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ヴィクタ Vikuta
Manga Volume #5, Boruto Chapter #16
Appears in Manga
Sex Gender Male Male
Status Deceased
  • Inner

Victor (ヴィクタ, Vikuta) was an Inner from the organisation Kara.


Victor was impatient and quick to anger, lashing at Koji Kashin, his colleague with whom he seemed to have a rivalry of sorts. Even in his old age, he was a proud and headstrong man who was not afraid to fight the younger Koji.


Victor was a short, stocky, elderly man. He wore a dark-coloured cloak, an eye-patch over his right eye and a prosthetic right leg. Like his colleagues, he had a tattoo of the Roman numeral Ⅴ on his left temple.


As an Inner of Kara, Victor was a monster in terms of abilities,[1] and had his body modified with Scientific Ninja Tools by Amado.[2] He had powerful regenerative abilities at his disposal.

New Era

Ao Arc

Main article: Ao Arc

Samadhi Truth Flames

Victor killed by Koji Kashin.

Victor attended a meeting held by Jigen to discuss the urgent situation relating to the missing "vessel". As Jigen dispelled the genjutsu, he voiced that they must recover the vessel at all costs.

Soon after the meeting, Victor discovered that Koji infiltrated his whereabouts with the intent of assassinating him. Despite trying to use Scientific Ninja Tools and ninjutsu to counterattack, Victor was overpowered by Koji who disposed of him with the True Fire of Samadhi technique.


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