"We Will…!!" (オレらで…!!, Orera de…!!) is chapter 673 of the original Naruto manga.


Madara is baffled by Guy's chakra not disappearing and wonders what Naruto did. Naruto leaps towards Madara, who reforms his shakujō from his remaining Truth-Seeking Ball just in time to defend himself from Naruto's punch. Madara begins to wonder if it's because his own regeneration isn't complete, before concluding that Naruto's power has increased. Naruto asks Son Gokū to lend him its chakra, and the young man creates a senjutsu-enhanced, lava-natured Rasenshuriken. Madara jumps out of the way as it expands, and casts Limbo: Border Jail. His attack, however, proves ineffective, and both the Uchiha and the Ten-Tails' tree form are caught in the attack. Lying there, seemingly defeated as the tree falls, Madara hears a voice from the tree to absorb it. Naruto takes the opportunity to retreat with Guy, handing him over to Gaara and Lee, assuring the latter that Guy would not die, before agreeing with the former that when he became Hokage they would be allies. He then heads back to the battlefield. As Kakashi watches on, Sakura thanks Obito in the other dimension for saving Naruto despite her better judgement, leading him to make a request from the young kunoichi. Elsewhere Sasuke frees Tobirama, asking him if he was able to teleport. While observing a change in the young man, he notes that currently, he could only teleport one person and Sasuke decides to go without his team mates. Having absorbed the falling God Tree, Madara recovers and declares that he was immortal and could not be defeated by Naruto. Picking up one of his father's kunai, Naruto declares as he enters a new mode — complete with his own Truth-Seeking Balls — that he would not be defeating him alone, right as Sasuke — who has apparently awakened the Rinnegan — appears by his side. Noting the changes in the two, Madara states that they each had a power he already possessed, before declaring that this last fight would determine which of them was the most powerful.


  • In one panel, Sasuke's Rinnegan is depicted with nine tomoe rather than six. This was not corrected in the tankōbon version.

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