The user spits a stream of water from their mouth at the ground, which circles around them and rises upward to create a wall.[1] If the user is standing on a body of water, they can instead create the wall from the surroundings.[2] The water wall defends anyone within its perimeter from attack, with the wall's strength being determined by how much of the user's chakra is put into it. Users control how long the wall lasts as well as how much water it's made with. Because the water is clear, the wall doesn't obstruct the user's vision, allowing them to make their next move uninhibited.[1] The wall's initial formation, if timed correctly, can be used to fend off opponents, flinging them away as the wall rises.[3]

In Sasuke Shinden, Sasuke Uchiha creates the Water Formation Wall around his allies rather than around himself, providing them a shield while he carries out other tasks.


  • In the manga, the hand seal sequence for this technique ends in the same seal that activates the Byakugan.
    • In the anime, when Tobirama uses this technique, a different and far more elaborate set of hand seals is used, involving a unique seal of the right hand cupping the left hand with a thumbs-up.
  • In certain games, when this technique is used, it creates tidal waves that travel across the field.

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