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Hi, about your edits I think the reference pages for manga you are using might be from a website because they include some art pages and it changes page numbers, so before adding reference page number in article make sure those art pages are excluded and only manga pages should be included, then you will get correct page no. Thanks for edits --Naruto uzu6254 (talk) 18:40, December 8, 2014 (UTC)

Re: edit revert

The previous revisions were better. The way you edited, you put things that were rather incorrect, and removed stuff that provided accurate context for stuff Madara did. For example, Madara did not have Wood Release in life, and was already fighting the tailed beasts before recovering his Rinnegan, did steal Kurama's chakra from alliance shinobi, and did steal Hashirama's senjutsu chakra. Omnibender - Talk - Contributions 20:51, March 14, 2017 (UTC)

Strong there isn't in the sense of physically stronger, just in that having his young body with skills he didn't have in life or until he was old. Fourth databook said Complete Body Susanoo can have its wings shaped to fly, but Madara never shaped them as that, just kept them as extra arms. Yes, it matters he fought them before, no it's not written like Sage Mode and Kurama's chakra gave him the win, but not mentioning them is like saying they did nothing to help. Same for Wood Release. Everything jutsu Madara uses adds up. Those are the abilities he employed in those fights. Sai was irrelevant next to Naruto. Straight tome can only be from EMS in their case, because the only straight shapes in their EMS come from the design of Izuna's MS, which was already straight, and Itachi's MS, which while curved in Itachi's eyes, became straight in Sasuke's after the transplant. Basically, everything you tried to change is either poorly argumented, or poor interpretation of what is written. Omnibender - Talk - Contributions 23:17, March 16, 2017 (UTC)
Nowhere in Madara's section it says it's physical strength. It being mentioned in the body modification section does not mean that, it's there because the manga itself attributed it to his body when he and Kabuto talked, and because stuff like the Hashirama face was in fact added to his body. Pointing out he hasn't displayed flight isn't the same as saying he can't. Madara is considered to have the Path powers because those have been mentioned as bread and butter of the Rinnegan. Him not having a Kurama cloak means nothing. Him absorbing Kurama's chakra still enhances his own abilities. If Kurama's chakra for him is such a cheap change, why bother absorbing it? Getting more chakra is like recharging batteries, keeps one going. Your point about Madara being able to defeat the Kage without Wood Release is void. It doesn't matter that he could conceivably defeat them without it, the fact is, he used those abilities. Same for the tailed beasts. Kurama's chakra and Sage Mode both make him more resilient. About Sai, my point is that he isn't much of a challenge compared to Naruto. About EMS straight tomoe, just look at the design. If you can't understand why the straight portions come from the eyes they transplanted, your reading comprehension is worse than I thought. EMS is still MS, specifying the E part is only relevant if they talk about the cost of having it, as EMS doesn't lose its sight. The straight portion of Sasuke's EMS is clearly the pinwheel shape of Itaichi's that is no longer curved. The design of Sasuke's MS were three intersecting elliptic shapes. Saying just Sharingan is irrelevant, since all non-MS Sharingan tomoe look the same, so he's clearly talking about MS, which in their case were EMS because they both transplanted eyes. Izuna's MS were three straight bars, and he wasn't Indra's transmigrant. Indra's own MS in the manga didn't have straight tomoe, they were just spirals. Madara guessed the right thing, for the wrong reason. You're still just plain wrong. Omnibender - Talk - Contributions 16:14, March 18, 2017 (UTC)
"You don't have any real good arguments, you just state things without any real backup for most of your stuff." Say that while taking a good look in the mirror, maybe you'll realise something. Other than the fact you're wrong, the reason your edits have also been reverted is that when there is a revert war, page stays as is until it's resolved, and your constant editing also warranted another sysop locking down the page. There was nothing in any of your edits showing when he perform jutsu without hand seals, stuff like that requires sources. At most, you can say many of the jutsu Madara does use are dojutsu, which tend not to have hand seals anyway, so it's not quite a notable thing to mention. Go look at what Madara and Kabuto's conversation when he talks through Mu. We had people translate that from the raws back when that chapter was released, because the scanlations at the time weren't very clear. There is no certain way of saying how much chakra Madara has. It's very clear Madara absorbed Kurama's chakra from the allied shinobi. There's even the sound effect of him absorbing their chakra cloak. They're not going to waste panel space showing Madara absorbing chakra from every allied shinobi in his path, it clearly that's meant to show he got it from some shinobi, we saw how many he went through. You're still not getting the point about Wood Release. It's not about what he can or cannot do, it's about what he did. Madara was almost sealed at one point, and escaped only because of a wood clone, and after he joins Obito, we clearly see that he used wood to defeat the Kage, best seen by the huge tree trunk between the two halves of Tsunade, and also by the fact he used several wood clones to fight them, which they still resisted for a while. Once again, it's about what is shown he did. Rinnegan gave him an attack they couldn't see, and the means to seal them. He was not just surviving, he was at least on equal footing, between sage chakra resilience and the oh so convenient Susanoo despite not having eyes. The shapes in MS are clearly meant to be tomoe, why else would Madara have called his and Sasuke's straight tomoe? Clearly because they're not regular tomoe. Besides, awakening still accounts for EMS. When Itachi first told Sasuke about Madara getting EMS, he also described the acquisition of EMS as awakening a new power. Susanoo wings was literally the second thing I mentioned last time, but it seems you'll just stick your head in the sand about it. FYI, since you'll probably just resume with pointless reverts, I've taken the liberty of directing this discussion to Madara's talk page, where it's more easily reachable by the rest of the community. Omnibender - Talk - Contributions 22:27, March 24, 2017 (UTC)
No, the sound effect is in the manga as well. Whenever there's something that makes a sound, they put these little indicators to give an idea of what the sound is, or what is supposed to be happening. I used to know the specific name of that, but it's been a while since I had to mention them. For example, the "zuzuzu" sound from when Zetsu would emerge from a surface with his jutsu, or whenever there's a sharp blade being brandished, all those sorts of things tend to have sound effects at some point. Look up "Japanese sound effect", without the quotes, the first result on Google should be a site to look translations of what they are. Even in the scanlation, there's an indication of absorption near where Madara is stepping on the allied shinobi, they usually look like Japanese characters written on top or around the panels. About the no seals jutsu, yeah that does look like a no seal jutsu, and my concern about that becomes another: was Madara able to use that jutsu without seals because he's that good, or is that one of those jutsu that don't require seals? The article on the jutsu at the moment mentions the jutsu itself doesn't require seals. That's one of those jutsu that didn't get its own separate entry in the fourth databook, getting only a mention in a clustered "other jutsu" section. Also, since the mention of seal use in his ability section is about complex jutsu, I think it comes down to if you think it's necessary to point out Madara can perform simpler jutsu without seals, which sort of applies to any competent ninja. Omnibender - Talk - Contributions 19:11, April 3, 2017 (UTC)
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