The user breathes wind from their mouth, blowing away whatever is in front of them. The technique itself is quite simple, but its power varies significantly depending on the user's skill and how strong they make the winds; Rin no Sho compares Orochimaru's use of this technique against Team 7 to a hurricane, as his is able to uproot trees.[1]


  • When used by Orochimaru in Naruto chapter 48, his use of this technique resembles other manga depictions of fire; it was not confirmed as this technique until the release of Rin no Sho. The anime adaptation of the same scene depicts Orochimaru as breathing fire rather than wind.
  • Kokage Yanagikage used this technique with the bird hand seal.[2] In the anime, he also wove the seals hare, horse, and ram afterwards.[3]


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