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The Versus Momoshiki Arc (VSモモシキ編, Bāsasu Momoshiki-hen), also known as the Chūnin Exams Arc (中忍試験編, Chūnin Shiken-hen) in the anime, is an arc of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. It covers chapters 1 to 10 of the Boruto manga and episodes 51 to 66 of the Boruto anime. In the manga, it is followed by the Mujina Bandits Arc. In the anime, it is preceded by the Byakuya Gang Arc and followed by the Chōchō Arc.

The arc is an adaptation of Boruto: Naruto the Movie, focusing on the Chūnin Exams held in Konohagakure and the eventual Ōtsutsuki invasion. The manga version exhibits some redesigns and new concepts that would be featured in later arcs. The anime version, in addition to the manga's alterations, incorporates some plot elements that were cut from Masashi Kishimoto's original draft for the movie and even re-uses some animation featured in the movie.


White Zetsu Encounter

Konohamaru describing Kaguya and her army of White Zetsu.

Upon being tasked with capturing train robbers and finding out that all but one of them were killed in an abandon mine, Team 7 ventures inside. Konohamaru is surprised to witness a White Zetsu, being under the impression that they all were killed in the Fourth Shinobi World War. As it attacks using with elemental natures, Konohamaru struggles as well as the genin. Boruto uses the Scientific Ninja Tool he earlier received from Katasuke on the Zetsu, giving Konohamaru the opportunity to strike it, forcing it to retreat. While Mitsuki tends to Konohamaru's injuries, Konohamaru informs them of what exactly their up against. Mitsuki discovers a room with a dead blossom, and determines it was previously used to cultivate White Zetsu. As the flower is without a chakra supply, it can't incubate any more Zetsu, before revealing that his parent taught him about the topic. While Konohamaru agrees with Boruto that they should destroy the location, he decides to handle the situation alone, while the three genin report back to Konohagakure. Against the idea, Sarada argues that doing that would leave them vulnerable, leading to Konohamaru allowing them to assist him.

Team 7 investing the Ōtsutsuki clan ruins.

After Konohamaru devises a strategy, the team locates the White Zetsu, and Sarada uses her Sharingan to analyse it attack pattern. As Mitsuki, Boruto and Konohamaru cancel out its elemental attacks with their own, the Zetsu switches to taijutsu, leading to Boruto clones engaging it as a distraction. Seeing an opportunity, Boruto stops following the strategy and attempts to attack it, which results in the Zetsu pinning Boruto down until Mitsuki pulls it off him. Then, Konohamaru destroys it using his Rasengan. Investigating further, they find a cavern full of decomposed Zetsu cocoons. When they find another portion of the Ōtsutsuki clan ruins, they discover a deceased White Zetsu being incinerated by black flames, followed by dozens more in the same situation. Konohamaru explains that Sasuke was responsible and informs the genin of his mission involving Kaguya. Learning that Sasuke's strength rivals Naruto's, Boruto becomes intrigued. Afterwards, the team contacts Konoha, leading to Naruto's shadow clone coming out with other shinobi.

Ōtsutsuki Clan Investigation

Toneri charging towards Urashiki.

Meanwhile, as Sasuke arrives in Kaguya's ice dimension, he is watched from above by Momoshiki and Kinshiki. Discovering Toneri's location, Urashiki crashed onto the moon. Urashiki told him that the Ōtsutsuki clan's main family observed everything over the millennium, including the humiliating incident. Noting Toneri betrayed the clan for his service to Earth, he revealed he knew Toneri had done something to the son of the Byakugan Princess. Aggravated, Toneri charged towards Urashiki but was immobilised by his chakra rod, leading to the latter petrifying him, though he didn't have the authority to kill a fellow clan member, before setting his eyes on Earth and departing.

Katasuke being approached by a hooded figure.

On Konoha TV, Naruto is interviewed and notes the importance of teaching the current generation of shinobi how the era of peace was achieved due to the Fourth Shinobi World War. Elsewhere, Moegi hands Chūnin Exams applications to her team. After Naruto denies the use of the Kote in the upcoming exams, Katasuke is approached by a hooded figure at the Ninjutsu Research Centre. At Lightning Burger, Boruto, Inojin and Shikadai play their electronic games together, during which they disapprove of Boruto cheating. Approached by Mitsuki and Sarada, they try to prompt Boruto into participating in the exams as a team, though Boruto is uninterested until Sarada convinces him that passing it will show everyone how strong he is. Arriving home for Himawari's birthday, Boruto finds Naruto there to his surprise. As the celebration begins, Naruto disappears, revealing to his family that he was a shadow clone, which infuriates Boruto. With the party being over, Boruto goes upstairs where he finds Naruto's old battered jacket, leading to him throwing it out the window.

