White Zetsu Army
(白ゼツの10万, Shiro-Zetsu no Jūman, Literally meaning: The One Hundred Thousand White Zetsu)
Manga Volume #54, Naruto Chapter #512
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The White Zetsu Army consists of 100,000 copies of the white half of Zetsu, which is used as Akatsuki's main military strength during the Fourth Shinobi World War.[1]


The Zetsu army was created using the chakra of the first seven tailed beasts.[2] Madara Uchiha also used a clone of Hashirama Senju to connect the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path - which the tailed beasts were sealed within - to a cavern beneath Mountains' Graveyard where the army was made and stored. After Kabuto Yakushi captured Yamato, he used his studies of Hashirama's DNA and Yamato to improve the army's strength.[3]



Unlike the original white side, which is only half of a Zetsu; they have complete faces with properly defined right arms and legs. After Kabuto uses Yamato to further enhance their abilities, the Zetsu gain small spikes that protrude from their shoulders and back. These Zetsu however, lack the Venus fly trap-like extensions, that the original had, and have what seems to be cracks or all over their bodies. They also have a zig-zag pattern from their diaphragms down to the groin, and then down each leg reminiscent of the originals' fly trap-like extensions. These serrations are later shown to be able to open in a similar manner. When the Zetsu are first depicted in coloured manga illustrations, they appear not white, but light-green.[4] In later depictions they appear even more greenish.[5]


As the main force of Madara's army, the White Zetsu are presumably adept for combat. With Kabuto's offer of increasing their strength, they might be even stronger than before. Like the original Zetsu, they are able to use Mayfly to travel underground. They are also extremely durable, and seem to have limited regenerative abilities. They can open their bodies in a Venus flytrap-like manner to trap their opponent and absorb their chakra. Like the original White Zetsu they are also able to use the Substitute Technique.

Their capacity to absorb chakra serves a more sinister purpose: to allow any active Zetsu clone to take on the appearance of the person they latched on. With this ability, they can deceive anyone into gaining the trust of the copied person's acquaintances. Such an ability is perfect for espionage and covert assassination.

Part II

Shinobi World War Arc

Once Madara finished his preparations for the Fourth Shinobi World War, he had the Zetsu army mobilize to fight the Allied Shinobi Forces' 80,000-person strong army. Because of the size of their forces, Madara has the Zetsu travel below ground, to be led from above by himself to hide their numbers. This was discovered by Muta Aburame and is reported to the various commanders. The Second Division, led by Kitsuchi, as well as elements from the Fifth Division, unearth and attack a detachment of 20,000 White Zetsus travelling directly underneath them. While fighting the Allied Shinobi forces, they began to overwhelm them. Several thousand White Zetsus passed through the Allied Forces in the underground.

Then, off the coast of the Land of Lightning, several thousand White Zetsu appeared along with Kakuzu, Hizashi Hyūga, Asuma Sarutobi, Dan, Kinkaku and Ginkaku to attack Darui's First Division, forcing the Allied Shinobi Forces to change their strategy to meet this threat. By the end of first day of battles, the army had already lost 50,000 out of its 100,000 Zetsu,[6] leaving Madara's army at half strength.


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