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ヴィクタ Vikuta
Manga Volume #5, Boruto Chapter #16
Anime Boruto Episode #157
Appears in Anime, Manga
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Sex Gender Male.svg Male
Status Deceased
  • Inner
  • Company President (Anime only)
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Victor (ヴィクタ, Vikuta) was an Inner from the secret organisation Kara. Formerly a shinobi, he became the president of a huge medical care manufacturing company in the Land of Valleys.[1]


In the anime, Victor took part in the Fourth Shinobi World War, costing him his leg. After the Allied Shinobi Forces's victory in the war, Victor secretly harvested some fragments of the dead God Tree. Afterwards, Victor returned to the Land of Valleys, where he spent years establishing a new medical care and research company. Deepa implies that Victor only became an Inner of Kara because of a large donation his company made to the organisation.


In the anime, when first introduced, he was shown to be a very humble and compassionate man. Having seen the horrors and losses of war, he came to appreciate life in all its forms. So much did he care, he committed all his time and resources into establishing a medical care company with the hope of helping all people, regardless of status or wealth, to heal from their wounds, no matter how crippling. His goal was also to revolutionise medical care, finding the means to not only restore damaged or lost anatomy in people, but even extend their longevity. He also valued his clients enough to join a search party for them.

In truth, he cares only of success, willingly discarding people once they become of no value to him. His ultimate goals are completely self-serving, willing to sacrifice countless people for the sake of power. He openly views it as survival of the fittest, akin to how the Five Great Nations have used smaller nations in the past. With Kara, Victor was shown impatient and quick to anger, lashing at his colleagues for questioning him. Even in his old age, he was a proud and headstrong man who was not afraid to fight the younger Koji.


Victor's full appearance.

Victor was a short, stocky, elderly man with grey hair. He wore a dark-coloured cloak, an eye-patch over his right eye and a peg right leg. Like his colleagues, he had a tattoo of the Roman numeral Ⅴ on his left temple.


As an Inner of Kara, Victor was regarded as being completely monstrous in terms of power and ability,[2] and had his body modified with Scientific Ninja Tools by Amado.[3] In the anime, he proved able to calmly repel the efforts of two of Konohagakure's most capable jōnin.[4] He could also stand up to Orochimaru, one of the Sannin, with Orochimaru even commenting on how stubborn he was.[5]

Physical Prowess

In the anime, despite his advanced age and various handicaps, Victor was fearsome in battle. Showing deceptive speed, he could blitz his opponents in an instant. He also showed considerable taijutsu prowess, able to skilfully fend off an opponent's assault with his cane.[6]


Victor manifests two giant arms.

He had powerful regenerative abilities at his disposal.[7] In the anime, he could instantly regrow his arms and even his head unfazed.[5] Alternatively, should his limbs be severed, he could still manipulate their movements and even reconnect them by using his blood as tendrils to retrieve them. Victor could also manifest two giant arms to aid him in battle, which capable of using hand seals to perform jutsu.[4]

In the anime, Victor was also one of the few shinobi capable of using all five nature transformations. With Wind Release, he could produce twisters. He could use Lightning Release to produce lightning bolts or enhance his strikes.[5] With Earth Release, he could rupture the ground and create a large wave of dust.[8] With Water Release, he was able to create defensive water walls and with Fire Release, he could release multiple fiery blasts.


In the anime, Victor was shown to be a very brilliant man. A talented businessman and scientist, he was able to create his own successful company with revolutionary new technology. His knowledge of science could even stabilise the famous cells of Hashirama Senju for his own experiments, creating a artificial God Tree. Victor also proved himself to be very sneaky and manipulative, convincing an entire country into believing he was a honourable and selfless man, all the while continuing his immoral experiments.

New Era

Kara Actuation Arc

Main article: Kara Actuation Arc In the anime, Victor was present when Jigen called a meeting with the Inners, informing them of the destruction of one their facilities in Amegakure set by an Outer.

Victor explains the plan.

As his company suddenly had a research team disappear, Victor headed up a search party, under the guise of taking a vacation. After much searching, they found that several of the researchers were killed. Soon after, they chanced upon Team 7 of Konohagakure. They revealed to Victor that the wife of one of his missing researchers, Anato, hired them to help find him. Victor decided to join efforts. With new information presented by Anato's wife, they found a cave. Inside, they found Anato, whose body was altered and was a reduced to a mindless berserker that attack them.