Sasuke fighting Kinshiki.

As someone rings the doorbell, Boruto runs to in and prepares to punch Naruto, but discovers it's Sasuke who blocks his attack. Sasuke asks Hinata if Naruto is around, to which she informs him that her husband is still at the office. Having met Sasuke thrills Boruto. Attempting to leave to confront his father, Boruto is stopped by Sasuke. On Sasuke's way to meeting Naruto, he discovers the jacket Boruto threw away. At the Hokage office, Shikamaru discovers Naruto exhausted, followed by Sasuke arriving with the scroll he obtained earlier, and recounts his encounter with Kinshiki and Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki. Leaving, Sasuke notices Boruto arriving, and decides to block his path. Impressed, Boruto asks to become Sasuke's student. Asking if he can perform the Rasengan yet, Boruto says he'll learn it in order for Sasuke to accept him. Later, Boruto approaches Konohamaru at the Sarutobi clan compound, and asks him to be taught the Rasengan, which he agrees to do.

Orochimaru communicating with Mitsuki through his snake.

While struggling to grasp at the first step to perform the Rasengan, Boruto gets a hints from cooking with Himawari, leading to him going onto the next step of the jutsu. After managing to perform the Rasegan and demonstrating it to Sasuke, the Uchiha notes it's small, leading to Boruto throwing his Rasengan away in frustration before leaving. Sarada approaches her father and says he's being to strict, leading to Sasuke correcting the pairs assumptions, which he revealed he was going to accept Boruto as his student. Venting to Katasuke, the scientist offers a Kote to Boruto. Elsewhere, Mitsuki speaks with Orochimaru, who advises the genin not to reveal his true strength during the exams.

Temari training with Team 10.

The next day, Boruto approaches Sasuke to show him his "progression", leading to him performing a normal size Rasengan secretly via his Kote, which Sasuke notices. Training in shurikenjutsu, Sasuke informs Konohamaru that he is training Boruto, and thanks him for teaching Sarada. During their training, Boruto asks about Naruto's weaknesses. Later, Temari trains with Team 10, and informs them that Gaara's adopted son will be taking part in the exams. Struggling to train in shurikenjutsu, he used his Kote to perform a technique, which amazed him, and continued practising. Later, the various Konoha genin sign up for the Chūnin Exams.

Kinshiki and Momoshiki investigating Kaguya.

In Kaguya's lava dimension, Momoshiki and Kinshiki search through Kaguya's scrolls, during which Urashiki approaches them and informs them on Earth, prompting Momoshiki departing there. Followed by Kinshiki and Urashiki, the later tells the pair of the tailed beasts and the two jinchūriki Killer B and Naruto. Approaching Killer B, the Ōtsutsuki attack him, leading to B transforming into Gyūki. During the fight, Momoshiki absorbs B's Tailed Beast Ball, and fires an enhanced version of it back, which seemingly defeats him. Absorbing Gyūki into chakra pills, Urashiki notes Kaguya's history while on the planet to his superiors.

Chūnin Exams

Shukaku warning Gaara.

As Kankurō escorts Shinki's team to the Chūnin Exams from Sunagakure, Gaara sees them off. Afterwards, Shukaku contacts the Kazekage to informs him that it lost contact with Gyūki. Later, after Hinata and Himawari wish Boruto good luck in the Chūnin Exams, his team depart to the village gate where all the competing genin are. After all the genin gather, Shikamaru addresses them at the entrance ceremony. Spending their remaining time before the exam stats at Lightning Burger, Boruto and Sarada get into an altercation with Yurui, leading to Shinki intervening to break them up.

The Genbu Shinobi Trio fall victim to the exams' traps.

At the exam venue, Chōjūrō greets Boruto, and thanks him for his assistance on his field trip in Kirigakure. He then informs Boruto that Kagura is looking forward to him becoming a chūnin. Sai begins the first exam, prompting the genin to race towards the exam venue in the time limit given. As the three Kage and their bodyguards watch the teams make their way there, traps and obstacles overwhelm some genin, while others manage to overcome the hurdle, resulting in Tenten summoning puppets to challenge them. Shinki instructs Yodo and Araya to not reveal their jutsu to other teams, leading to them defeating the puppets with physical attacks, while Yurui deals with them using his Bubblegum Ninjutsu.

