"Whaddabout My Training?!" (修業どーすんだ!?, Shūgyō Dō Sunda!?) is chapter 90 of the original Naruto manga.


Believing Ebisu to be a pervert, Naruto tries to refuse his training. Not wanting to be embarrassed in front of Kakashi, Ebisu bribes Naruto to keep quiet. Kakashi explains that Naruto's weakest point are his basic ninja skills, which Ebisu can help with. Ebisu explains that Naruto wastes too much chakra when performing jutsu, tiring him out faster and leaving his jutsu less effective. It is only because he has so much chakra that this has never been a problem. They leave Kakashi to go train at the hot springs. After preventing Naruto from spying on the bathing women, Ebisu instructs Naruto in how to improve his chakra control by walking on water. While Naruto struggles to do this, Ebisu spots another man spying on the women. He tries to stop the man, but is knocked out by the man's toad.

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