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* {{Drilldown|List of Wind Release techniques|Jutsu|q=Jutsu type=Wind Release}}
* {{Drilldown|List of Wind Release techniques|Jutsu|q=Jutsu type=Wind Release}}
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[[Category:Chakra Natures]]

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The Wind Release (風遁, Fūton, English TV: Wind Style) area of elemental Nature Transformation are offensive type techniques that allow the user to manipulate their wind chakra-nature. Wind Release Ninjutsu is common among the ninja of Sunagakure, in the Land of Wind. Some of its most prominent shinobi having learned to channel it through weapons such as blades to make them sharper to the point where they can cut through solid rock.

According to Asuma and Kakashi, out of the five main elemental affinities, the Wind element is the rarest type that a ninja can have an affinity for. Wind Release training first involves learning how to cut a leaf in two with chakra and then works up to cutting a waterfall in half by producing enough chakra to temporarily halt the flow of water.

Wind Release techniques can cut through everything like a blade, making it ideal for short to mid-ranged combat. As explained by Asuma in chapter 317 in the manga; "When manipulating the 'wind'-type chakra, you've got to imagine splitting your your chakra into two and rubbing them together. Then you've got to sharpen those two chakra parts into fine pieces and compress them together...The thinner and sharper, the better."

When asked what was the point to learning the wind element to cut when ninja weapons already have cutting edges, Asuma futher explained: "If two ninja of the same level fought with sharpened weapons, the one with a sharper tool will win." Wind-based attacks are known for "dissecting and piercing" opponents and the Wind Release style compliments fighters who's style relies on brute strength, and has the strongest offensive power for close to mid-range fighters.

A Wind Ninjutsu is strong against a Lightning Ninjutsu of the same level/rank, but will only strengthen a Fire Ninjutsu with the same level/rank. It also has yet to be commented upon whenever Lightning-natured chakra would strengthen Wind-natured chakra or not, and whenever a Fire-natured jutsu could be overwelmed by a Wind-natured jutsu of a higher rank.

As seen in both the manga and the anime, it has been demonstrated that Wind Release has a good affinity with Water Release. When used together in a collaberated jutsu, the wind ninjutsu needs to be implemented with the right timing in order to be fed into the water ninjutsu, the wind chakra adding more force to the water ninjutsu, giving it more impact force, both in width and range.

Furthermore, in the case of Elementally-recomposed Nature Transformations, (rarely found outside of a kekkei genkai,) wind-natured chakra can be blended with water-natured chakra, the wind chakra induces the molecular structure of the water, that the water chakra provides and controls, to form ice crystals creating Ice Release Ninjutsu.

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