Sumire saving her team from falling into ink.

The teams that make it to the exam venue are given a true or false question by Sai, about the fifth volume of a shinobi handbook. He notes that those competing that turn black with fail. Standing on one of two platforms to indicate their answer, all the genin fall into a pit after the floor gives way, leading to them all falling into pits containing ink at the bottom. Various genin use different methods to avoid their teams falling into the ink including Yurui using floating bubblegum spheres, Sumire using Nue, the Three Senka Brothers standing on the ink, and Iwabee creating platforms to stand on. The genin that avoided falling into the ink pass the first round of the exams, during which Kōsuke informs someone that Boruto hadn't used his Kote yet. Shikamaru later informs Naruto that Boruto passed the exam, followed by emailing his son to congratulate him.

Urashiki extracting Shukaku's chakra from Gaara.

Struggling to train in shurikenjutsu, Boruto excuses his performance due to it being a Uchiha speciality, leading to Sasuke creating shadow clones to dismiss Boruto's logic as being Naruto's son would make the Shadow Clone Technique his specially. Swearing to play an active role in the second rounds of the Chūnin Exams, Boruto barely manages to create four clones. On the night Gaara arrives in Konoha, he organises a meeting with Sasuke and Chōjūrō, during which he discusses being attacked by Urashiki earlier, who managed to steal Gaara's tailed beast chakra. Concluding in is probably an Ōtsutsuki clan member, the subject of postponing the exams is brought up.

Iwabee facing Shinki.

On the day of the second round of the Chūnin Exams, Tenten explains that it's structured to be a game of capture the flag against another team, with whoever's flag is captured being eliminated from the exams. Afterwards, Team 10 wins against a Kiri team, Team 15 loses to a Kumogakure team, and Shinki single highhandedly defeats Denki, Iwabee and Metal of Team 5. In the final match, the Three Senka Brothers compete against Team 7, leading to the triplets facing Boruto who is guarding his team's flag. Hearing Boruto in distress, Mitsuki departs back to his location while Sarada continues onward. As the brothers and their shadow clones defeat Boruto's clones, they all ran towards Boruto's flag. Refusing to lose, Boruto utilises his Kote to protect his flag using Water Release, followed by electrocuting them with his own jutsu. As the brothers collapse, Mitsuki arrives to find them defeated, Sarada finds the enemy flag protected by genjutsu, which she bypasses to obtain the flag, resulting in Team 7 passing.

In the control room monitoring the event, Tenten determines the reason why she couldn't see Boruto use hand seals while he used Water Release Bullet: Orca is due to him weaving them faster than the eye can see. Afterwards, Kōsuke informs Katasuke that Boruto used the tool at last, and that he captured footage of him using it. While worrying about Boruto, Shikamaru informs Naruto that he passed the round, which thrills Naruto. In the aftermath of the round, the Konoha genin discuss the outcomes of their fights with each other. Arriving home, Boruto is congratulated by Himawari before heading up to his room to rest. While Sasuke waits for Kaguya's scroll to be translated, Naruto discusses Sasuke becoming Boruto's teacher, and informs him that his daughter passed the round. Boruto is later applauded by Naruto for passing, before he returns to his office to work.

Inojin attacking Araya.

As the third round of the exams start, the proctor Rock Lee explains how the round is structured, with it being a one verse one tournament. For the first match, Boruto is pitted against Yurui. While the two fight, Boruto relies on his Kote to defeat his opponent. For the second match, Yodo faces Shikadai. Managing to catch her with his shadow, she forfeits. Before Sarada participates in her match against Tarui, she's determines she'll win it within three seconds. As the match against the two kunoichi begin, Sarada dodges Tarui's Lariat, leading to her punching the Kumo girl into the arena's wall within three seconds of the match beginning, which results in Sarada winning the match. For the fourth match, Inojin uses his Super Beast Imitating Drawing to attack Araya. Unfazed by the attacks, Araya manages to defeat Inojin.

Toroi and Mitsuki fighting.

