This is the ultimate technique of the Fire Temple that is taught only to its ninja monks, and requires the special Gift of the Hermit Group chakra. The technique is activated when the user takes a specific stance with their left hand making a half-ram and then extending their right hand down with his palm parallel to the ground. Once the stance is taken, the spirit of the Thousand-Armed Kannon is summoned to defend the user, or attack their enemies. The spirit is normally calm, angelic and looks peaceful. However, whenever the user gets angry, the spirit turns red and transforms into a demonic-looking creature. Kannon then attacks the user's target with its 1000 spirit fists. The size and power of the spirit is dependent upon the skill of the user.


  • Although the spirit appearing with this technique is the bodhisattva Kannon, the Welcoming Approach refers to the appearance of the Amida Buddha at the time of one's death, welcoming the nearly-departed into the Pure Land. However, images of this Welcoming Approach often depict the Amida Buddha sitting on a purple cloud flanked by Kannon and Seishi, another bodhisattva. These three form a kind of trinity, especially revered in Pure Land Buddhism.

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