Violent Water Wave

A Water Release technique.

Water Release (水遁, Suiton, English TV: Water Style) is one of the five basic nature transformations, and is commonly affiliated with the Dog (, Inu) hand seal.


Water Release jutsu are most easily performed using existing water sources, such as lakes or rivers.[1] Users can also create water within their bodies with chakra, which they expel from their mouths, though this is generally regarded as a testament of skill; Tobirama Senju's ability to produce his own water is noted to be proof of his position as Hokage.[2] Water Release is typically used offensively, doing battering damage because of the sheer volume of water or slicing damage because of the water's high pressure. Water Release can be used to trap targets, such as imprisoning them with dense water or ensnaring them with sticky water. Defensively, Water Formation Wall is a common option, with users surrounding themselves with water to be protected from harm. Alternatively, users can hide themselves from opponents with thick mist to obscure vision or water droplets to render the user invisible.

Water Release is common among ninja of Kirigakure, with the Water Clone Technique being one of the village's trademark techniques.[3] Various Kiri-nin utilise Water Release in characteristic ways: Kisame Hoshigaki frequently shapes his water into sharks, such as the Water Shark Bullet; members of the Hōzuki clan use the Hydrification Technique to turn their bodies into water, such as to alter their body or shoot it from their hands; Utakata uses Soap Bubble Ninjutsu, which he employs for various purposes.

Water Release is naturally strong against Fire Release and weak against Earth Release.[4] If Water Release is used with Wind Release, as with the Typhoon Water Vortex Technique, the wind churns the water, increasing its damage and coverage area. If Water Release is used with Lightning Release, the water can increase the range of the lightning, or the lightning can give the water a numbing quality; in Sasuke Shinden, Sasuke Uchiha purifies all his Water Release in order to minimise its conductivity of lightning. When Water Release is combined with other natures, certain kekkei genkai are produced: water and wind make Ice Release; water and earth make Wood Release; water and lightning make Storm Release; water and fire make Boil Release; in Akatsuki Hiden, water and earth also make Mud Release.


  • "Suiton-no-jutsu" is a real-life ninja art, examples of which include throwing duckweed over water in order to conceal underwater movement.
  • In Sasuke Shinden: The Teacher's Star Pupil, Sasuke uses scientific principles to manipulate the molecular structure of his Water Release. By moving the molecules closer together, he can change the water into ice. By moving the molecules further apart, he can change the water into steam.
  • In the anime, the Funato clan bloodline possesses a mysterious power knows as the "Power of the Sea Dragon", which grants them instinctual power over water. Ikada, said to have inherited this power at greater magnitude than anyone before him, was able to easily split a gigantic wave despite his lack of experience in combat.

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