Ultimately, Victor had his men strike down Anato. Victor promised the Konoha-nin that his staff would work to treat Anato, prompting them to accept their mission as completed and return to Konohagakure. Back at his research headquarters, Victor had Anato thoroughly analysed for a special component. Upon learning that Anato's body could not be harvested, Victor angrily ordered Anato to be killed. He was also notified that there was still one researcher missing, which intrigued Victor. Later, he learned that the Hashirama Cell was sold in the Land of Silence. Victor brought in Deepa to retrieve it. He insisted him to be as covert as possible in his mission, but Deepa didn't listen.

Victor fights Konohamaru and Mugino.

Ultimately, deciding that Deepa was taking too long and drawing too much attention, Victor caught up with him as he faced down the Konoha-nin. Revealing his alliance with Deepa, Victor decided to face off the two jōnin while Deepa handled the genin. Quickly, Victor proved himself a fearsome foe as his unique abilities overwhelmed Konohamaru and Mugino. Upon noticing the unusual commotion at Deepa's battle, Victor decided to investigate. He learned that the genin had escaped, but Deepa had retrieved the Hashirama Cell. Deciding that the Konoha-nin weren't important, he and Deepa returned to the lab.

Upon returning to Victor's laboratory and getting into an argument on with Deepa on where they both stood in Kara, Victor worked on stabilising the Hashirama Cell. He sent Deepa to retrieve another important item. Days later, Konohamaru and Mugino arrived at Victor's company to investigate. Tensions rose when discussions turned to the Hashirama Cell, but Victor pointed out they couldn't force the issue without escalating the situation into a diplomatic incident. He had the Konoha jōnin escorted out.

Victor chastises Deepa for his lack of restraint.

Later, Deepa returned to Victor's company, where he made no efforts to go unseen, storming through the front entrance and striking down the guard who tried to stop him. Victor was annoyed again by Deepa's lack of restraint. He was even more annoyed to hear Deepa's mission to recover one of Urashiki Ōtsutsuki's puppets was a failure. Deepa decided go take a nap while Victor tended to an inspection from the Land of Valleys' daimyō. Victor reminded Deepa that the experiment was nearing its final stage.

Soon the daimyō arrived with his guards for an inspection. They were brought into the central laboratory, where they underwent sterilisation. Victor presented the daimyō with several people safely in stasis as they were be treated of various incurable illnesses. Suddenly, the daimyō's released him from the genjutsu Victor had administered during "sterilisation". The people in stasis were in fact being used as nourishment for Victor's true project. The guards revealed themselves to be Konohamaru and Mugino and subdued Victor as they explained the situation. While the daimyō was ashamed of his blindness to Victor's deceit, he agreed to let the Konoha-nin act as needed. Victor however activated his experiment, revealing an artificial God Tree that began consuming all targets in the area while he and his secretary escaped.

Victor facing Orochimaru.

As Mugino was sent away to save the daimyō, Victor sent his secretary after them. He then approached Konohamaru, who was by chance joined by Boruto and Sarada. He explained how he harvested this new God Tree from the one left over from the Fourth Shinobi World War. As he looked on with delight at the carnage and eagerness at the production of Chakra Fruit, Victor separated the genin from their sensei, rupturing the ground to drop them below. As he continued to pressure Konohamaru, the Konoha-nin voiced his disgust at Victor's shameless manipulations and sacrificing of people. Victor countered that all survival comes from leeching of others. Suddenly, Orochimaru arrived to intervene. He voiced his anger at Victor for stealing the Hashirama Cell from one of his laboratories. Victor refused to be scared of the Sannin and attacked him. Orochimaru however calmly repelled Victor's efforts. As Orochimaru continued to toy with Victor, the Inner decided to go after the God Tree's fruit for more power. To his horror, the God Tree ensnared him like the other victims. Orochimaru calmly told Victor that his recreated God Tree was but a crude imitation unable to produce such fruit, much to Victor's shock.

Ao Arc

Main article: Ao Arc

Victor being incinerated.

Victor attended a meeting held by Jigen to discuss the urgent situation relating to the missing "vessel". As Jigen dispelled the genjutsu, he voiced that they must recover the vessel at all costs. Soon after the meeting, Victor discovered that Koji infiltrated his whereabouts with the intent of assassinating him. Despite trying to use Scientific Ninja Tools and ninjutsu to counterattack, Victor was overpowered by Koji who disposed of him with the True Fire of Samadhi technique.


  • The Allied Shinobi Forces consists of shinobi from the Five Great Shinobi Countries and samurai from the Land of Iron. Victor being a member of the alliance would be inconsistent, since he's from the Land of Valleys, a country not in the alliance. However, it is possible that Victor was originally from one of the Allied countries and only later emigrated to the Land of Valleys.


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