For the fifth match, Mitsuki and Toroi are pitted against each other. Using Lightning Release to increase his reaction time, Toroi manages to slightly injure Mitsuki, leading to him to begin to activate Sage Mode. Remembering Orochimaru didn't want him to reveal his true power publicly, Mitsuki stops activating it, and resorts to attacking Torio with his snakes while pinning him down, leading to his opponent surrendering. For the final match of the first rounds, Chōchō and Shinki face each other. Before their match begins, Shinki apologises in advance for not holding back. While Chōchō's team watches the match from the waiting room alongside Boruto and Sarada, they overhear Chōji cheering her on from the crowd beside Karui.

Chōchō assaulting Shinki.

As the match begins, Shinki talks down to his opponent, while Moegi discusses Chōchō's potential with Konohamaru and Udon. Provoking Chōchō, she attacks him while using her Partial Multi-Size Technique. Blocking her enlarged fist with a Iron Sand hand, he overpowers Chōchō with his own two hands. Listing to her father's suggestion, she puts distance between herself and Shinki, during which she changes tactics and attacks him from a distance by launching debris at him. Blocking the attack using his Iron Sand, Kurotsuchi comments on him being skilled, and asks Gaara where he found the boy, prompting him to recall his first meeting with Shinki. Overpowered by his Iron Sand fists, Chōchō resorts to using the Multi-Size Technique which she hates using, leading to her performing Human Bullet Tank. Blocking her assault with his jutsu's hands, Shinki is briefly pushed back until he enlarges his arms with more Iron Sand. The attack drains Chōchō, resulting in her falling down in defeat and Shinki progressing to the finals.

Boruto pressuring Shikadai into surrendering.

With the end of the elimination matches, Rock Lee announces a thirty minute break before the next match, during which Shikadai and Boruto agree to fight fair and squire during their match. While waiting, Boruto decides to take off his Kote and not use it in his upcoming match, until he overhears Shikadai's parents putting their faith in their son to win. As the match commences, Boruto and his clones dodge Shikadai's shadow, but are ultimately captured by it. Forcing Boruto to give up, Boruto relies on using his Kote to break free of his restraints and force Shikadai to surrender, which he does.

On her way to entering the arena, Sarada's peers voice words of encouragement to her. As Sarada's match begins against Araya, he repels her attacks, during which Sarada can't keep up with his movement despite having her Sharingan activated. Attempting to catch him in genjutsu, Araya is unfazed before further injuring her. Contemplating why her genjutsu wasn't effective, she notices Chakra Threads, leading to her attacking the arena's roofing. As the smoke clears from the attack, the real Araya emerges, whose revealed to be a puppeteer that's manipulating a look-alike puppet in the arena. After explaining how she discovered his strategy, Araya nervously attempts to flee the fight, but is stopped by Shinki who convinces him to remain and fight. Continuing the match, Araya has his puppet charge towards Sarada, during which she incinerates it, resulting in Lee calling the match with Sarada as the winner.

Mitsuki facing Shinki.

As the match between Mitsuki and Shinki begins, the later withstands and defeats Mitsuki's techniques using his Iron Sand, prompting Mitsuki to attack Shinki from underneath him, resulting in Shinki being dragged underground. Reappearing after his clone is defeated, Shinki tricks Mitsuki into "repelling" away his Iron Sand cloak using Lightning Release, during which Mitsuki attempts to attack his opponent with taijutsu, but is punched away. Having been marked with his technique to pressure Mitsuki into using Sage Mode, he forfeits the match, as Mitsuki's desire to stay in Konoha outweighs his desire to win the match. With the finalists being decided, the three are informed the last match will be held during the next day. Afterwards, Moegi treats her team to dinner, while Sakura treats Sarada's injuries. Elsewhere, Sasuke demonstrates his Chidori to Boruto, to motivate his student into polishing his skill with Lightning Release in hopes for him to be able to use similar strong techniques in the future.

Boruto and Sarada teaming up against Shinki.

The next day, the final match between Boruto, Sarada and Shinki begins. Boruto and Sarada decide to team up in order to defeat Shinki. The two try multiple coordinated attacks on Shinki, but to no avail. Eventually, Shinki managed to overpower them and defeat Sarada. Boruto decided to use his Boruto Stream against Shinki's Iron Sand. With his power near its limit, Boruto uses Purple Electricity through his Kote; overpowering Shinki's iron sand to win. While everyone, including Boruto's friends celebrate his win, Naruto arrives and exposes Boruto's usage of Kote; disqualifying him for cheating and removing his forehead protector, much to the distraught of everyone, especially Shikadai, who was disappointed to realise that his best friend had been cheating during their match. Naruto told Boruto that he'll lecture him later about that, which immediately angered Boruto, asking his father if he really does have the time for him; saying that if he had paid attention to him, he wouldn't be in this situation. Katasuke arrives and tries to makes an announcement about scientific ninja tech, calling Boruto his tester, which led the latter to realise that he had been used.

