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Yuto Normal
Game Naruto Shippūden 3D: The New Era
Appears in Game
Sex Gender Male Male
Status Deceased

Yūto was the son of Malice that appeared in Naruto Shippūden 3D: The New Era.


After the end of a shinobi war, a plague began to spread around the Five Great Shinobi Countries. Many have fallen from the plague, but Yūto was the one who contained an anti-body to combat it. The five Kage of that time went into negotiations with the Rinha clan to fight the virus and took him for research. They were able to produce an anti-body to rid of the plague, but at the cost of his life.


Yūto had a short crop of brown hair with the left side of hair being a lighter brown-colour. He also wore a jumpsuit. While in his puppet-like form, he was very large. Each of hs three heads had a different appearance. He wore a giant blue band around his left shoulder and it covers his waist.


When Yūto was revived by Malice, he appeared as a large puppet-like creature. While in this form he had immense strength but wasn't powerful enough to defeat Naruto.

Plot Overview

Having obtained chakra from the five Kage, Malice was able to bring him back to life. However, it backfired and the puppet used to revive Yūto transforms into a giant three-headed multiple limb puppet. Naruto was able to defeat the puppet and he returned to normal. Before his soul returns to the afterlife, Malice apologises to her son to which he accepts.

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