The Wind Release: Rasengan is an original technique created by Naruto Uzumaki.


After learning Minato Namikaze created the Rasengan with the intention of combining it with his own nature, a task that proved too difficult for him to complete prior to his death,[1] Naruto struggled to combine the Rasengan with his wind-nature, which he described as needing to look left and right at the same time.[2] He is eventually able to overcome this obstacle by using shadow clones: he provides the chakra, one shadow clone shapes the chakra into a sphere, and a second infuses the sphere with wind.[3] The end product becomes the Wind Release: Rasengan.[4] Users who have mastered the Rasengan's shape transformation will only need one shadow clone, to provide the wind-nature,[5] and with additional experience users can perform it without any shadow clones at all.[6]

Naruto's version appears largely identical to a standard Rasengan, but is stronger,[7] and capable of being thrown.[8] When used in combination with Water Release, its wind nature can expand the other jutsu's coverage area.[4] Konohamaru's usage is surrounded by an aura and generates a large current of air, with its strength being capable of destroying a hill from a distance.[6] Boruto's is uniquely green in chakra and sports rings around the central sphere. Though his is incomplete, Boruto is able to throw it.[9]

Tailed Beast Influence

In the Sasuke Shinden novel, Naruto uses the power of the Nine-Tails to form a Wind Release: Rasengan that he's able to throw; he also doesn't need any shadow clones to create it. When it hits its target, it creates a shockwave of wind away from Naruto. In the anime, Naruto instead uses "Rasengan: Flash".



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