Ōtsutsuki Invasion

Momoshiki preparing to capture Naruto.

Suddenly, they are interrupted by the arrival of Momoshiki and Kinshiki, the later which assaults the arena. While everyone is evacuating the citizens, Momoshiki approaches Naruto, and kicks him away. Boruto attacks him through his Kote, but his techniques are all absorbed. Mitsuki decides to help Boruto, using his Sage Mode, but he is ambushed by Urashiki, who steals his power. Before he approaches Mitsuki, he is ambushed by Gaara and Chōjūrō. Back in the stadium, Sarada and Boruto get attacked by Momoshiki and Kinshiki, only to be saved by their fathers. The duo introduces themselves as members of the Ōtsutsuki clan, and explain how will they acquire power by absorbing Kurama's chakra within Naruto, through the frequent usage of pills. Boruto realises that it is similar of his usage of Kote. Naruto doesn't consider what they have as true power. Elsewhere, Urashiki pressures both the Kazekage and Mizukage, with the power he stole from the others. Momoshiki uses Takamimusubinokami to unleash his assault on Naruto and the others, but Naruto and Sasuke respond back using respectively their Tailed Beast Mode and Susanoo, to protect Boruto and Sarada. When Momoshiki fires a Tailed Beast Ball, Naruto asks Sasuke to take care of the two, before using his full power to block the attack.

Gaara and Chōjūrō struggling against Urashiki.

At the same time, Gaara and Chōjūrō manage to defeat Urashiki with their coordinated attacks, prompting the latter to use his Rinnegan to escape. Naruto tries to blow Momoshiki's attack away with his own attack, but hesitates. When Boruto asks Sasuke why his father isn't trying to blow it, Sasuke responds that citizens will get caught up as well if he counterattacks it. While everyone is watching Naruto withstanding Momoshiki's attack, Boruto begins to reminisce the time he spent with his father, and finally understand his job as Hokage, while at the same time watching his father giving him a warm smile before getting captured, leading Boruto to cry out to him.

Boruto wakes up in the hospital. Seeing Sarada, he asks about his father. He hears Himawari calling for Hinata as Sakura tends to her. Sakura explains Hinata was injured trying to keep Momoshiki and Kinshiki from taking Naruto. Sarada informs him Mitsuki is in critical condition after having his chakra stolen. Boruto sees how many others got injured despite Naruto's efforts, and runs out of the hospital. Boruto notices he's still wearing his Shinobi Gauntlet after tripping on a medical kit, and angrily throws it away. Upon waking up, Hinata asks about Naruto, and Sasuke assures her he's fine, and to leave the rest to him. Boruto goes to Naruto's office, thinking about all the times he complained about Naruto. He finds and wears Naruto's old clothes.

Sasuke tells Boruto he's in a similar situation Naruto used to be, scorned by others. He reveals he can still sense Naruto's chakra, and that he intends to rescue him with Boruto's help. The other Kage arrive, saying they'll help, so everyone pools all of their knowledge of each of the Ōtsutsuki's abilities. The Kage question Sasuke's decision to bring Boruto along, but he assures them he has a reason. Sasuke hands Boruto his own forehead protector with Naruto's scratch on it and explains the history behind it. As Sasuke, Boruto, and the Kage prepare to leave, Sarada asks Sasuke to go with them. He instructs her to help Kakashi and Shikamaru protect the village, as she's the only other person with the Sharingan. Boruto tries apologising to Shikadai, but he says they have more pressing matters, and that he'll listen to what he has to say later. Sasuke opens a portal with his Rinnegan. Hinata arrives, and is shocked to see Boruto in Naruto's old clothes. The sight reminds her of her husband when he was younger, and that moves Hinata to entrust Naruto's safety to her son. They then leave to rescue Naruto.

