Yin- sublimation
  • Fire + Wind + Yang- radioactive wind, stormy, burning wind (like fiery tornadoes)
  • Fire + Wind + Yin- hot air/fireballs, plasma, scorching hot liquid, smoke
  • Fire + Yang + Yin- Blaze
  • Forge Release- an alternative name for Metal Release
  • Hardness Release- an alternative name for Steel Release
  • Ice + Water- Nitrogen
  • Ice + Yang- free flowing ice
  • Lightning + Lightning- Light, Dark
  • Lightning + Wind- Disintegrate, Explosion, Friction, Heaven/Sky (“divine” power), Ion, Light, Magnet, resonating, Sky, Sound/Roar/Resonation Release, Thunder (sonic shockwaves), Thunderclap, Vibration/Shock/Quake
  • Lightning + Yang- Electricity/Thunder, Light, Magnet
  • Lightning + Yin- Black Lightning, Dark, dark energy, Electricity/Thunder
  • Lightning + Water + Wind- Froth/Dissolve/Solvent, light or ion (not plasma), Sky/Heaven, telekinesis, Weather/Climate/Monsoon
  • Lightning + Water + Yang- Amplification, Conduction, Drill, Ferment/Catalyst, Ferro/Flux, Fluorescent/Dew, Force, Front, Froth/Dissolve/Solvent, Glow/Waste, Gravity, Immortality/Youth, Jet, Laser, Life/Vital, Luck, Magnet, Manipulation, Medicine/Elixir/Vital/Alchemy, Melt/Solvent, nerve agent/lachrymator, Pressure, Rainbow/Spectrum, Reaction/Separation, Reflection, Refraction/Bend, Repair, Separation/Divide/Split, space/force/telekinesis, Spark, Stream, Tempest/Hurricane, Void, Wild/Raw/Random/Free
  • Lightning + Water + Yin- Conduction, Corruption, Death, Demon, Depth, Disruption, Dusk, electrolysis (maybe in the form of static-filled water), Error/Fault/Breakdown/Failure/Glitch/Fail/Defect, Ferro/Flux, gaseous (rather than fluid) energy, Gravity, Hydrogen, Manipulation/Sensory, nerve agent/lachrymator, Pressure, Refraction/Bend, Separation, Shock/Paralyze, Structure/Build/Absorb, Stream, Tempest/Hurricane, Void
  • Lightning + Wind + Yang- black hole, positive lightning
  • Lightning + Wind + Yin- Plasma, vibrating sound which tears people apart
  • Lightning + Wind + Air- Iron sand
  • Lightning + Yang + Yin- Dark
  • Metal + Fire- Mercury
  • Metal + Lava- Mercury
  • Metal + Water- Mercury
  • Metal + Yang- Mercury
  • Photon Release- Another name for Light Release
  • Pseudo elements/Chakra Infusion- Bone/Calcium, Crystal, Ink, Paper, Sand
  • Random Natures- Base, Catalyst, Caustic/Corrosion, Grass, Gravity/Weight
  • Ripple Release- a telekinetic nature with Water as one of its components
  • Void Release- stronger version of yin/yang
  • Water + Water- Life, Liquid, Liquid Metal/Mercury, Ocean, Superfluid, Solvent, Wave
  • ¾ water + ¼ wind- Bubble
  • Water + Yang- Wave
  • Water + Yin- Oil
  • Water + Wind + Yang- Cold/Freezing, Erase/Extinguish, Typhoon, Wash/Clean, Wave
  • Water + Wind + Yin- Cold, Fluid/Flow, Freezing, super-dense ice or super-solid, viscous ice
  • Water + Yang + Yang- Hurricane, Tsunami
  • Water + Yang + Yin- Blood, Life, Light, Ocean
  • Wind + Yin- Pressure, Sound
  • Wind + Wave- Namikaze (Waves and Wind)
  • Wind + Yang + Yin- Pressure, Spirit/Soul Release
  • Yang + Nature- Life
  • Yin + Nature- Poison
  • Yin + Swift- Time

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Five-pointed shuriken

The reference on the page was indeed wrong (don't know what happened there), the correct episode to watch was Naruto episode 37, not Shippuden, It's during the chunin exam arc where the Third Hokage is explaining the reason for the Chunin exams. The exact scene is after the 17.00 mark and is only there for a short while so it might be hard to catch, the flashback also features two shinobi clashing, while the Shuriken itself is embedded in a tree. Hope this is of help to you.--Tzao (talk) 05:59, August 24, 2016 (UTC)

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Ino's occupations

Hey there. I just wanted to know why "Doctor" is not listed in Ino's occupations.. She clearly was a doctor is Sakura Hiden Novel, as she went to Sunagakure as one of the representative doctors and opened a clinic with Sakura in Konoha. So it implies she is a doctor, and remember she was treating the wounded in Medical Department in Boruto, so please add Doctor in her occupation list at least with a ^(Novel Only) sign. Also isnt she the leader of Yamanaka Clan? 22:24, June 2, 2019 (UTC)

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