This technique originates from Kirigakure.[2] Using water from the surroundings, the user creates one or more copies of themselves. Unlike the standard Clone Technique, these water clones are physically real, allowing them to interact with others and even perform the same jutsu as the user. Although a single water clone can be quite challenging to a standard genin,[1] water clones only have about a tenth of their user's strength. When a water clone is sufficiently damaged, it will revert back into water.[3] In the anime, the clones can alternatively disperse into a mist that act as a smokescreen to briefly covers the area.[4]

Water clones cannot travel too far from their user's location, meaning that running away is a viable option against them.[5] This aside, water clones are useful as support and diversions.[1] The clones can even be used as mobile bodies of water, through which the user can perform their other water-based jutsu; when this is done, the user will need to perform the necessary hand seals.[6]

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