After blowing dozens of bubbles, the user manipulates them to surround the enemy in all directions. Only the slightest amount of physical contact with an opponent is required to make these bubbles burst, resulting in a small but powerful explosion when they do. The user can then make them entirety detonate simultaneously with a snap of their fingers.


  • 泡沫 is written with two kanji that both mean "bubble". The word can also be pronounced as "utakata", also carrying the meaning of something ephemeral and transient like a soap bubble.
  • Prior to the technique's introduction in the manga, the anime introduced a similar singular variant.
  • When the Genjutsu World version of Utakata performed this technique in Naruto: Shippūden episode 430, he called it "Suiton: Utakata no Jutsu".[2]


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