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|ref=<ref>Second Databook, page 236</ref>
|ref=<ref>Second Databook, page 236</ref>
|image=Water Shark Bullet Technique .png
|unnamed jutsu=No
|unnamed jutsu=No

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The user shapes water into the form of a large shark and thrusting their hand forward, sends it hurtling towards the opponent at high-speeds, resulting in a powerful impact.[2][3] The user can also ride inside the water shark to dramatically increase their swimming speed.[3]


  • In the anime, when Kisame entered the shark, rather than it swimming away, it flies through the air.[4]
  • In Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes, the shark is depicted as purple instead of blue.
  • This was the last seen technique to be copied by the Sharingan in the series.

See Also


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