Rescuing Naruto

In a wasteland where a God Tree resides, Momoshiki drains Kurama's chakra from Naruto. Kinshiki explains that this God Tree was created from a man who also harboured a Tailed Beast, who Naruto understands to be Killer B. Momoshiki complains about how long the process is taking, having only absorbed half of the chakra in Naruto. Naruto says he won't make it easy for them, that as shinobi, they've had to persevere to develop their abilities. Momoshiki explains how they're able to effortlessly acquire power, which Naruto links to the Shinobi Gauntlet, realising his own lack of effort in trying to understand Boruto, which is what drove him to cheat with the Shinobi Gauntlet. Momoshiki resumes extracting his chakra. The other four Kage arrive, interrupting Momoshiki, and cutting Naruto free from his restraints. The Kage fight Momoshiki and Kinshiki while Sasuke and Boruto check on Naruto. Naruto notices Boruto is wearing his old clothes. When he tried to apologise to Boruto for not being there for him, Boruto replied that it was alright and he just wants to hear more about Naruto's past. Boruto asks Naruto to tell him his story after they go back home.

In Konoha, Shikamaru instructs other shinobi to make sure no one else is missing, and to be on the lookout for Urashiki. Shikadai asks him if they shouldn't send reinforcements. Shikamaru sees his concern for Boruto is like his for Naruto. He explains their current situation using shogi analogies. Sasuke, Chōjūrō and Kurotsuchi fight Kinshiki which leads to Chōjūrō and Kurotsuchi pinning Kinshiki down. The others focus on Momoshiki, Gaara using his sand to offer others footing while pursuing him. Boruto warns Naruto of Momoshiki's ability to absorb and amplify any ninjutsu used against him. Momoshiki notices Kinshiki has been incapacitated, and upon checking Boruto with his Byakugan, notices how Naruto is unable to pass on his power to him, and offers to show how his clan does it. He converts Kinshiki into a chakra edible and consumes it, Sasuke attempts to strike him but fails. Momoshiki's appearance changes, including manifesting a third Rinnegan on his forehead, and tells Naruto he's next.

The shinobi are horrified by Momoshiki's consuming of Kinshiki for power, who replies it was the former's wish, and law within their clan. Momoshiki releases a pulse of energy that cuts clean through the God Tree, and pushes everyone back. Momoshiki proceeds to knock out Chōjūrō, Darui, Gaara and Kurotsuchi. Momoshiki targets Naruto, and the two engage with taijutsu, and the latter gains the upper hand when he strikes Naruto's tenketsu. Sasuke attacks Momoshiki, who evades his attack, counterattacks, and rams both Naruto and Sasuke on the ground, throwing them against the remains of the God Tree. Naruto and Sasuke go on the offensive, activating their chakra mode and dōjutsu respectively, and Momoshiki manifests a weapon to counter them, leading to the trio to brawl. Eventually Naruto manifests Kurama. Momoshiki coalesces the rocks around into a monkey in retaliation. Sasuke armours Naruto with Susanoo, and they cut through Momoshiki's monkey. Boruto watches the fight in awe. Naruto and Sasuke power down, and the other Kage ask if they're done.

Katasuke arrives with Kōsuke, and against the others' warnings, fires several ninjutsu at Momoshiki with the Shinobi Gauntlet. Momoshiki absorbs them, regaining strength, and uses the absorbed jutsu against them. Gaara protects the group with his sand, but before they can strike back, Momoshiki paralyses them with an absorbed Nara shadow ninjutsu, and for extra measure, pins Naruto down with black receivers. Boruto remembers Sasuke's words from before, and on Sasuke's command, throws his Rasengan. Naruto wonders when Boruto learned it, while Momoshiki thinks he should have stayed out of sight. He prepares to absorb it, but it vanishes before reaching him, so he turns his attention back to the shinobi. Boruto's attack connects, breaking Momoshiki's hold on the others. Sasuke explains to Naruto how he trained Boruto on the condition he learned the Rasengan.

Momoshiki consumes more chakra pills to power up for decisive attack. Naruto tells Boruto to make another Rasengan, and adds his chakra to enlarge it. Sasuke distracts Momoshiki, throwing his sword and switching places with it to get close. Sasuke's sword is a transformed Boruto, who throws a kunai. Momoshiki catches it, and Sasuke switches it with his Chidori, so Momoshiki strikes his own arm, while Sasuke uses the kunai to stab the Rinnegan on his hand, preventing him from using it to absorb jutsu. Boruto uses clones to distract Momoshiki, allowing his real self to attack with the Naruto-powered Rasengan. Momoshiki counters with a similar attack, but Boruto prevails. As his body is destroyed, Momoshiki's spirit talks to Boruto, recognising that he strongly inherited Ōtsutsuki powers. He gives Boruto a cryptic information about his future and a warning him that his victory means he can't stay an ordinary human, grabbing his arm before disappearing. Katasuke is confused about recent events, unsure of what happened. Momoshiki's chakra receivers vanish. Sasuke and Naruto talk about their previous conversation about the nature of shinobi.


