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Snake Sage
白蛇仙人 Hakuja Sennin
Manga Volume #61, Naruto Chapter #579
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #334
Appears in Anime, Manga
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Birthdate Astrological Sign Aries April 6 Icon_-_Search.png
Sex Gender Female Female
Species Snake
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The White Snake Sage (白蛇仙人, Hakuja Sennin) is the leader of the snakes and resides in the Ryūchi Cave.


At some point, Kabuto Yakushi came to her and under her tutelage, the shinobi learned senjutsu and mastered the snakes' equivalent of Sage Mode.


In the anime, Orochimaru referred to the White Snake Sage as a being with an eccentric personality and very dangerous to deal with.[2] She has a strict policy only letting her subjects eat any intruders if they first fail any of the given tests to meet with her. Overall, the sage is shown rather laid-back and uninterested in matters that don't directly involve Ryūchi Cave.


Hakuja Sennin

The White Snake Sage's full appearance.

The Sage is an extremely large, albino Japanese rat snake, many times the size of a human with her massive body wrapped in thick coils. Along these coils are yellow circular bands. She wears a turban with two pointed edges and a red orb on top along with an orange headdress. She also wears a chain with a green orb around her neck, similar to the one worn by the Great Toad Sage. Because she has lived in the cave for so long, her body has grown together with the ground. The Sage smokes as well, using a long cigarette holder when doing so.


White Snake Sage

The White Snake Sage disguising itself with genjutsu.

The snake uses her fangs to bite and inject a person with natural energy. According to the legend, if the body can withstand the snake-ification, the White Snake Sage will accept it without reservation. Otherwise, she will devour it whole.[1] As a Sage, she is very knowledgeable in senjutsu as she taught Kabuto how to use senjutsu and Sage Mode, which he mastered. In the anime, much like her subjects responsible for the cave's trials, she can cause others to experience visions, which she can use to relay the thoughts of other snakes to third parties, as well as disguise her true form, taking the form of a elderly lady.[3]

New Era

Mitsuki's Disappearance Arc

Main article: Mitsuki's Disappearance Arc In the anime, the White Snake Sage granted an audience with Boruto Uzumaki after he passed through the Ryūchi Cave's trials. When asked to analyse the snake he brought in hopes of learning more about Mitsuki's departure, the sage refused, saying the trials Boruto passed were about earning the right to learn senjutsu. Boruto insisted, and the sage agreed to help him if he brought the sage Garaga's reverse scale, though the sage fully expected Boruto not to survive the attempt.

The genin soon after all returned. When the sage asked for the Reverse Scale, Boruto having entered a contract with Garaga, summoned him. Technically upholding his promise of bringing her the Reverse Scale, the sage revealed the secret thoughts inside Mitsuki's snake. It showed that Mitsuki feigned killing a guard to save his life and joined the attackers to the Land of Earth. As the genin made their way to their next clue, the sage noted that Boruto has a strange destiny before him.


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