The five Kage, Sasuke, and Boruto return to Konoha. Hinata and Himawari embrace Naruto and Boruto, and Sakura and Sarada embrace Sasuke. The extensive damage caused by the attacks results in the Chūnin Exams being cancelled. Naruto continues to have a massive paperwork load, and Boruto's injured arm is bandaged. Boruto apologises for his actions to Team Shinki. Naruto, Sasuke, and Shikamaru discuss how they're still targets of the Ōtsutsuki, as Urashiki escaped and they still don't know the true extent of his powers. Sasuke says he'll leave to track Urashiki. Naruto and Shikamaru discuss how they still got to see the skills of the participants, requiring meeting with the other villages to discuss the outcome. Shikamaru also points out Naruto has to deal with Katasuke, and informs him that Killer B returned to Kumogakure. Naruto wants to take time off, but Shikamaru advises to finish handling his paperwork first.

Boruto and Shikadai ride the train, the situation between them awkward. They both apologise to each other; Boruto for having cheated, Shikadai for making Boruto wait so long to talk to him when he said he would after the attack on the exam. They talk about the type of shinobi they want to be. On the train back to Sunagakure, Shinki thinks how Boruto, who he perceives as weak, went against a much stronger opponent and won. Gaara claims responsibility for telling him not to fight, but Shinki says that even if he had fought, he'd have lost. Gaara tells him to focus on his own path instead of the paths of others beside him. Sasuke talks to Boruto, who informs him that he hasn't seen Momoshiki again, nor felt the same paralysis he felt before. Sasuke tells Boruto to keep him updated. A snake clone Orochimaru meets with Mitsuki in person to talk to him almost him using senjutsu in public. Boruto is interviewed for his participation in the fight against the Ōtsutsuki. Sarada asks if Boruto intends to become Hokage, but he denies it, saying that is her dream, while he wants to become like Sasuke. After she and Mitsuki leave, he undoes his bandages, thinking back to Momoshiki's words, looking at the diamond-shaped mark on his right hand.

Boruto arrives home to find Naruto, who brought home a cake to make up for missing Himawari's and Boruto's birthdays. Boruto punches him in the stomach to make sure he's not a shadow clone. When Himawari jumps on the two, Hinata threatens to put the cake away. Naruto and Boruto both wake up late the next day, and fist bump before they head to handle their respective duties. In the dimension where Momoshiki was defeated, Urashiki realises Boruto is the one Toneri was observing, and notes he could pose a threat in the future, wondering if preventive measures should be taken, but sure it'll be interesting either way.


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6 "Loser" 7 November 2016 2
7 "Clash…!!" 5 December 2016 2
8 "You Must Act" 15 January 2017 3
9 "You're Just Like" 13 February 2017 3
10 "My Story…!!" 13 March 2017 3


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51 "Boruto's Birthday" 28 March 2018 13 October 2019
52 "Sasuke's Shadow" 4 April 2018 20 October 2019
53 "Himawari's Birthday" 11 April 2018 21 April 2020
54 "Sasuke and Boruto" 18 April 2018 21 April 2020
55 "The Scientific Ninja Tool" 25 April 2018 21 April 2020
56 "Rivals, Gather!" 3 May 2018 21 April 2020
57 "The Reason I Can't Lose" 10 May 2018 21 April 2020
58 "The Tournament Begins!" 17 May 2018 21 April 2020
59 "Boruto vs. Shikadai" 24 May 2018 21 April 2020
60 "The Hidden Leaf vs. The Hidden Sand" 31 May 2018 21 April 2020
61 "The Iron Sand User: Shinki" 7 June 2018 21 April 2020
62 "The Ōtsutsuki Invasion" 14 June 2018 21 April 2020
63 "Sasuke's Secret Weapon" 28 June 2018 21 April 2020
64 "Rescuing Naruto!" 5 July 2018 21 April 2020
65 "Father and Child" 19 July 2018 21 April 2020
66 "My Story!" 26 July 2018 21 April 2020